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28BYJ-48 stepper motor driver....ULN2003 or L298N? Answered

Hi, My goal is to have the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor turn clockwise and then counterclockwise periodically, like a pendulum motion. I have built a circuit using ULN2003 Darlington Array since most tutorials online use that. But recently I've seen some sources using the L298N Dual H-Bridge. Questions: Is it more efficient to use to L298N? I heard the ULN2003 draws more current than it needs. To add to the confusion, although the 28BYJ-48 is an unipolar motor, it can be ran in bipolar mode as well. Is the L298N only for bipolar mode?
Here is the date sheet of L298N
Does running a motor in bipolar mode offer twice the electrical efficiency than unipolar mode? In another word, if the load is the same, battery is twice as long (theoretically)? Please advise. Thanks



2 years ago

There maybe better ways to produce a Pendulum motion depending on what your doing it for. (click on diagram for full size)

However the ULN2003 doesn't draw ANY current - It provides current. The current is drawn by the motor as it requires.

from: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-betwe...

"Unipolar Stepper v/s Bipolar Stepper

Both uni-polar and Bipolar steppers are used widely in projects. However, they have their own advantages and disadvantages from the application point of view. The advantage of a uni-polar motor is that we do not have to use a complex H bridge circuitry to control the stepper motor. Only a simple driver like ULN2003A will do the task satisfactorily. But, there is one disadvantage of uni-polar motors. The torque generated by them is quite less. This is because the current is flowing only through the half the winding. Hence they are used in low torque applications. On the other hand, bipolar stepper motors are a little complex to wire as we have to use a current reversing H bridge driver IC like an L293D. But the advantage is that the current will flow through the full coil. The resulting torque generated by the motor is larger as compared to a uni-polar motor."


2 years ago

NO !

It actually is wasteful of copper windings.

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