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3 Axis Rotating Flight Simulation Rig Answered

I have currently started building a 3 axis rotating Flight simulation rig that can simulated any 3D motion with a pilot inside the main cabin in control. I know the project needs a lot of disciplines working together (Steel design-mechanics-electrical-electronics-control-programming)
So I assembled a team of engineers who got interested in the idea but we are not all highly experienced and the issue is new to all of us.
So far we managed to design the rig it self as in steel design area. when we started moving along to the next phase which is the mechanical parts and joints we faced a lot of issues regarding the weight and balance of the rigs.
The attached image is for a flight simulator done by a company in Russia.
We have great ideas for improving that design and building our own non expensive simulator.
I didn't post our full design model done in solid works cause it's not yet perfected.
All I asking is that , if there is any one out there willing to help us share the knowledge or has a bit of experience in the subject, or wants to join our collaborate work, please don't hesitate to contacts us.
I don't know the forum rules so I won't post my contact information here, but please feel free to discuss the subject with us on the forum, so we might benefit all together from this experience. 


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5 years ago

Our first concern was calculating the power of the 3 motors we would need for our design. So we roughly estimated them to be 1.5 Horse power AC 220 V motors

and we found the Chinese and Italian versions of these motors locally.

We want to start testing controlling them preferably using Arduino.

We know that we need an external controller. If you have any recommendations about an instructable for controlling AC motors please share it.

I have searched but I couldn't find what we need.