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3 Month Pro Membership Giveaway!!!! Answered

Attention ALL!!!

I am in dire need of help!! I am not a great artist, and am in need of a GREAT artist's help...I am making a project in which i need a "santa clause instructables robot" to be made in picture form like the one pictured above if you scroll up...

the specs are for him to be facing left instead of right, a santa beard, and santa hat at the minimum...the rest of the details are up to you...as long as he still resembles the robot.

For those interested, please draft up a robot, and submit it to me via Private Message, and for the robot i choose for my project, that member/artist will in turn for the rights to the work, will receive a 3 month pro membership that i am not in need of.

In advanced, i appreciate your help, and cannot wait to see your works...

Sokami Wohali

P.S. I am a Professional Driver and am on the road most of my time without internet, so please do not get offended if i do not reply immediately!!