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3 axis gimbal wiring? Answered

hi guys so i'm building a 3 axis gimbal (this one https://www.instructables.com/id/OpenSAM-3D-Printed-Camera-Stabilizer/?ALLSTEPS ) and after i bought the electronics i had a problem with the wiring
here's a list of all the parts (http://opensamofficial.github.io/OpenSAM/OpenSAM_Manual.pdf )
i'm gonna add a link to the pictures of all the parts and can you guys help me with the wiring and if you can download the picture and connect all tha parts with paint or other software it would be much easier for me to understand
pictures : http://imgur.com/gallery/VMbJw




2 years ago

OK look you bought a system to control the 3 axis. Why not look at the suppliers web site and see if they have any PDF files that show the connections and try to relate that to what you have?

If you have already done this then a) your asking the wrong question and b) your not giving us all the facts.


i already looked at their site having got the name from your photograph (thanks at least for clear sharp pictures) The connection diagrams are there all you have to do is work it out.

This is a learning experience you will be all the better for.


2 years ago

i wired everything but i still don't know how to wire the joystick here's a picture http://imgur.com/a/m9L02