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3 way light switch push button, working at low voltage controlling line V light Answered

I'm adding an additional light to a room with 2 entrances in an old house. Instead of using the common 120V 3-way SPDT switches to control the light fixture from 2 points, I'd like to use a relay (or something electronic) directly connected to the load of the light, and I'd like to run low voltage wires to push buttons located near the doors of the room. These will control the light by one press = on (if the light is already off), and the following press will = the alternate condition, the light going off. IOW, the push-button will toggle the on/off condition. 

There should be a commercially available relay (some kind of latching relay, perhaps) product with the circuit. Can anybody recommend something? Or, perhaps I could put together the components myself. Does anybody have a schematic of something along these lines?


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3 years ago

Try this simple 555 flip flop. You parallel as many buttons as you want. Your load, shown as a lamp here, will be a a 6vdc relay with contacts rated for 10 amp. If you look online there many ways to make a flip-flop to suit your needs. Industrial latch relays can be expensive.

Good luck,Bob


Reply 3 years ago

Your answer is the best I've gotten so far. I posted elsewhere too. At least your solution would work.

I suppose I could put it together myself. I'll have to get a 6 V DC supply too, which wouldn't be a big deal.

I was hoping I could buy the whole thing already made. Something that I could just wire up would be nice.

Actually, years ago, I once bought a device like I'm describing. I got it at a local store, and they don't have anything like it now.