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3 year old GE Adora front load washing machine has much water and suds in door gasket lately. Any ideas? Answered

I followed the instructions on cleaning out the filter which produced 1 penny and no lint. I also checked out the tube leading from the tub to the filter and found the underwire that came out of a bra a while ago. Ran a small load and previous problem of very wet clothes after complete cycle seemed to be taken care of but still had a fair amount of water in the door gasket with some suds. Also looked at the output drain which goes into the wall and it appears to be clear. There are three holes at the base of the door gasket which I assume is where the water is draining to...have tried to see if there is any blockage there and can't really see any reason why water wouldn't drain. Help!




10 years ago

. First I'd double-check all the tubing/piping to and from the pump. Maybe you missed a filter/screen. You should be able to find a manual on the web. . The impeller of the pump may have some crud on it, which will decrease it's efficiency. Or the abrasive dirt in the wash water may have eroded it. You seem to be pretty handy, see if you can get the pump apart and clean/inspect the impeller.


Answer 9 years ago

Where is the drain filter and how do I access it?