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30 minute DIY AM particle-acceleration Answered

Last fall, I verified an initial relationship of resonance between two bifilar wound wires (of any length).

The predictable sequence resonates at the following levels - 20 Hz, 30 Hz, 50 Hz (and all multiples of these 3 frequencies).

I used a Parallax Propeller Board - with PGEN 2.0 software from Innovationshop in Germany.   This software allows for a waveform built of 32 stacked frequencies to be created and amplified.  

I have used it to successfully break the bonds of distilled water - as one of my earlier videos shows 2 years ago.

JL Naudin calls it a "GEGENE machine" - but it is a simple, tabletop, particle accelerator. 
His results can be found here::: 


One of my earlier videos from May 2013 - can be found at YouTube - I just want to show people how this works.  It is a 4 minute explanation of open-sourced Patent 512,340.:::  


The materials::

1 - 1800 watt induction cooktop (iron, copper, or 3-ply stainless cookware is required on these types of devices)
2.  50 feet of 14 AWG speaker wire
3.  2-10 count of 500-watt halogen lightbulbs.
4.  wire, solder & connectors for the wire-ends.
5.  1 stainless-steel HHO DC electrolyzer tank. 
6.  Cooking Pan - or light fixture (to hold light bulbs).
7.  High Voltage diodes (500 Volts or higher)



4 years ago

Um... there's no particle accelerator there, just a transformer being used to light some bulbs and electrolyse some water.


Reply 4 years ago

You will need the patent - then. Because you are incorrect - sir.

Also, AM modulated cooktops won't stay energized - unless a resonant state exists. It would shut off at 8 seconds. Mine can go for hours - using distilled water - and patent 512,340 sitting on top.


PATENT # 512,340.


Reply 4 years ago

I don't need a patent to be able to interpret what I see.

The wire coil allows the induction hob to run. The hob's oscillating field induces a current in the coil, that current lights the bulbs and splits the water.

The nearest you get to a "particle accelerator" is the electrons being pushed around the coil by the hob's magnetic field.

(I do hope you aren't going to claim that the electrolysis set-up runs the hob...)


4 years ago

I forgot #8 & #9 & #10 & #11

8. Super-Glue - or any other fast-drying plastic-to-plastic adhesive.

9 Watt-Meter (using a "Kill-o-Watt" for $20 from the local hardware store).

10. 120 volt power source

11. Primer plate (1 piece of induction cookware, or small sheet of magnetic stainless steel.