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3.5mm TRS/mini-stereo microphone jack from a PC headset into a 2.5mm reducer into an Xbox controller? Answered

I would like to use a Turtle Beach HPA2 headset for my Xbox 360 for true 5.1 sound.  However, it is configured for PC usage and needs some extra stuff to work with a console.  I have everything sourced except for a way to hook up the microphone.  You can purchase a SteelCity Xbox Headset Connector but that seems like a waste of money if a cheap adapter will do.  It seems like you can use the existing HPA2 microphone cord with 3.5mm TRS/mini-stereo jack (I'm assuming it's mono, but it could be stereo), attach it to a 2.5mm reducer, and then plug it into the Xbox controller.  The existing Microsoft headset has a stereo jack, but that's because it has headphones as well and needs a separate channel for that.  I'm not sure how the two (mono) or three (stereo) conductors are situated on both the Xbox socket and the HPA2 plug.  I would assume the HPA2 microphone plug would be standard, but I'm thinking that the Xbox headset is unusual/proprietary as both the sound output and sound input are transmitted through one cord/plug as opposed to two for most PC headsets.




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