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360 submergerd in mineral oil Answered

Well, I seen the instructable to submerge a PC motherboard in non-conductive mineral oil to cool it and brainstormed that this could be the perfect fix for my RROD problem with a early model Elite. I have drawn up plans and already found a few problems and would like some input on them. I do not expect a expert answer but I'm sure there are people out there that can make a far better assessment on this than I.

1.) Will the oil conduct and move enough heat to be more effective than fans?
2.) The case I have designed requires roughly 2.8-3.0 Gal of mineral oil and if i was to consider  
      circulating it through a radiator, what would an appropriate pump size be? ( gallons or liters  
       per min)
3.) Also I would plan on using only wireless controllers so is there a way to solder some leads
      onto the sync button and maybe to an external momentary switch so I would not need access
      to the MB everytime we wanted to add another player?

Thank you for any help you can provide on any of these issues. Regardless I will begin work on it tomorrow as a experiment and to challenge myself. I will be making an instructable on this when it is done. And many thanks to the original author that inspired me to take it a step further.


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10 years ago

Oil has much better thermal conductivity than air, but much less than water, and much less again than metals.
Oil has ~2x the heat capacity of air, but water is ~2x again.
I'd say a water-cooling system would be better, but as long as you're circulating the oil you should be fine.