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Morning all from the shire or Oxford UK

My names is Rory, happy to be a member of the site and always enjoy a good discussion

Thought it would be helpful for myself and others to start a bit of a debate about 3D printers in general.

I build my own 3D printer last year and was happy with it the 6x6x6 results were not the best but better than anything I had produced before, I regreted ever selling it TBH but now the time has come for me to think about getting another. Ideally looking to have a scanning unit too but it is wether to build or buy.......TOO MUCH CHOICE!!

Since last year ive seen a massive jump in the tech used in this area and my main questions are:
  1. What do each of you use and why that specific printer?
  2. Whats your best results ( best object made )
  3. which to people perfer shop brought (ready made) or home made (DIY KIT)
  4. If you could choose any 3D printer what would it be?

Cheers all,

Look forwards to seeing how this thread discusses this topic