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3D Print Masks Answered

I wanted to make sure that the community is aware that there are opportunities to put your 3D printer to use helping in this time of need. Some doctors in Billings, MT came up with a design that prints half mask respirators without support and is being used by some hospitals already. I have a dozen masks ready to send to a hospital in ND. A 3D printing community group in CO printed 350 masks and delivered them in just 3 days to a hospital in Denver. I do not know how to hook you up with your local hospital, but for all who are interested in learning more please check out www.makethemasks.com. There is much information on this site including the necessary files. This movement is changing rapidly so keep an eye on the site and local developments near you. Stay Safe, Schockmade


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1 year ago

Rickharris. All great points and I do not disagree at all. I too view this as a secondary line of defense and not a primary. I am printing masks for hospitals that are disinfecting them and using the best filter media that they can get their hands on. I have a sister and a sister-in-law on the front lines of which one hospital has adopted them and the other is testing them. Lets all hope and pray that a cure is found soon. Stay Safe.


1 year ago

Be cautious. PLA is porous as produced off the printer.
Any type of filter is of limited use as virus particles ar nano sized.
Most of these printed filters do not form fit the face and so leave gaps.
Wearing a faulty filter could/will give a false sense of security - without one you take more care.
With a virus it isn't true to say anything is better than nothing, you do not need many virus particles to get through to infect you - and others.
Masks are of most use to put on sick people to stop them coughing or sneezing infected water droplets into the air. Surgeons wear masks so they don't infect the patient.
Covid19 isn't spread through airborne means it spreads by touch and contact.

Wash hand regularly avoid others. Deny the virus a pathway into the community. Make a fire break by self isolating for as long as it takes.
We will win this by:
1. Deny the virus a transmission route - self isolate
2. Developing a vaccine
3. Everyone getting it and becoming immune. (the last isn't an option because many billions would die.)
4. Keeping as many people out of hospital as possible so there is room for the seriously ill.