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3D Printer Thermistor in a K type thermocouple Answered

Hi all,

Quick question before I butcher something unnecessarily.

Can I connect a bog standard thermistor as found in Chinese 3D printer (of which I have spares) to a k type thermocouple plug (I have none) and use it in my k type thermometer?

Or should I just buy the slightly more expensive correct lead?

I want to monitor temps @ the heat break of a new hot end.


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2 years ago

Depends on what type the thermometer supports.
The standard type is K with 10K Ohm resistance.
Problem is that in many cases you won't know what exatc type was used in your printer or how the readings are compensated and corrected.
If your thermometer offers a calibration mode then try it, otherwise you can only confirm the readings with known temps.
Like 0 for water with ice in it and 100°C for boiling hot water.
Most sensors are also often optimised for a specific temp region.
Only one way to find out ;)