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3D Printers that print from pellets? Answered

Hi, I want to get my first 3D Printer, but I'm not sure what to get.  I was looking at the sculptify specifically because it prints ABS from Pellets.  These two features are crucial for me; however the sculptify isn't available yet, and there is no indication as to when it will be.  Does anyone know of a 3D Printer with similar features?



4 years ago

Why does it have to use pellets? Pellets may be cheaper but present several issues in producing a clean print. Requiring a more complex printer who's base price is around $3100. As for range of materials... the range offered in pellet form are available as a spool. Especially now that we are seeing the introduction of new hybrid filaments. Such as carbon fiber infused filaments. To get such a product in pellet for would cost as much if not more than a spool. The product would have to be melted, mixed, extruded, and then cut into pellets. Which leads me to another issue. The video on the sight is misleading. Depending on the process pellets are just as complex to manufacture if not more so than a spool. Either way the material starts in a molten vat and gets extruded. Now the process can extrude it directly to the diameter need and onto a spool or it can be extruded into a cutter that turns it into pellets. Spooling has the ability to cut out middle men if they are getting it spooled direct from the plastic manufacture. Also you gotta compare prices by total weight. Those pellet bags are much smaller than the spools and contain a lot of air space. Prices may not be all that different.

BTW, the kickstarter ended in September and slates availability of the kickstarter rewards around April 2015. So if this is a real thing you'll probably be able to order one mid to late 2015.


Spaceman Spiffmpilchfamily

Answer 4 years ago

I'm wanting pellets because I can print in a wider range of colors. My next best option is to make my own spools with pellets with the filastruder. I can come by the pellets myself without buying them from the manufacturer so pellet cost is no issue.