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3D Printing - Metal Answered

Is it true that there are 3d printers that print in metal? If so what kind of 3D Printer is this and about how much do they cost?

Oh also how exactly does that work when 3D Printing is supposed to be additive manufacturing and metal isnt a liquid or even flexible at solid states?



6 years ago

Hello acadena2!

We have an on going open source project aimed make an affordable 3D printer capable of printing in metals and ceramics of all kinds (including TI-AL6-V4 titanium).


We are looking at all the options but it seems as though selective laser sintering is the best way to go!


6 years ago

Caitlinsdad described the process well. The word you want to look up in Wikipedia is "sintering."


6 years ago

You can look up 3D printers that print in metal but they are expensive beasts using patented high end industrial technology. They print a shape depositing layer by layer, printing the area with superfine metal powder and the void with a supporting substance that can be washed or blown away later. The metal powder is fused with lasers or something similar to a microscopic weld with electricity. Consumer 3D printing works on the concept of a controlled hot glue gun mounted on an inkjet printer chassis.