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3D Printing Tool Answered

I myself don't own a 3D printer, but for those lucky fellows out there that do, I think sculptris could be a great tool for 3D printers. It's basically a virtual clay sculpting program. You can also paint your sculpture. Here is the link to download it. Happy printing! (just watch out for nargles)



6 years ago

Ive used it and it is cool, although you can't save as an stl. Im planing on doing an instructable about it, should get my act together, before someone beats me to it


Reply 6 years ago

Yeah I discovered it a while ago and the computer I downloaded it on crashed so I won't be the one who creates an instructable on it


Reply 6 years ago

Ive got a new macbook pro, and it makes the fans go nuts, and it crashes sometimes so you need a fairly good computer.