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3D Printing in the UK?? Answered

I was shocked by the postage prices for Ponoko ($80 minimum on a $7 part) is there anywhere in the UK that will let you print one off items with small minimum orders. Or any way I can get something printed and keep the cost under £20?



8 years ago

Quite a lot of schools have gone for the 3D print option as a way of teaching CAD CAM you may find one localish that will be willing to run the job for a reasonable price if you provide the art work.

You need to talk to the Head of Design and Technology.

We didn't go for the 3D printer but opted for the laser cutter at about the same price as it was more flexible and useful to us.


Answer 8 years ago

Which printer do they go for?

(I only know of one high school in my area with a laser cutter (fortunately, the one Roger-X goes to), and none with a 3d printer. Attitudes to them amongst most D&T staff around here are very variable, but tend to be either "can't afford it", through "never needed one before" to black looks.

Kitewife's school has a CNC router, and would like a laser cutter, but cannot justify it, having just made five staff redundant.


Answer 8 years ago

Rule 1. Want it or not now - when you have it and learn to use it you will wonder how you managed before.

Rule 2 If you want it, you CAN find the money.

Rule 3. Best part of teaching DT is getting new toys to play with (well, has to be some compensation!)

We were able to raise the funding to get 2 x A3 CNC router - Boxford, ! x CNC lathe / mill - Boxford, 1 x Epilog Laser cutter over a period of about 5 years. Some money from Technology status, some from local firms, Some from fund raising some from Capital investment. We also had 2 x manual lathe, 1 x manual Milling machine, and all the usual kit you find in a DT department - About the only thing I miss is access to the equipment.


Answer 8 years ago

My university just splashed out on a new 3D Printer and Laser Cutter, dedicated to our department, unfortunately I won't have access till September.


8 years ago

hi ,
i am from greece and here at the office we have a 3d printer .
if you want i can ask costs for the prints and for delivery to uk.