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3D cutter or mechanism to hold various power tools controlled via computer Answered

I'm looking for a project or site where I can find knowledge on building a rig to enable the carving of an item from a top down point of view.

I've seen images of people's engraving setup's which is close to what I'd like, but I need it to be more.
As a simple example of what I'd like to do is if I had a cube block of wood, use this rig to say carve/shape a pyramid. I'd write myself a program to control various motors based on some sort of data that held the model of the pyramid.



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2 years ago

It is called a 3D milling machine.
The more complex ones are called 4D as they also allow the tool head to be rotated and adjusted in its angle towards the workpiece.
Unless you have areas unreachable for the tool without either turning the workpiece or tool head a 3D model will do fine.
Not much available on a cheap hobby level for this task.


Reply 2 years ago

Keep in mind that most of these are considered "toys".
Unlike a real milling machine they only offer similar movements but nowhere near the forces.
Will work fine for soft wood, some plastics, plaster and so on but you will struggle with metals and real hardwood for example.
Although it all depends on the time you are willing to waste on a task.
Where a real milling machine has no problem taking a mm or more off aluminium yours might only be able to deal with a 1/10 of a mm per round.
With wood keep in mind that milling gives different results based on the direction of the frain structure ;)