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3D printer mod??? Answered

I have some ideas for modding a InkJet printer to print in3D. It would print layer on layer on layer ect. This would just be used for small items such as little figures and what not. Some trouble i would have is. What to use to print? Maybe a two part resin?? Or something???? How to get the Printer to move up when so many layers are printed??? The creation of software.


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12 years ago

some thoughts: -first remove the paper slot ans stuff so you have the basic printer head, motors and electronics (I assume we're talking about a deskjet or something that bends the paper if you know what I mean). Now that you do this if you were to just manuall feed a paper through it would print on it. Mount the whole thing on threads (like a bolt) so that it can move up and down. You need a stepper motor for this part along with a driver. Whenever a printer finishes a paper it sends out a signal, this signal could also signal the stepper motor driver to go up one notch. Instead of ink use something like a hot glue gun. Print the whole thing in "black" and that signal will pull the trigger of the gun The software part... have a bunch of slightly different layers on hundereds of sheets of paper? Just randomly firing off ideas here