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3D stickers, holographic sticker ¿How to make one? Answered

Hello community, I would like to know if someone knows how to make one of this, they look amazing.

Thank you in advance!



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4 years ago

Quite simple actually when you need bulk numbers of the same image:
Get a good sized holographic film, like A4 size.
Put in the aligned holder.
Place your object in question between the developing plate so both the original and the split laser beam will go "through" the object and onto the developing film.
Once the exposure time is reached turn the system off and develop the film as usual.
Gives you one big sized hologram.
Now cut pices of the size you require to get the small size you require.
Of course you also go for the desired size directly but unless you need big size or have small developing sheets it is not worth the extra time.