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3d printer manufacturers which best ? Answered


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8 years ago

First you need to ask yourself a few questions so you know what your looking for when evaluating the many options out there.
  1. How much money am i willing to spend?
  2. What is the average sized piece i expect to produce?
  3. How fine of detail do my pieces need?
  4. Am i willing to build the printer myself or would a pre-assembled printer be better?
  5. Do i want to be able to print in more then one color?

The major 2 things to consider are the size of the build platform and how much you want to pay. Print quality can be improved with extruder upgrades and proper calibration of the machine.

Answer 8 years ago

How about answering all the questions?

As with everything there are trade offs. There are so called low cost 3D printers out there that are about $400. But the build platform can only make a 3"x3"x3" object. Ad it may come in a kit you will have to assemble yourself. If that is beyond your abilities then it probably isn't a good option for you.

Asking which one is best is very subjective. As i said you need to consider the 5 things i mentioned above to figure out which 3D printer will be "best" for your needs.

But if your just looking to get any 3D printer then go with the cheapest one you can find. The print quality will be as good as your ability to calibrate the machine. If more detail is required then you will need to change out the extruder for one with more control and that uses finer filament.