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3d printer/ rapid prototyping machine guts... motherboard, hd, controllers, etc Answered

I had to decommission a working Z Corp Z 406 printer today, here are some parts that are left over:

-Main board: has motherboard, hard drive, 5v/12v ps, 24v ps, and a couple of controller boards

-24v motor with an encoder, and a belted cog gear

-the complete, multi-colored head with Y motor assembly. This is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean this is where the color jets and binder liquid are dispensed.

I'm not super familiar with the workings of the Z corp machine, but these would make great spares or the beginning of a great project! The machine was a runner before it was disassembled and I have booted the mobo/hd/ps here on my desk to check. There are wiring pigtails includedfor all the mobo/ controller connections. There are more pics here: http://rsjparts.com/chris/ebay/zcorp406/

I should be able to find suitable packaging for this soon, I will put it on ebay after I do. Since I have been lurking on this site for about 4 months now, I think you folks need first crack... ;)

The parts for these machines are wildly expensive from the MFR, but I'm thinking $100+ shipping for the lot. That is where I'll start the auction as well.



3 years ago

do you still have the boards ?


11 years ago

Good Luck :-)