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4-pin transformer for worlds smallest shocker?? Answered

I can't seem to find a 5-pin transformer but I do have a 4-pin one. Could someone please post schematics or an instructable or tell me how to make one using the 4-pin? Any help is appreciated.



6 years ago

the smallest shocker i've found is the camera flash circuit mod. on youtube total circuit size 1/2inch square and powered by 1 3v lithium battery. 700vdc


7 years ago

The key in a transformer shocker is the ratio of the turns (or windings). 4 pin should be perfectly fine, you would only use 4 anyway. Transformers have two "sides", primary and secondary, these are the pairs of wires which conduct to each other (when using an ohm meter). The ratio of the number of turns on the two "sides" is what "amplifies" the voltage. For example if you have a transformer with 1 turn on the primary and 10 turns on the secondary and you introduce 1 volt on the primary you will get 10 volts on the secondary (not accounting for losses). The current works exactly the same only reverse, so if it was 1 amp on the primary you'd get 1/10th of an amp on the secondary. This is a simplified example but the principles are there.

If it's not already obvious which wires are pairs then ohm between them and when they conduct then you have a pair.

Good luck!