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4-wire touchscreen sensitivity Answered

Hi team
I posted this on the Arduino forum, and had a search through several electronics sites; perhaps there's also someone here who can suggest something.

I have successfully hooked up my touchscreen to Max via Arduino; the code is fine, the circuit is fine and the Max patch is fine. I'm just wondering if it's possible to tweak the sensitivity of the entire circuit? When touching, one must press fairly firmly, otherwise any relaxation of touch, even with continued contact, results in a rapid fall to zero. In the Max patch, I'm using [sel 0]-> outR, after all the [serial] gubbins to help smooth some jitter. But is it possible to tweak the sensitivity, perhaps by using resistor values other than 10k. Hey, maybe even connect a variable resistor to allow realtime tweaks? Hmmm.




8 years ago

Look up circuits or the method to "debounce" a switch. It may help you figure out what to do to sense that "keypress" or touch. Good luck.


Reply 8 years ago

thanks caitlinsdad - i'll look at the debounce toot on the Arduino site; can you explain "look up circuits" - you mean just further research on how to build and debug simple circuits?


Reply 8 years ago

I meant to search to see if someone already has a circuit device/diagram/module/snippet of code out there already that you can replicate and use. Also, add search terms like capacitve or resistance touchpad depending on what you have to further refine your search.