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4 wire touchscreen Answered

Hello, I'm currently trying to use a touchscreen that has 4 wires but 8 pins. I have a connector with 8 outputs, but I read some topics about touchscreens and everybody uses just 4 of them. So, right now, I'm using just 4 pins (It works with some noises) and my question is: If I use the 8 pins it will be better? If yes, how to connect them?

Here is the touchscreen model: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/nkk-switches/FTAS00-104AS4/360-3037-ND/4508087

I'm putting the screen configuration as an attachment.


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3 years ago

It is still 4 wires/pins.
The doubling is for the edicated USB controller that is available for the display.
If you have too much noise than I suspect your connections and electronics are not up to the task.
Maybe not enough shielding, bad driver, not the right circuit at all...