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45 WATT Towel Rail - would there be any way to power this off grid? Answered

Was thinking that perhaps, because of it's low wattage that perhaps there might be a way of powering thing so that dry towels might be possible if the central heating wasn't on. BUT I'm not an electricity guru so help required!!  :))



7 years ago

45 Watts isn't too bad. Powered froma 12 volt battery, that equates to about 4 amps of current draw. If you have car battery sized deep cycle battery that is fully charged, it could power it for something on the order of 10 hours. If the 48 watts is the maximum power it ever consumes, then it falls within what could be supplied via your vehicles cigarette lighter without blowing its fuse.

I assume that this appliance may actually be a 120 VAC appliance. If this is the case, you would need to power it through an inverter to create the 120 VAC from the 12 V DC that would come from a battery or through your cars cigarette lighter. An inverter capable of 100 to 200 watts continous can be had for a price of $25 dollars or so.

If by off grid you want this to be powered from solar energy, then your system will be more complicated, and the scope of it will depend on how many hours a day this thing will run, how much you are willing to spend, etc.


Answer 7 years ago

Hey there, well it's actually for my house.. The bathroom is in an extension and can get cold..was thinking that I can attach a water heating element to make a coffee in my lorry, so is a heating element in a towel rail not kinda the same thing.. Was looking to build a tiny system both solar & wind.. Think a book is perhaps in order ... Any recommendations out there???