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4mm buzzer Answered

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a way to make (or hell even buy) a very small buzzer that can be rectangular or cylindrical that is 4mm in diameter and can be up to 10 mm long.  I've searched on Digi Key for something this small, but most things are about 8mm in diameter and 4mm long.  I need something skinny and long, not short and fat.

Does anyone have any experience with this?



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9 years ago

Even the tiny piezo buzzer that is on a computer motherboard to make those beeps is the smallest I have seen which is your 8mm in diameter. Maybe they don't come in a rectangular shape becasue the piezo crystal is cut and mounted to the vibration plate to make sound resonating in its case. Too small and nothing will be heard and cutting a square or rectangular crystal doesn't make for a strong crystal before it breaks or cracks. So dunno, what did you want to make that needs an odd shaped piezo buzzer?