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4x4 Issues Nissan Pathfinder, '93 Answered

4WD acts like it isn't 4WD, but only rear wheel drive.  Not good on snow and ice.

Sometimes 2WD on dry pavement feels like 4WD when taking sharp turns.

I've tried the trick of reversing for a few feet when switching back n forth.  Sometimes seems to work, sometimes not.

Suggestions?  Appraisals?  Guesses?



5 years ago

If you don't use your 4X4 system on a regular base the switches and solenoids collect dirt.

It usually helps to go for a drive and kepp changing from 2wd to 4WD many times.
If you have vacuum actuators for the the selection check if the hoses are fine and hold the vacuum, on old models these lines like to go a bit brittle with age.
Last but not least would be the 4WD ECU but that is quite rare to fail.