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5-10 USB charging hub Answered

I have several USB devices in my house. I'm sicking tired of all of oversized chargers which take almost two spaces in my extension cord .Recently I was searching on the web 5-10 USB charging hub. There are pretty costly and even that many of them are low quality or if you try charge all devices at once it won't charge them. I found on instructable only one related topic only one topic. Unfortunately the author made his hub by disassemble bunch of USB chargers. I would like to made one from a scratch (including power supply). I would like to made my device so powerful that it could charge even 5-10 iPads. I found on the web instruction how to make USB charger recognizable by apple products (simply using rasistors). What power supply do I need to use?  Where can i find circuits schematics for such power supply for this specific power supply . How powerful transformation should be to run this?



5 years ago

You'll need a good power supply that offers a stable 5V and upwards of 6A or more. While you could build one yourself it would be much easier to buy a 5V supply. Something like this would be a great starting point.


It offers up to 12A. With your typical USB device pulling around 400mA and iPads able to pull up to 2.1A you should have plenty of headroom to charge 5 or 6 iPads at once. You could have up to 10 USB ports attached to this supply but if you plug more than 5 or 6 iPads in at once they won't be getting the full 2.A they are able to pull in.