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50-45V 1200mA Ac to 12V 1000ma Answered

So i have this led light panel which was damaged by some water that leaked through my ceiling from heavy rain.My dad wanted me to try repair it(he didn't want to spend another 100$ to buy a new one) so i did and i found in that the led panel has 4 strips of ca 70 leds each 1 m length each, powerd by this guy http://imgur.com/a/dhNUb 2 of those led strips wouldn't work anymore so i had  one led strip of 2 m which i bought for some project , and  i wanted to replace the ones that aren't working anymore but they are working pretty well on 12V 1000ma Dc(they are heating pretty fast but for that i think i will need some resistors for that or i don't know).
So i'm asking how can i convert 50-45V 1200mA Ac to 12V 1000mA Ac so that i won't burn that led strip that works on lower current.

A schematic will be all i need and the components that requires.

P.S : I'm a begginer in electronics and i don't know that much about them and i'm looking forward in learning more
sorry for the long story.




2 years ago

if you mess/work with anything electronic the first thing to understand is ohms law.

He discovered that Voltage=Current x Resistance. SO if you know 2 of those you can work out the third.

Resistors will restrict the current flow much as pinching a hose pipe restricts the water flow. Any electronic device will draw as much current as it needs.

To drop 50 volts to 12 volts will need a resistor to drop the 38 volt difference between them.

38 volts at 1 amp using ohms law - if V=I x R then R=V/I so 38/1=38 ohms.

NOTE this resistor WILL get hot so will need to be a large wattage to stand that.

In reality to drop such a big voltage you will be better off using a suitable 12 volt power supply.


Answer 2 years ago

OR you could use a switching converter and increase the current capacity while decreasing voltage...


2 years ago

Cheap voltage converter? Look for buck converters on eBay.