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50W amp 60W speakers? Answered

Ive got a 50w dual output Bluetooth only amp, I've also got Two 60w speakers would putting the max volume into the speakers damage them if played for a while. The speakers are 4" and slightly distort at max , could be from slight under power , the amp is rated at 8v to 24v and I am using a 19 v 3.16 amp laptop power supply

Speakers 8ohm 60w 
Amp dual output Bluetooth only 50w x2
Amp power 8v to 24v


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5 years ago

ok thanks just wanted to make sure I don't blow my speakers.


Best Answer 5 years ago

Not on the face of the specification - the speakers should out perform the amp.

It is worth noting that many amps are optimistically rated anyway and often quoted in RMS output whereas your speakers should be rated for their real continious power capability.


However unless your amp is of excellent quality my experience is it will distort when you approach full volume. they all seem to.

Your speakers may also be optimistically rated and distort although they should survive the experience.