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50cc Chinese scooter problems? Answered

I have a 2001 Chinese scooter, 50cc, and it has some problems... We took the handlebars off to fit it in a vehicle for transport (Yeah, stupid idea, I know now...), and now, the wiring is all messed up.
First off, the electric start won't work anymore, I'm going to go through, and check a relay and the battery voltage tomorrow. Second, when I kick start it, and yes, It'll kick start, but only after 50 some kicks.. But when I kick start it, the engine starts going full throttle, but the throttle is not twisted at all. Throttle cable problem? Lastly, the turn signals are messed up a bit. The right blinker flashes one of the headlights inside of the blinker.... What the hell? All the wires are connected correctly.
Please help!! Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

The wires are twisted somewhere, or some are broken. I would guess twisted and touching something they shouldn't. The throttle cable or choke is stuck, probably twisted or pulled when taken apart or moved. You might have pulled something loose inside the handlebar housing where the switches are.


9 years ago

Check for bent throttle cable (son did this ran into wife's van)also check for cold solder joints in the grip housing.Look for pulled wires from soldered tabs the Chinese use some of the cheapest wire I ever saw, (I rewired a Chinese sand rail with correct gauge wire and it is one of the best running cart on the dunes)