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5JGZ5048 Pop Up Gazebo needs the frame repaired, does anybody have one that can help me? Answered

I actually have two of these and have repaired the frame before but this time, after a heavy rain damaged the Gazebo it was taken apart before I got to it. The gazebo is 10 X 15 feet and is a popup there's no manufacturer name but it's style number is 5JGZ5048. http://www.mygofer.com/garden-oasis-large-pop-up-gazebo-15-x/p-07110190000P is a picture and place to purchase the gazebo. I have looked this up on line and amazingly I can get a replacement awning but there's no information on the frame.

What I need is, photos and measurements of the outside and inside struts. Photos of the placement of any specialty brackets etc. I need information as to how the struts are put together, like if the center of the struts, when assembled, cause the holes of the two to be off  set from each other or line up.

I have tried a number of ways to reassemble the frame and nothing is working out. I am sure it's because there's a certain way to place each strut so that they works with the raising of the frame and the center poles for the roof. 

Thank you for any help you can give me.



3 years ago

I also have repaired pop up gazebos - I have an 20 foot by 9 foot one and replaced the broken struts with wooden ones with great success. Looks different but it works.