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5w Square Bright-White LED : Glow or Blow…?? Answered

Q: Glow or Blow…?

Dear Friends…„

I dont know more about electronic and its power supply/consumption of electronic component.

Recently, I seen and bought two components…
(1) 5w LED (Square/White)  - Requires 9v ~ 12v DC
(2) 1 Circuit Board (Readymade) Open LED Driver

This Board has :
1x 474K 450v Polypropylene Capacitor
1x 1m Resistor
4x 1N4007 Diode Bridge
1x 100Ohm Resistor
1x 6.8uF Electrolytic Capacitor
Nicely assembled.

Open LED Driver run on main AC power of 230v.

I havent test, connect and glows this 5w LED using this open board.

I have tested this LED with 12v 2A LED-Driver…„ which was bought with LED-Strip at Diwali Festival…„ but with this 2A Driver this 5w LED only blinks not continuous glowing.

I am confused…„ about this Open LED Driver…„ this my LED "Glow or Blow…?"

I saw and design a circuit from this open driver…„ and sharing this with you hon'ble/s friends.

Please Advice…


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