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6-Volt Lamp Answered

I have this 6-volt Lamp it's kind like what you would find in one those 6-volt flash lights except that this is like a stand alone lamp and it has two wires that come out of it but only seems to work at 6-volts, so I have a large 6-volt battery and a 7.5 volt output power adapter I was wondering if 7.5 volts would be too much power to use to power the lamp I don't want to blow it up. I don't know if it'll even work at 7.5 volts because I tried a 9-volt battery and it won't power on with it.  The image is the same lamp I have except mine is connected to a base and has two wires that come out the bottom I would like to find another way to power it besides using a large 6-volt Battery.  Any Suggestions.



Reply 4 years ago

okay I thought it might work, but seems I should probably get a 6volt adapter to have full life. Thanks for the help. Best regards.


4 years ago

Have to agree, using such lamps at higher ratings is not recommended.

Use 5.5 -6V and all is good.
If in doubt replace with a 12V LED lamp (single chip) and a 12V supply.