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6 foot ferris wheel instructions? Answered

I'm looking for complete instructions to #89790  6 Foot Ferris Wheel.

I have several coaster kits, rides, larger model sets, big ball factories, and a 6 foot metal cabinet FULL of parts to build it, but no instructions for it.
I can't get them from K'nex, and eBay has been a dead end also.If you have a set of instructions I could guy, or a way of taking a clear photo of each page and emailing them to me,  I would really appreciate it.  svens_gang@yahoo.com  is where to contact me at if you can help out.



8 years ago

I have just made an instructable with the full instructions. Follow this link to see the instrucatable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-6-Foot-Ferris-Wheel-Instructions/