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64 GB compact flash cards Answered

I was reading this article about Samsung's 64gb compact flash (cf) card. This article is 3 years old and the largest I seem to be able to locate is a 48GB. Do 64 gb cf cards exist? If so where can I buy one?

I thought this was really interesting, I was excited to put one to use in the ipod mini hack

Also anyone think it is possible to hack the mini this with sd cards or micro sd cards (I have seen sd to cf converters but the 16 gb cf card is still cheper than a 16 sd card to use with the converter, that's if the converter is even compatible with the ipod) Do sd to cf converters exist that support 2 sd (or micro sd) cards?

just looking to bounce some ideas around


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11 years ago

That's odd. They usually make memory cards with capacities in the power of two. Example, 1024 mb (1 gig), 2 gig, 4 gig, 8 gig, 16 gig, etcetera. 48 is not one of them...


Reply 11 years ago

Oh, and about the original topic- they usually don't make them larger, because: 1. Some interfaces have limits on how much memory they can see 2. Cards larger than 64gbs are usually considered SSDs.