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7 segment display nsn64r Answered


Is there anyone having data on nsn64r pinout ? I found a few of them but no pinout instructions.



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I could not find any data on that one.

However, if it is an LED display, usually all the LEDs are connected together on one side. Either all the anodes are tied together (common anode), or all the cathodes are tied together (common cathode).

This page,

kind of explains how that works.

BTW, even if you do not know which wire goes where, you can discover that information simply by using a voltage source in series with a resistor, e.g. a 5 volt DC source in series with a 1K resistor, to little send a test current through any 2 pins, at a time.

Doing it that way, it will not take long to discover which pins are connected to which LED, since there are only 7 or 8 (including the decimal point LED) in there to find.