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70,000psi -- $500 in Foam -- $300+ Model -- Hand Carved NACA Duct -- HPV 2007 Sneak Preview Answered

It's on, and we're excited! We just started eating into our checklist - and it's a long one. We're making a human powered vehicle and I personally would like to break last year's mark of over 35mph on a dead flat through a 100m trap with 300m warm/start up.

This is the "flagship" of the project, it looks pretty but is all function (last year we showed in our race performance how well it works). It's our vehicle's fairing.

The foam - Cut on a water jet
Indexed with 2X4's
Half currently glued together with spray on adhesives

These are the first steps to make a positive male mold in order to form a negative female mold in order to cast the outer shell that is the fairing.

Oh, and I have a how to on cutting NACA duct molds coming soon!


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