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74hc193 equivalent? Answered

Dear All.
I have an schema circuit 74193 divider frequency to N (2 to 15) without using  other component .But my regional haven't sale 74193 . So please help me to known  what the chip CD4520 - CD4510- CD4029- CD40193  or other IC  can instead of 74193 (TTL  or CMOS don't matter). Thank you in advance for your time.
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Best Answer 3 years ago

CD40193 looks functionally identical


3 years ago

Dear steveastrouk . Josehf Murchison and iceng

First thank you for your time reply to help me. I tried the

CD40193 from my friend it well working .


TCd (74193) = Borrow (40193)

TCu (74193)= Carry (40193)

Thank you again

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

There is no plug and play SN74LS192 or 193.

I am probably one of the few people with a data sheet on that component you will meet. that component unless you can find a copy of the TTL Data Book LCC4112 it has no ISBN I can find, is obsolete.

That IC was designed in 1974 and one of the first of the SN74 series ICs they never made a replacement for.

It is a dual clock 4 bit up down counter that can basically be replaced with any up down counter that can count to 4 bits.

As Steve said the CD40193 is close but the pin outs are different.

you can get the datasheet for the CD40193 here.


As long as you are making your own circuit you will be fine.