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8 seater dining table split lengthwise down the middle; could be joined together for family meals. Is this possible? Answered

I would like to make a dining table that when not in use can be split in (2)  two down the middle of the length of the table and can then be separated into sideboards and used separately as half tables or sideboards.  I have quite a small outside deck.  the tops of the tables would be purchased as slabs.   i would purchase the table tops x2 and the legs x 8 ready made.

the dimensions of the table when it comes together  would be to seat 6-8 people when we have family over. I think 6 foot long or 180cm

I was wondering would anyone be able to sell me the plans as a pdf  for the list of items required and a DIY of how to put them together?  I am hoping to be able to take the list to the hardware store and get everything cut to shape for me.

I can use a drill and a hammer and am not very proficient at either but am keen to make an effort.



Best Answer 3 years ago


You can adjust the size to suit your needs.


100's of dining tables being built here.

My dining table seats 6 and 8 at a push is 6 feet by 4 feet.

If your looking for something that will have good looks when not in use - i.e. isn't covered by a table cloth then you need to look for some nice wood.

If your going to keep it covered you can make it out of cheaper plywood.

Your local library will most likely have books on making basic furniture, borrow one.The diagram shows the measurements for my 6 x 4 table (in mm)

For a split table I would taper the legs to half their width at the bottom.

The videos and plans above will show you how to fix the bits together.


3 years ago

Thanks rickharris. I can understand that reply. The image you provided is perfect. I actually think i can do it now. Cheers!


3 years ago

What is so hard about it?
Center legs either foldable or removable.
On the underside of the plate two locking latches.
But if you want to use them as seperate tables anyway, why not make two?


Answer 3 years ago

What is hard is that i dont know the specifications of building a table, and i dont understand terminology. e.g. what is a 'plate' .The reason to make 2 as discussed in my description is that i have a small deck and would like to be able to bring the 2 tables together for family dinners. I dont know the lengths or dimensions of anything.


Answer 3 years ago

Ok, so a newcomer project.
In that case check the link Rick gave you.
But I would go simple:
Go to a shop and check how the top of the table is attached to side wall holding the legs -it is pretty straight forward.
Since you want to use the table(s) combined as well as seperate pieces you will need 4 legs on all of them.
You can argue if it looks better with a set of additional mounts on one side so you can put the legs more to the center for more leg room but I think if the legs are close to the corners it should not matter too much.


3 years ago

Keen makes you crafty capable...

You want the middle legs to easily latch together, use magnets or mechanical latches or holy bolts... I recommend wood legs square on top where they attach to the slabs.

I would go see how legs attach to slabs in a furniture stores and pick the one you can do. A lot depends on the slab thickness. A laminated marine plywood slab would be lighter and stronger...