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8051 Project Ideas Needed Answered

I have used Arduino's & RasPi's in the past for quite a few projects.  For my electronics college project I have to use an 8051(Arduino,etc are not allowed). After using Arduino's for the past 6 year's in most of my projects, I can't think of a good project which is possible to make on an 8051.
I hope this thread turns into repository of 8051 projects that are still relevant today.

The ideas posted in the comments could also be used in the Microcontroller Contest 2018.

Please suggest in any 8051 project ideas in the comments below.
Also mention the difficulty level & if possible a link to the project.
Easy = No Sensors only Actuators
Medium = Sensors + Actuators
Hard = Sensors + Actuators + Communication(Wifi,Bluetooth) + Awesomeness


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4 years ago

Skittles Sorting Machines

Sorts a pack of Skittles according to their colour.

Complexity: Medium

1x Colour Sensor

2x Servos