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9V Solar Cells (Parallel) to DC to DC USB Booster: Will it "fry"? Answered

Hi all. Here is my question.

I want to take 3 Solar Cells (9V, 500mA) wired in parallel (1.5A output) and run them through a DC to DC USB Boosting Circuit (5V) Now I know this circuit will boost up to 5V, but what if 6-9V comes in to it? Will it just limit to 5V running through, with no boost, or will it "fry" it?

One more question: What if I wanted to have the 9V, 1.5A of the parallel solar cells route into a Mini-USB port that can take 2 amp in? Same problem, or no problem?

Any help is appreciated!




6 years ago

As Frollard says, it will either let out the magic smoke or not even regulate, putting more than 5V out of the output. This kind of case, where you are close to the voltage you need, but not quite, is tricky, and can be handled either by a buck/boost converter, or by making a supply that "inverts" the input....so you give it -6 to -9V at the input, and it will happily boost it the other way, to +5V.


6 years ago

A boost converter will have an input of about 1-5V
A buck-boost converter will have an input range of usually around 3-19 volts

...check the specs to see if you will be overvolting your converter, as if it is not designed for 6+V it will let the magic smoke out.