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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Our community shares what they make in a step-by-step format that we call an Instructable.How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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How do I convert a pair of aeroplane headphones to be used with a normal 3.5mm jack? Answered

The pair of headphones are from QANTAS business class. They have 3 prongs: 2 x 3.5mm and one 2.5mm The two 3.5mm prongs are for left and right sound but the 2.5mm is (i think) for power for the headphones and the noise cancelling ability. I'm not sure how to incorporate the 2.5mm prong into a normal jack or whether it's even possible. I want to use these on an mp3 player or if the power needed is too big then on a laptop. Your help or ideas is appreciated! Cheers, Tal

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Sega game gear recap.

I have been repairing Sega game gears for a week now and i seem to be having a consistent problem with the VA1 single ASIC boards. i recap them and none of the work. Ive recapped tons of the twin ASIC boards with no problem i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why i cant seem to get them working. the power comes on so the power board is good. no sound but the backlight CFL comes on. any help will be greatly appreciated. I am a Blacksmith by trade and happy to trade smithing knowlage for electrical

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How to bypass the Zscaler web proxy/filter? Answered

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 3 browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If possible I would prefer Firefox because of the add-ons that I have with it. And i can't modify anything within the advance settings button on the Network/Internet Preference Pane. And as my last resort I ask all of you on how do I bypass this web filter? P.S. I have a mac mountain lion v10.8.4 Tank you very much for your support

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Replace LED indicator on charging pack of cordless drill

I have a B & D model RD1440 cordless drill. I recently had new cells put in the battery pack and it works great. My charger is FS14C and it has an LED charging indicator light which no longer lights. I would like to know the correct specifications to replace the LED. Can anyone tell me what is the proper replacement part and the correct way to replace it?

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creating a surface in Invesalius?

Hi there! We want to produce an stl of a heelbone from DICOM files to print and use in an operation. The edible Chocolate Brain was the inspiration to use Invesalius - meshlab I already know so this seemed like a good option. there are, however, limited manuals in english and infos to figure out certain steps in the Program ... like creating the surface for the stl - the mask has already been taken care of and everything else looks right, just this one step isn't yielding the expected result. a link of the document in question to look at - I would appreciate any help a great deal. thank you & snowy regards from Vienna, Eva Tucek

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Are there maker/tech/work shops/spaces in or near the Portland Oregon area ?

With how big being a “maker” is in Oregon, I’ve been unable to locate any workspaces here.

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What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :DIs there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again? Any contests you're sick of? A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on? Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)Have prize suggestions? Check this topic. Want to get a preview of some of our upcoming contests?

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Emergency heating.

Can you use a charcoal BBQ grill as an emergency heater for inside of a home if you were using wood as the fuel?How and what would be the safest way to do so?

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12volts battery charger

Hi everyone, Please I need a simple 12battery charger with automatic transfer switch that can charge one battery while the other is in use With high current

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how to choose the proper power supply to ESC? Answered

Hello , it's my first time posting here and i hope i have help i have a brushless motor with ESC rated as 30 A max i tried to connect it to a 12V- 125 A power supply but the ESC was burnt i wonder why did this happen ? i was told that the ESC will take the current it needs from the power supply and there are no problem to connect them together can anyone explain what happened to me?

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The Repulsine - and how it links to "flying saucers"

I already had some repulsine project here.Like this one, or the actual project.It is time for a big update now.After studying a lot of reports, photos and videos, some dating back hundrets of years in the origin, I realised a few things:1. The repulsine is "just" another realisation of some really, really old designs.2. Air is not only the medium that can used.3. The technology has been developed further by the US.I was always quite facinated by UFO reports, especially the kind that happened in several areas of the world with almost identical idendifications for the craft in question.Mind you that UFO does not stand for Alien but for Unidentified Flying Object.Meaning that at the time of the report(s) there was no official knowledge of such a craft existing.So far quite a while things like the B52 or SR71 were actually classified as UFO's in reports from sources with no links to those building and using them.In terms of our Replusine project however one thing really stands out in the reports throughout history: The basic shape and appearance as a "flying saucer".You can look up tons of old and some newer sightings/reports of flying saucers.And if bother to sort them by location and date you can actually develop sort of a timeline for design changes.Same for linking the times of reported sightings to activities of Schauberger, Nazies and allied forces from about 2920 to 1980.So, if these sightings of almost identical objects actually follow desgin changes based on new technology then how could this be linked to our reality where appearently there is no such thing as a flying saucer?Take the "artificial domes" we find mostly on the upper section of the hull.Strategically located to act like windows enabling you to see what is around the otherwise fully enclosed craft.There size seems to shrink as time moved on.Checking the few good picture of them out there you can help but wonder....For the same timeframe the domes of common security cameras, like used for casionos in Reno or Las Vegas appear to be identical...And it makes sense to use cameras instead of windows, due to the intense electromagnetic- electrostatic- and high energy fields surrounding the craft and parts of the inside as well.Then there is the thing with the glowing around the craft, especially right before and during impossibly fast directional changes or accellerations.Already Schauberger claimed that hgh energy fields and streams are created with his Repulsine.And those were claimed to cause the propulsion of the craft.Another vital clue to link the Repulsine to projects like the VR7 or the ARV is that they all use unthinkable amounts of electric energy in one form or another.The Repulsine used a labyrinth of tubes, pipes and disks with nozzles and all to seperate air at an atomic level.At least these were Schaubergers claims.A bit more realistic now seems to be that Schauberger utilised the electrostatic enegy created by the airflow in a totally different way.Remember that those copper wave disks spin at insanely high RPM's?And there is a conductive axle...Makes a homopolar motor that delivers insanely high currents but very little voltage.Also makes a very strong electromagnetic field.As a result, the air travelling through it all gets charged up.Schauberger claims this charge helped to seperate the air molecules.These days we know that for this even higher amounts of energy are required - think in terms of fusion reactions.What I think really happend is that there was a plasma discharge from the copper disks to the surrounding outlet nozzles.A high voltage with little current forming a plasme which "pulses" from nozzle to nozzle.Quite a reminder of the good old Telsa coil configuration.Those pulses create an electromagnetic impulse in the wave disks, certainly aimed to intensify their electromagnetical charge.Moving to the VR7.While the Repulsine got quite famous for destroying a hanger during a demonstration it now seems to be quite obvious that the steering capabilities were next to non existing.After all, it was originally invented to work as a very efficient heating or cooling device and to fly around.The flying bit was more or less an unwanted side effect due to getting in full harmonic resonance at was to high RPM's.The propulsion was not done by the air stream but by the surrounding electromagnitc field.And sadly the design did not allow for much influencing of this field.With the VR7 project came a new approach to the "fuel" used to generate the propulsion effect.Something that is independent from outside air pressures and such things.If we see the original copper wave disks really as a homopolar motor and the air as the medium to generate electricity : How nice would it be to use a conductor right away to eliminated the chargin of air molecules to generate static electricity?The obvious choice was to use Mercury.Some reports state it was pure some state other metals were blended in.The "original" shape chnged slightly depending on the actual purpose of the test flights.So, sometimes you won't have any top dome, but a tower or colum like constructions coming out of the top.The rest literally looks like a dinner plate with high rim, turned upside down - with a lid.The later developed ARV or ARM, Alien Replication Vehicle, was claimed to be based on actual alien craft that were recovered and studied.Appearently it formed the link between pure energy control and actual steering capabilities that made sense.Then how does all this link with new technologies?Paint, fibre optics, laser...When it comes to stealth technology very secret "paint" mixtures are used to scatter or absorb radar waves, in some cases both.The development of these paints goes along with the SR71 project, the B52, attack boats and so on.But in reality it does not make much sense anymore to have your military crafts seemingly invisible to radar waves.Doppler radar was developed to make these crafts visible again, plus it now helps us with the weather forecast.It is more the surface shape and construction that makes them hard to track on radar.But if have a population that now has digital cameras to record videos and everyone loves to do it then of course you risk being seen.Now we even have smartphones that start recoding instantly if we need it.Discreditation was the real aim in making all sorts of things invisible to radar.A positive side effect was that those special materials and paints not only deal with radar waves.They act in almost identical fashion through a suprisingly wide band of frequencies.So why the need to hide from frequencies not used for any tracking things?Energy shielding....The VR7 and ARV were already quite good, but the need to use quite thick shielding plates everywhere, plus a fully closed "bubble" inside for the crew meant a lot of weight.Weight does not really matter much here though, but more on that later...What matters is transportability.The small, 4 crew versions already maxed out what the biggest trucks of the time could handle on the roads.Using paint and thin shielding plates of high tech materials meant the weight went down.Down enough to allow for a bigger size...Laser and fibre optics enabled us data transfers at never seen before speeds.And what was once reserved for the big backbone infrastructure made its way into server rooms and now even homes.Whether or not the development or "invention" of these technologies happened out of the blue or in some guide form is something I leave to your imagination.However it enabled in combination the exact control of all flight parameters.A lever like for the trust on your boat controlled the overal power levels available.Where the repulsine only had rotating disks the later developed types used capacitor plates at the bottom of the saucer section.With the disk from the homoplar motor in the mercury drive system they formed two electromagnetic fields.One just from the spinning disk, the other from the circuit formed between capacitor plates, hull and axle of the homopolar motor.The thrust level determined how fast the motor spins and how much the capacitors are charged.A simple mechanical linkage requiring not even wires, let alone a computer.Always in sync, always in harmony.The laser and fibre optics were mounted in sort of a trackball.The pilot moves a sphere that is hold in place by a slightly larger half sphere.Bit like the swivel mount on your tiny camera tripod.The laser is mounted to the moving sphere but really far down, in the center and pointing dead straight up.In the outer sphere's lower part you have the ends of fibre optic wires.Conviently located in a mirrored orientation to the capacitor banks.Imagine them like grid point on a globe you might have on your desk.The further you tild the "ball" the more the laser moves to the outer reception points for the optical link.And with that providing higher power levels to the corresponding capacitor banks, while reducing them for the opposite ones.If you ever had these cheap laser projectors that make some star light copy or lots of funny shapes thn you know how the laser is made to produce rings that match the orientation of the fibre optics.Again, dead simple, reliable and dirt cheap to realise.So why did all these UFO sightings of this type seemed to have vanished all of a sudden?They did not stop to do a lot of test flights....But as the technology moved on to allow for very fine control of the craft it was time to test the limits.We all know the stories of totally impossible flight manouvers....And the offcial claim to make all these sighting a hoax was and still is that no human would be able to survive those forces.After all, you can't just go from a standstill to well over 2000km/h in less than a second without leaving the pilot as a gooey mess on the walls....But the thing does not use any rockets, conventional propulsion systems or even something that emits enough heat to classify as a combustion engine....The limit testing goes along with the realisation of how this drive system actually works.There were all sorts of theories from those making these things possible but they had only assumptions and a good imagination.There is no such things a free energy, so that means these flying saucers would need machines more capable than those of a container ship - and a corresponding size...A good aeronautics engineer can spend hours explaining to you why it is impossible that a bumblebee can fly.Thankfully the bumblebee is only interested in collecting honey and pollen but not in anything as complex as aeronautics, and so it just flies off....How is it then possible to generate the energy for these impossible flight characteristica?Energy is relative, Einstein already knew that but we did not get the hint.E=mC² is about as accurate as a wooden yard stick.But that is another topic, the relation to Einsteins relativity and our flying saucers was his old friend Nicola Tesla.Tesla stated that the universe is full of energy that surrounds us and that we only need to tap in to.Like a bird does not electrocuted when sitting on power lines, we are part of these energy fields and won't even notice them.Only a few we can actuall feel, see or otherwise experience, like gravity.Does not mean we know how exactly gravity works and why it does what it does.We only used overservations to come with clues.However we failed to explain how the energy of let's say gravity actually make the ball roll down the ramp instead of up...Tesla's warning to Einstein was that his formula is wrong and that testing the atomic bomb would cause unimaginable side effects.And sure enough when Einstein checked the results from the test he was stunned by how much energy was released - about 4 times higher than by ignoring all losses that were factored in for the experiment.So where did this energy come from and why is it so dangerous to play with it?Science fiction is always somwhat of a reflection of a reality we already have or that is certain to be true very soon.Like submarines, helicopters, laser weapons or going to the moon.A thing you might have heard of is Zero Point Energy.A fuzzy terms with several possible explanations of what it actually is.Funny enough our scientist use the same term for ergies on a quantum level.Those energies, like gravity that we still fail to understand properly.But they also include the energy from the shockwave of an exploding star, which travel much faster than the speed of light.Where Tesla tried to utilise this energy for controlled and good purposes, we developed weapons of mass destruction as it was a quick and easy way to prove a point.The point that the test shall lead to clean and reliable energy in the future however was never made.Partially due to realising what those added energies were that no one expected.Imagine you create a vacuum in front of a ball and a corresponding higher pressure at it's back side.Obviously the ball would start to move and get very close to the speed of the airstream you created.Keeping the ball right in the center is the tricky part.If you place the ball onto a blanket that is stretched like a trampoline you can use your hands to create a positive "hill" in front of the ball and a negative or indentation at the back of the ball.And if you move both ands the same way your ball will stay in this wave and follow it.Our ARV does pretty much the same, but it creates this bubble and wave itself.The electromagnetic field generated are as high or higher as during the peak of th explosion of an atomic bomb.But unlike the destructive version our field is a controlled bubble.At high enough levels the fields distort the space time around the craft.With all capacitor banks equally charged the craft only moves up and down.Turning the sphere and changing the charge levels means the bubble expnads or contracts in the coreesponding direction.To the outside observer the impossible happens, to those inside it is like nothing at all happens, the only experience any movement from obversing what is around them - or now through instruments like GPS and such.Wich a distortion in space time the changes are only outside the craft, while the craft itself remain fully neutral at all times.Means things like acceleration forces or G forces simply won't apply as they never actually reach the craft.After these initial proof of concept designs showed their true and full potential the Fluxliner project came into place.Funny name but it is spot on in some way.The flux is the continium of space time, basically everything we now try to explore and understand through quantum mechanics and such things.Like that a light particle ona quantum level is split and can't be observed as a single entity, you can only interpret their existence through the obeservation of their combined entity.But ony day we will have the means to even measure and detect those things directly - now that we "know" them...The liner part is claimed to be either a reference to the stealth coating or the fact that it rides the space time like a boat on the water.This so far latest leaked re-creation of so called alien tech is claimed by some to have been a quite regular visitor on the moon in the early 90's and late 60's.What does all this now mean for free energy and the Repulsine project?I asked myself the same thing once I started to link inventions related to the term "free energy" as we use it today to technologies already claimed to have been in use by the US or Germans/Austrians before.Even if we are told free energy does not exist, the earliest incarnations of the Repulsine were already aimed on what we these days call "over-unity".Other inventors used magnets and coils to seemingly create electricity out of thin air.And still others made claims to be able to run their cars on water.Some of them were clearly a good hoax, some however had a disturbing thing in common.Inventors that thought they had some free energy or over unity device and started to go public with it ended up being watched.To be a warning to all, since a lot of them knew the work of others in the same field, a lot of the real inventors disappeared.Not all though, a lot of them just suddenly lost all interest in inventing and got rid of their inventions only to live a boring life.Energy is power and who controls it has power over others.While oil got rare and expensive our governments "regulated" the price through additional and higher taxes.We are told it is to make us more aware of our climate and pollution or to improve our roads.In reality though our governments use fuel like a golden goose.Electricity is no different.First we have limited supply and with that limited options to develop areas of the world.Like water, electricity defines where modern life as we know it is actually possible.What would happen if all this power would suddenly disappear just becuase some weird guy created a zero point generator in his garage and decided to give all details of his invention away for free and to everyone in the world?You can't make money from, or put taxes on what people build themself and just use like you would use a push on lawn mover.The trail of disappearing inventions, inventors and their work is quite disturbing once you start looking deeper into the details of their inventions.The repulsine is a pain in the behind to model in 3D.Even worse if you actually intent to make it 3D printable while keeping the model as realistic as possible.Same for even thinking on how to replicate a mercury drive with a homopolar motor and up to 36 capacitor banks.I have some ideas beased on the concept drawings though.The mercury acts as a conductor as well as an energy storage device.Quite similar to a HVAC system like your airconditioner.Energy is taken from one side and used on the other side.IMHO this is only possible through a vapour stage where the mercury most likely will form a plasma at some point.As it is a resonant system similar to a tesla coil the plasma acts as an interupter or sprak gapto get the required frequencies for the field generation.But unlike the Tesla coil, the energy created by this plasma is not wasted.In a vortex system similar to what is found in the top cone of the Repulsine, the plasma is kept rotating without ever getting into contact with the surrounding walls of the containing construction.IMHO the compression produced by this vortex and the high speed of the plasma means it is transformed back into liquid or even solid mercury particles while the stored energy and heat is release like in the atomic bomb - in the form of an electromagnetic pulse.And as said, all these are in resonance here, which means we hvae harmonic frequencies where the power output peaks at unknown high levels.The technology was already possible in a crude form almost 100 years ago, so how hard can it be to combine it all into a prototype that actually works?Thing is you can't really develop and test individual components, let alone on a desktop model scale.Would be like trying to test and measure some LC circuit for resonance without connecting them or knowing and values.You need a certain size to make things happen and can't just downsize them.A bit like replicating a model of a big dam.No matter what you try, you need trickery to make the water stream rushing out of the relief pipe look as realistic as the original.You can't build a paper plane at an infinite small scale and still hope it would actually fly like the big one....What might be possible though to get going is to observe how resonant electromagnetic fields act in resonance with high energy pulses at a lower or higher hamonic frequency.On a really small scale even just by using some vibration speakers to observer how for example some grains of rice react on a plate when a third harmonic of much lower frequency is introduced.Especially in a stereo system where the distance of the speakers equals the wavelenght (multiple) of the first harmonic.Why do I make this comparison?If you wonder then you never really played with vibration speakers ;)Let me try to explain:An amplifier set to a max output of 15W and with a connected signal generator producing two harmonic frequencies is one part.The other a 25W rated vibration speaker.It is quite easy to fully wreck the speaker at these levels if you use the right frequencies, been there, replaced a few over the years...Now just try to imagine how high the energy levels could be in system that utilises what would otherwise be wasted energy.And not just that, it would happen at different harmonic frequencies for every involved stage of the drive system.the base frequency or first and highest harmonic frequency in this configuration would be high enough to affect things on a quantum level.All the other harmonics combine at fixed times during many full cycles of the original frequency.Let's say in lame man's terms:Four people are yor four harmonics below the highest.And this highest frequency is represented by someone on a swing.Two people on either side of the swing give it a good push at the time of zero momentum and in the opposite direction as before.But on either side the people take turns, sort of.One might push ever fourth time while other pushes every eights time - as an example.You see how sometimes they would push together at the same time? ;)And every time this happens the overall energy level of the base frequency becomes strong enough to create out wave in space time.I guess it will be another 5 to 10 year before we can use mind control to create our 3D models, from imagination onto a perfect 3D model...Ever wondered where the name "Flux-Capacitor" in Back to the Future originated from? ;)Or how in Star Trek the ships first only had Impulse Drive and later on Warp drive?An impulse drive is nothing more than a fancy ION or nuclear drive - as evident by the various forms of shielding and technologies used by other Trekkie species in the series.And well, a Warp drive does basically the exact same thing as our Fluxliner drive, it creates a bubble around the ship that excludes it from our normal space time to travel faster than light.Our Mercury drive system does the same thing, the electronmagnetic field is basically a bubble like the warp field and it distorts the space time continium by creating two waves between which our bubble craft moves.And please don't see these waves like they are on the ocean, they would be fully even, inverted copies in a three dimensional area, not just flat.An author or writer certainly won't come up with a lot of phantasy names and creations without getting the basic idea from somehwere- or someone.And even if that wouldn't be the case then a well reputated scientist won't use the same exact terms in later publications just because he is a Star Trek fan - just saying though...Like many other things it comes down to progressive education and the controlled seeding of misinformation while supporting hoaxes at the same time the real thing disappears with the inventor.If the leaked claims by former officials should really indicate alien tech behind all this then it leaves the question how ancient cultures could have already had detailed knowledge of the same principles.They were left with instructions on how to build these impossible crafts despite the fact they would need hundreds or even thausands of years to even develop the most basic technology to build it.Let alone to know about the electrical and plasma capabilities of mercury...A lot of people still have prime evil fear, like when they see a spider or left in the dark in some new place and without a warning.It is programmed into our genes as a protection mechanism dating back to when we had no clue about fire and lived in caves.The buried knowledge about impossible technologies is in our genes in a very similar way.A bit like an endless library and every now and then someone finds a register card with the location of some interesting book.Those cards are like reminders when we are confronted with new technolgies or just new ideas.If, deep down, we wouldn't know that a lot of what seems impossible is just out of our grasp of understanding on how to put ideas into reality - then why keep so many independent people around the globe "invent" "new" things around the same time and with no chance of ever knowing anthing about the other inventor(s) ?? ;)Like the Illuminaty always said: It is best to operate in the shadows while making sure knowledge is used and seeded wisely.....We gave our energy providers solar and wind parks, even huge battery storage systems.Not because it is the green thing to do though.We need more and more energy but we still need the power to stay in the hands of the powerful.Tons of people or communities have enough open land for their own little wind or solar park but they are not allowed to operate one and with that won't get subsidised like our big energy providers.Otherwise a lot of regions in our world would already be independent from price gauging electricity providers that keep their grid at standards from the late 50's....We can't really allow them to build more nuclear reactor either because we already struggle to deal with the millions of year it will take to neutralise our current stockpile of nuclear waste.Funny thing is that this is only a concern for certain countries in the world.Some still see going nuclear as the best alternative to move their country forward.When the last tree is fallen, the last fish eaten and the last river poisoned you will realise that you can't eat money.Till then it gives you all the power you need and loosing this grip is like loosing a war.There are always casualties and someone being on the wrong end of friendly fire...When the time is right, those who went silent and kept secrets will come forward and provide us with the energy for our future.I don't want to jinx it but I am quite sure it will start around the 13/04/2029 and intensify around the same date in 2036.The "coincidences" evolving around those two days will be big news for the world, nothing new for those of us willing to see more than we are allowed to see....And they will mark the official re-appearance of what started as the Repulsine, went over the VR7 and ARV to the official Fluxdrive.To qutoe from what we all know: To boldly go go where no human has gone before....

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What is this tool for?

Can anyone tell me what this tool is for?   I came across it all rusted and thought it was some type of pliers or cutter. After I cleaned it up I could tell it was probably neither. What I thought was a plier jaw is actually one piece and does not close and what i thought maybe the cutting blade, actually had lines and numbers, like a ruler. The one small screw that the spring is attached to, will allow you to adjust how far the jaw/cutter will close and the other screw, when loosened a bit allows you to slide the little metal 'arm' in or out, like a measuring template. It has some fancy designs on the handles as you can see and the only marking says "Made in Western Germany".

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'Car FM transmitter to spy bug'

Hello, i am looking for some tips on how to transform an FM mp3 transmitter to a spy bug.. i have that transmitter you plug into the lighter in your car, put an aux cable or an usb in it, and it then trasmits to a set frequency so you can tune in with your radio.. i was wondering would it be possible to just get rid of the jack, and solder a microphone instead? If not, how would I go around that?

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Rebuilding NordicTrack ski machine drive rollers

Many people still buy and use a NordicTrack Ski Machine, although these machines are not as popular as they once were. I have talked to people who say they just plain wore out a ski machine. The part that wears is the one-way clutch inside the drive rollers. NordicTrack makes the one-way clutch sound very mysterious. In reality it is a one-way needle bearing and is available from Amazon or locally from a good bearing shop. The internal diameter of the one-way needle bearing used in my machine (Challenger, similar to a 303) is 5/8 inch. The outer diameter is 7/8 inch. The width of the one-way needle bearing from end to end is 5/8 inch. I originally had hopes of being able to install new one-way needle bearings, myself; but, they together with the bronze sleeve bearings on either side of the one-way needle bearing inside each drive roller are pressed into place. Pressing bearings is not a job for the average home tinkerer but requires a bearing press capable of exerting tons of pressure in a very precise manner. You can often have a local machine shop press the bearings in your machine's drive rollers. Or, you can send them away to Nordic Track Guy and have them rebuilt for about $33 with a one week turnaround. The core of the rollers really does not wear out, but new rollers are available on the Internet from $65 to $95, depending on the vendor. From what I can find, some models used an alternate size. Check to be certain you order the correct rollers, if you choose to replace. One of my drive rollers suddenly began to hiccup. It seemed that the clutch did not always release immediately when I pulled my foot forward. Then I noticed a little mush in the response when I began to bring my foot back on the push stroke. Before you rebuild or replace your rollers, try this: Remove one side of your Ski Machine. See the second photo and check the exploded diagram in your manual. Four nuts and two screws, all plainly visible, need to be removed. Slide the washers and the roller off of the top side. The shaft and flywheel can be wiggled out of the other side without removing anything from that side. Remove the washers and the roller from that side, too. Flush the one-way needle bearing by squirting some penetrating oil, like Liquid Wrench, into the bearing. Work it both ways with your smallest finger. Push a facial tissue into the shaft hole in the roller and sop away the penetrating oil and any metallic dust it lifts. Do this several times. Let the rollers air dry. A little lubrication is good. People who comment on lubrication for one-way needle bearings use Tri-Flo (I am not familiar with it.) or they use a little ATF transmission fluid. You want enough to lubricate, but not so much that the bearings slip. (But, see the comments below where the oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearings are supposed to supply enough lubrication for the needle bearings.) Put the rollers back in place on the shaft. Check to be certain they grab on the rearward stroke and release on the forward stroke. Reassemble the machine. Do not forget the washers between the roller and the side board. My machine works again as it should. The day will likely come when this simple fix does not help, and I will need to rebuild or replace the rollers then. But, for now, my rollers have a new lease on life. What follows is for your information. The first photo is of a portion of the back cover of the manual that came with my machine. It shows a cutaway image of the drive roller. The black printing is mine. Notice the three cylinders inside the drive roller. The outer two are bronze sleeve bearings. The center one looks like a roller bearing, but is a one-way needle bearing. A one-way needle bearing is essentially a roller bearing, but the rollers are able to move forward and backward a little in their cage. There is a wedge shape for the axle of each roller that causes the rollers to bind between the bearing cage and the shaft when the rotation is in one direction, but they are free in the other direction. Here is a description of how they work with graphics. This link is for an Instructable about a number of modifications I made to our NordicTrack ski machine, including how it can be stored vertically in a closet. If you do not have a digital monitor for your skier, or need to replace one, here is an Instructable on how to make your own from a digital bicycle speedometer.  Check NordicParts for any parts you need, also Nordic Fitness Ski Machines. Danny at Nordic Fitness Ski Machines has some very nice new rollers for sale.

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74HC574 VS 74HC595

Can anyone help me understand when you would use one over the other? I am reading the spec sheets and I am not understanding the difference. I am gathering parts for two different projects. One is making an 8X8X8 LED Cube and the other is making a plaque using 8X8 matrix cubes. The plaque will have 11each of 8x8 matrix cubes red and 4each of 8x8 matrix cubes that are RGB. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Zipfizz Containers

I have a bunch of empty Zipfizz containers. I don't want to toss them in the trash (no plastic recycling in my area). What in the world could I make with them that would be useful?

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Any way to block a central computer from screen-watching me at school?

So the good old school library bumped up its security this year - you know, cool wastes of money like biometric scanners. Now, while I giggle every time I check out a book, I can't even bring myself to browse the internet. Never mind the fact that the school seems to be running IE's grandfather  for a browser (we just got tabs last year). Never mind that we as a junior class finally discovered the joys of caching, and that last year someone seemed to have started running Firefox off a USB to download mario games to the desktops. Our efforts have been in vain. All the library's computers are now linked to the central computer, so that the librarian can watch about 12 screens in real time simultaneously. She just sits there and watches your screen. Shoot me now. It's really not a big deal, as I normally only do legit research in school, but now I'm curious - is it possible to trick the main comp? Like, somehow running Firefox from USB invisibly if I have the bastardized IE up on the side? Or do I just save anything deviant for unsuspecting teacher computers?

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Separate network for 5 Slaves 1 Master 1 server

I've build a home thermostats system with PIC18F27K42 in each thermostats with LCD, for 5 rooms, 1 master in kitchen and 1 server in the basement, working on a bit-bang i2c. The server only send data to i2c at every seconds as it have a RTC (Chronodot) plus freezer and external temp sensors. The kitchen has a bigger LCD and can send data to the server to send to a dedicated or all thermostats using an ID in the data stream. I have read some docs on the net and bought a ESP32 DevKit V4 with WROOM-32D (changing later for a WROOM-32U external antenna for the downstairs server) and 6 ESP8266 ESP-01S module to include in each thermostat. My goal is to use the wifi instead of the i2c. So I'd like to have some guiding on how to achieve this. Maybe later I may use this wifi to use internet to change some settings in one or all thermostats. But for now do I really need to use the house wifi or can I use a kind of "thermostats wifi", separate from the house one, mostly for heating security. If so, how can I do that, since I'm kind of new to network and wifi. Many thanks to all.

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How to calculate the total time a battery can operate light?

Hi,I am willing to just use solar panels to recharge my batteries and then to power my garden lights.  What I need is how do I know if my battery will be able to power my lights for atleast 24 hours.  How do I choose the solar panels to be able to charge the batteries. IF I know how to calculate for atleast one light and battery that should be enough for me to calculate for my whole system. Thanks

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Develop - Protect your invention

Hi All,Has anyone found a good article re: developing and then protecting your invention?There are all these TV ads for companies to help you file a patent application which seem dubious.Have you found other forums besides here to ask questions as you go along and develop your invention?Are there any engineering forums where you can discuss with design engineers how to build a prototype or model or create blueprints for it?Thank you!

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Post your best jokes here!!!

Whoever posts the best damn joke there is (judged by me) will win a free patch.(not a huge prize, but I hope you still try) Note: The jokes should be appropriate, with no bad language. (8+) The comp has been won! ilpug won with his hilarious panda joke! I hope you all enjoyed each others jokes!

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Single PCB manufacturing sources

Hey all, So I found a project on here that will fit my needs for issue I have. It has scematicats and a board design. Are there services that make up these items? I really only need one or two made so not sure the big PCB guys will take it on. Any leads appreciated!! Thanks PPVSteve@Gmail.comProject:

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How to view the view of a SQ8 camera on your computer?

So I got this SQ8 camera just for fun. Right now I'm wondering if I can show the the camera's view on my laptop? The SQ8 say it can connect to TV and show it's view, can I do the same with my laptop? Here is what I conclude: The USB port of the SQ8 provides 8 wires. However, the cable is split into 2 wire, 1 to the USB head (which have 4 wires) and 1 to the plug for the TV (by the look of things, there is only 2). I have no idea how data is transferred, but here is my guess. The USB head will provide power for the camera to charge and the last 2 wire may have to do something with shutting the connection (If I press the on/off button on the camera, my laptop signal the device has disconnected/reconnected to my laptop).  The 2 wire that transfer the image to the TV is the yellow head, which I have 0 clue how it works cause I haven't learn about it. My question is: is it possible to take this 2 wire to connect and display my camera's view? Here are pictures that I took. In the pics there is the port that the camera has and the 2 end of the cable. 

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How could I tell if someone installed a phone tap, camera, or voice recorder in my room?

When I leave for work, I sometimes leave my bedroom window open. There is a medium sized gap between the screen about the size of your fist. Is there a way I could tell if someone has tapped my house? Recently my Samsung Flat-Screen has been very snowy and I remember that you could tell is something has been tapped because they interfere with your tv. The house I just moved into also has a wire panel outside my window which you can reach. My room is first floor, please help. I cannot sleep. I also read that you can tell just if you can pick up RF signals coming from the device. Can someone give me a schematic for an RF Signal detector? I can't afford the commercial ones, I once read a stat that if you suddenly wake around 2am or 3am there is %80 chance of someone staring at you. Your body naturally senses this somehow. Well, when I looked at my window, I saw a light then after a few seconds it was gone. I went outside and I heard a couple of cans fall over and my fence my shaking like it was moved. My gate is usually locked but it is a reletively short fence. I haven't slept for days. I can't stand it. I'm going today to buy some black curtains as these cheap plastic blinds aren't cutting it

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i want 2 make a project by using ic 741.. coz it is given by our colg... plz help me...?

Project shud nt b complicated n expensive....

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My break action knex pistol

This is my new break action pistol! Should I post?

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Rate My Drawing!

This is a portrait I drew of a friend of mine. It took me about 2-3 hours to complete. Please tell me what you think, thank you :)

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Anyone want to Co-Create the future?

Hi all sydney instructables and indestructables - i just love all this stuff and i am sure some of you are just as passionate. i am running a futures festival and currently in open innovation/open production mode - ie., we all get together and just make a really cool festival. Its called Live Futures 2020: A World of Opportunity. We are creating interaction spaces for the public, particularly young people, futurists, scientists, inventors, researchers, designers, artists, performers, architects, engineers, co-create the future. covering things like nanotech, biotech, health, robotics, education, climate, retrofitting cities to be sustainable, etc... only limited by all our imaginations. If you have something cool to share or just like the idea of co-creating the future join us to create the festival and share the loveat last year's festival we had a young guy who made the coolest electronic musical instruments out of junk and old toys and the crowd loved it. I am sure we now have upcoming electronics whizzes in sydney because of him, i hope tim'll be with us this year too. maybe you have something inspirational too...

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British law on defacing coins? Answered

I wanted to drill through a 10p to make a ring like the ones on this website. BUT I NEED TO KNOW THE BRITISH LAW Lots of people are saying its illegal and stuff.  

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Increase the speed of an electric motor? Answered

My electric bike, seen here, was built for my senior project. I was limited on motor choice, and had to go with the best I had, an old powerchair motor. After 2 successfull attempts at building an electric bike, I have discovered that it is impossible to go faster that 25 mph with with one of these motors. As you can see on my instructable the bike has 6 speeds, with a top speed of 20mph in first gear. however, when I shift gears, the motor rpm's decrease instead of the speed increasing. I have heard before that it is possible to run an electric motor at higher voltages than it is rated, so I was wondering, if i could add a seperate switch and a "booster battery" of sorts, that as long as I monitered the voltage so as to not let exceed 24 volts, if this would be feasible. My only other option would be to add a second motor in parallel with the first, and on the same drive belt. The first option would be the easiest, if it could work without damaging the motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, iloveairsoftstuff

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how to clear up foggy fish tank water using house remedys?

I have a 5 gallon tank and would like to clear it up any suggestions?

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Axial Flux Wind Turbine

24 pole, 3 phase alternator. 18 coils of #20 wire 80 turns each, 6 coils in each phase connected in series, then wired 3 phases in star config. Put out lethal voltages at a very low rpm. Using N45 2" x 1" x 1/2" Neo Mags, two discs of 24 each attracting each other through coils. I need to know what the number of turns would be for #13 wire, same configuration for charging batteries.

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Micro sstc trouble Answered

I am trying to build the micro sstc by steve ward. My circuit  behaves like there is a short somewhere, but I checked  all the connections. The mosfet isn't connected yet and the 555 timer is getting hot, any ideeas?

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Food Saver Model V3835 won't open for cleaning?

I was trying to seal a food bag and the vacuum wasn't working so I decided to clean the tray that collects moisture. However after pressing the 2 release buttons the food saver wouldn't open up for cleaning. I have been unable to find what is holding the unit closed. I removed the bottom cover and found the right hold down gear/"hold down" paw not engaged. I re-engaged the paw but still can't open the unit.

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How do I separate gold from surrounding ores

I live near the site John Marshall discovered gold in 1848.  There is gold dust and particles everywhere!  Problem is that the gold is dust or fine powder form and the gold strongly adheres to it's surrounding ores.  Panning is tedious and not effective.  How can I separate the gold dust/powder from the other minerals?  I have heard using Auger Regis is effective, but cannot find anything on how to use it, purchase it, or make it myself.  Any suggestions/instructions on making or using auger regis; or any other more effective method of extracting the gold from the other minerals is greatly appreciated.

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Tesla's earthquake machine - was it just a practical joke?

Nicola tesla, in his early years, was not shy when it came to use science through direct contact.Most of it we would call today playing practical jokes on students and friends alike.His harmonic balancer got the nick name earthquake machine.I won't go into the story how all came together, you can read the story on Wikipedia or other sites to the fullest of your imagination.Howver, I would like to go into some details of this invention.Or better: I will try to explain my view on why this machine might have actually worked close to what the story tells....Studying old paents and other documents is no fun and not always you can reach any valid conclusions from any of it.I mean, if you coud then you wouldn't need a patent for it.Some things however are so good, so special that they never get a patent, the company keeps it as an iternal secret.Same way a brewery won't tell you the exact recipe for the beer they make ;)The harmonic balancer has very little to go with except stories and some comments Tesla scattered here and there.So let's start by some claims Tesla made about this machine:1. It has a free swinging mass.2. The mass is balanced using "air springs".3. It usues very little energy.4. It finds the harmonic frequency of the object attached to automatically.If you think about the above you could say right away it is bogus.But think about the terms and language of the old days ;)Add the fact that Tesla never really gave any direct answers to how his inventions actually work and you see where I am going here.Point 1 and 3 are easy to imagine in many ways.Number 2 on the other hand contradicts itself at a first glance.But, if you place a piston with a good mass and good seal into a cylinder nd close both ends while the piston is in the center....A bit like these to shake emergency torches and flashlights.With that idea in the back of a head one can imagine shock absorbers and more.And a "mass" "swinging" in such a sealed tube would certainly be subject to the "spring" force of the air being compressed in front and the forming low pressure on the other end.The last one however had me stumped for almost two years with me getting nowhere.A mechanical system can't adjust itself to the harmonic frequency of anything....Then I saw a collection of funny videos.One of the clips had about 100 metronomes standing on a board.The board was place on two rollers so it cold move freely from side to side.All the metronomes wre set to about the same timing.But of course you just can't start them all at once or even so they swing in sync.After just a short while though, one by one found a matching partner on the board.Faster ones slowed down, ones totally out of sync seemed to miss a beat here and there.And then it hit me!Hundret swinging masses on a board and the board moves together with them!Once all were in sync and harmony the board moved basically exactly the same way sidewas as the single pendulums above.Number four finally solved :)How though could one try to replicate this impossible invention these days and without knowing any exact details anyway?We know it used one or two electromagnets.These moved the mass back and forth horizontally in the machine.However, it was more formed like a T wih a fat base.Tesla needed a dead simple way of doing with electricity what the metronome does just mechanically.If you have a little mass on a spring and one contact on the spring plus another on a tube that is around the mass - what do you get?No, not the trigger for something really nasty when you pick it up...Right! You get a motion detecting switch.A bit like our gyroscopic sensors do now in our phones....And if you cut the tube lenghtwise you end with two opposing contact to switch two magnets on depending on what side of the tube is hit by the mass (contact) swining on the spring.Try it out with a spring from old pen and a screw inside as a weight - quite sensitive if you get the weight right.Some drawing suggest he height was about the same as the width of the machine.This would suggest the contact was actually hanging upside down, so it could swing in the wider base.A bit of fine and very flexible opper braid with a weight would make a nice pendulum here....Do a little experiment first though ;)Make a sturdy frame or if you have none try a truck. ;)If you place the frame on wheels and a pendulum with just a string and some sinker at the end - what would happen if you move th frame sideways instead of swinging the weight?Inertia keeps the weight in place while the top mount of the string moves away.And if the weight stays in place for just a fraction of a second before starting to move with the frame?Correct! since the angle of the string changes, the ball appeas to move up.Not really by much but enough for an electrical contact to open....We have some ideas now on how those electromagnets might have been triggered by Tesla, what about the mechanics of the moving mass that claimed to have created earthquake like results?Precision is no problem these days, just check these toy kits to build your own Stirling engine or you trusty old Swiss Army Knife.And even a second hand air cyclinder and piston can be modded to act like a free swinging air pump.Only question that really remains would be how to match the mechanical system with the electircal?We have two seemingly independent masses, one to make things move violently, the other to energise the part that make the first mass move - or to be precise to give it a tiny push in the right direction.What does mean you wonder...Let me try to simplify it down a bit.....If you push someone on a swing you can have a very hard time by working against the mass of the person sitting and enjoying the ride.Or you could give the person just a tiny push - right when the swing starts from the highest point to go back.Could that mean it is really as simple to build as Tesla claimed?If the top mass is limited by how far it can swing FREELY before the air pressure works against this movement then we would only have to set the length of the pendulum so the contact happens right at that point on the x-axis of the top mass.Ok, and how would that make anything swing at all?If the top mass is first energised there is nothing to stop or influence the movement, except the "air springs".So it totally overshoots like those metronomes on the board.It swings back and closes the contact on the other side of the movement way early as well.Now the electromagnetic impulse from the second movement actually works against the moving top mass.And this swinging of total non-control continues while whatever the thing is mounted to also starts to move, even if it is just fractional.Over time both swings, from the machine and the object, will get to point where they influence each other in a "positive" way.For Tesla's experiment one would say negative though as it was quite violent in the end.Little by little both swing will get closer to being in sync and with that in resonance.The electromagnetic push however continues....Only that now the top mass of the machine is in sync with the thing it is mounted to.The machine became you standing behind a big swing and trying push someone higher and higher....It is all just a theory though and any minor earthquakes that might register around my area are pure coincidence ;)

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What to buy?

Hi Guys,I would like to make small wooden boxes, it's my first time would you advice which table with saw should I buy? Greets ChrisPs It should be small and not super expensive.

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How do I Make a Quiet Book?

I wanted to make a quiet book for my toddlers.

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Rate my art

Hey, I recently drew a portrait of Lady Gaga, and I have then added some colour to it using photoshop. I would love if you guys could give me any critques or positives about it, so that I can improve it! And then I can start working on other drawings I have done too. Thanks :)

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Which is better K'nex or legos? Answered

I want to know this because i just want to know opinions so tell me yours thanks. If you want, please go to my page and subscribe please thanks for your time.

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how to make a signal jammer???

Simply,easily,for project,what are the things to need,what are the problems in that,plz reply guys am college student...

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Our puppy is losing a tooth. Do I pull it?

It's a side tooth and handing on by the skin. Do we pull it or let it fall out? I tried to pull it a bit but it's not giving.?

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Please help me identify this Silver signet ring

Found it stashed away in my grandpa's house after he passed, he was a polish immigrant, so it might be from there

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Creating copper nano particles

Be it conductive ink, decorations or just a special pigment for your paint project, Copper is nice.Only problem is grinding this soft metal fine enough to be of any good use.A not so well documented feature of food additives is that they often have "unwanted" side effects.In our case E300, Ascorbic Acid or just Vitamin C.So how to make copper nano particles with it you might wonder?Prepare a well saturated solution of Copper Sulphate, you find the blue crystals in the gardening section together with fertilisers.It is best to use destilled water and not plain tap water, if in doubt go at least with the demineralised stuff for batteries.Adding E300 either dissolved in water or directly as crystals will start a nice reaction.The copper solphate is reduced back to metallic copper.There are a few problems though...For best results you need a saturation copper sulphate solution, low temperatures and a magnetic stirrer.This produced the finest particles for me at around 5°C.But even warm or at room temp the constant sirring is beneficial for even particle sizes.The ascorbic acid is used up in the process as well.You can start with a little and see how much you end up with in terms of a layer of copper particles at the bottom.Adding more E300 will cause a "rain" of fine copper particles - once this no longer happens you know the copper sulphate is used up as well.A dark greenish color of the solution will indicate this as well.Getting the copper out of the glass...Keep in mind the copper is extreme fine!As long as it stays in the solution it won't oxidize or otherwise react.Once out and in contact with just water and air oxidation happens quickly, after all it is pure copper...I found removing the watery solution and then adding destilled water to repeat the process is a good start.The waste from the first round can still be usefull though...In the final round I try to remove as much water as I can and then add methyled spirit to prevent the reactions.You can use oil as well or do a quick vacuum drying and store it in a sealed and oxygen free container.What to do with it?As a condictive paint with the right binder it only needs some rubbing with a smooth tool to create a conductive cover with a low resistance.In a clear paint or resin it provides some stunning color effects.You can even dust the dry powder onto a freshly painted surface to get a copper look.Leave without a top coat and you quickly get an old copper or even green look.If you ever wanted extreme fine metal particles you will come up with more ideas...Like shielding or sintering....

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Mariko Kusumoto

I have been trying to create color stripes in the same manner as Mariko Kusumoto. Cotton and silk thread have not worked. I think I need a different tool to apply polyester dye or different thread. The second image is messy but it was to test the strength of the dye on the bubbles. I think my problem now is how to draw the lines using polyester dye before steaming. 

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Want to build a automatic opening drawer? Answered

could i use a dvd tray as the actuator if it is under a light enough load? what is the max it could probably open? thanx for any help you can offer

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AMEX card not working?

Ive been trying to buy a lab pass for a game Im addicted to. I click the one month option, enter in the info, but it says my credit or debit card is declined! Im using a $50 dollar American Express gift card, but whenever I enter the information it says its declined. So i check on the website, it says everytime I tried (and failed) to use it, it deducts $1. Same for my Visa Gift Card. My mom opened a paypal account for me, but whenever I try it, it says the amount is too great for the card. (its $5.95 ) Does anyone have anyway to fix this?

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