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Welcome to the new home for all things Teacher related on Instructables. We hope you'll explore the new features and come back often to find and share projects, inspiration, and classroom resources. As you explore the new Teachers Hub, you'll see it's easy to find projects by subject or grade level and sort them to find all the best and freshest projects.Be sure to spend some time in the new Teacher Forum. It's a great place to connect with fellow teachers and make new friends! You could start by introducing yourself here or finding a topic that interests you and join the conversation there. :)We'll be working to continuously update and support your needs in this new area of the Instructables community, so thank you in advance for your valued feedback and suggestions.

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COVID-19 Adjustments to Instructables Contest Prizes

As the world adjusts to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the Instructables team has had to make necessary changes to our contest prize system.Physical prizes along with the supplemental “prize packs” (t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, etc.) are typically shipped from our office in San Francisco, which is currently shut down and workers have been sent home as the city is under a shelter in place order.For the foreseeable future we will be replacing ALL physical prizes with digital gift cards equivalent to the value of the prize (including the value of the “prize pack” when applicable). The values of contest prizes and prize packs are noted in the official rules of each respective contest.Individual winners of currently-running contests will be notified with additional information after contest winners are announced. Please be advised that we, like all that have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19, cannot say when we will be able to return to our regular prize shipping practices. We know you love the robot t-shirts, mugs, and other goodies, and we hope to be able to return to regular shipping practices as soon as we are allowed and able.Thank you for your patience, understanding, and all-around general awesomeness. We have the best community of authors and makers, and we absolutely love you!Stay safe.Instructables Community Team

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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Our community shares what they make in a step-by-step format that we call an Instructable.How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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can you help in cat-proofing a balcony? Answered

My sister is moving into a new apartment, and is bringing her two cats ,zap and kiff, along. the problem is, she wants to be able to let them out onto the patio of the new place, without worrying about them running away. the patio has a fence four feet high all the way around it, and the upstairs tenants have a balcony above, so our original plan was to screen it in and make a screened in patio. unfortunately, the managers of the complex say that all of the patios must be the same, and screening it in would create a large aesthetic difference between the apartments. does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the cats from jumping over the fence without changing the look of the apartment?

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No profile or login/logoff access on mobile site

I'm reading Instructables on my phone (Android, Firefox). I had the apparently frequent problem of being unable to post; the solution is to log off and log back in. On the latest mobile site, there is no profile button or menu item or any other way to reach log off. I eventually reached it by "request desktop site" - which is impossibly small for reading, but at least let me get to the profile and log off. The other thing that's inaccessible on mobile is this section - there's no Help, only About and Contact in the footer. I know the mobile site has to be more compact, but adding a menu item for things that usually sit in the header and footer would make it far more useful. Hmm, one more thing - there should be a category here for Website or Instructables or something - not about an instructable, but about the site itself. I'm leaving this uncategorized, since no category really fits. Hmm, ok, I can't - so I'll make it Circuits, which is the least bad fit, I guess.

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Is there a way to make it so I get a notification whenever someone posts a new instructable?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I tried using a website change monitor, but that didn't work for two reasons 1) It can only check about once every hour2) When someone views an instructable, it changes that amount of view that instructs has, triggering the detector.If anyone could kindly put a suggestion for me down below, I would be very greatful

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SDR radio

I plan to buy SDR radio hackrf one, l like this radio on the foto, is portable not need a computer to work, operative range up to 6Ghz. I want to ask is there a device which to increase the operative range at least with 10Ghz? (or can tell me from where to buy SDR radio hackrf one, capable of transmitting with high operative range on low price)

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Power Booster to drive a DC motor of 6000watts from a power source of 2000watts

Hello friends, I am a student, undertaking a project. I want to use a power source (AC) of 3000watts (300v 10amps) to drive a DC motor of 6000watts (60v 100amps). Kindly help me with the circuit.

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Arduino Code Error, 'maxValue' was not declared in this scope

Hi Brains Trust,I am going to upload the entire code on here, please, only in an effort to get it resolved as i have had nothing but ridiculous comment from another site which is suppose to help.I continue to receive this error, maxValue' was not declared in this scope, and have not been able to resolve it. Any ideas, please?Regards D

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How to make a 3D printed Montana face mask

The internet is now literally flooded with these great face masks.People are even selling them for profit in blatnt violation of the creators intentions.A lot of people like me, with a 3D printer have abandoned their projects and ressources for the greater good.If is now us "geeks" making a huge difference in our local communities.I have accumulated few tricks when it comes to these masks over the last few weeks and kg of filament.The number one complaint if you dare to call a nice request a complaint is that the printed surface is often too hard to clean.The Montana mask needs to be printed in either PLA or PETG as other plastic can't tolerate the harsh sanitizer requirements over a long time.Nylon would work fine as well but is too difficult to deal with in the machine and severly limits the options to glue or stick anything onto the material.Be aware that PETG is a true pain here as well!Ok, PLA it is but how can we all speed the printing up and produce an even better surface finnish?The key like with ABS to use a solvent to either perform a vapour cloud smoothing or to brush or even spray the solvent onto the surface.Added beneift is that you can repair minor damages or imperfections quite easy instead of wasting the mask.PLA is "organic" to go with the food hype here.That means common solvents used in biolabs will work just fine.Hey! You forgot to tell us what solvent to use!!Sorry, my bad :(Use Ethylacetate the same way you would use Acetone on ABS.Dissolve some PLA in it to make a thin slurry or as said just brush it on with a suitable brush a few times until you get the desired surface quality.No Ethylacetate at hand? No problem ;)One word though: Please use level 3 PPE when dealing with the ingredients or concentrated solvent!That means chemical and acid proof gloves, apron and face shield.For making it you should also use a fume hood or at least a breathing apparatus/filter maks with acivated carbon layers.You need concentrated Acetic Acid, also called Glacial Acid is it will freeze at about 17°C.You also need ethanol of at least 98% - no methylated spirit, denatured alcohol or such things if you can as the end product will contain the contaminants.Slowly add the acid to a small amount of the alcohol.Use a glas stirrer or similar to mix it a little bit.Use indicator paper to check for the acidity.Once it gets acidic add a small amount of alcohol to get into the neutral zone again.You can dry the product using the common drying agents for solvents that contain water as by your chemical book or preference.Again: Please be advised that Glacial acetic acid is not only extremely harmful but also highly flammable and that it can explode under the wrong handling conditions.Whenever possible you should obtain Ethylacetate solution from a proper chemical supplier to avoid the hazard of making your own.Do not attempt if you are not used to and trained to handle dangerous chemicals!Once the mask has the required finnish let the solvent evaporate off over nigh in a well ventialted area.After that a simple wash with soapy water followed by a sanitation with bleech solution makes the mask reay to pack and seal.

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Does anyone know a good game website that isn't blocked by a school network?

 I AM DESPARATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...of knowing who to spell...

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how to follow someone on instrcutables?

I want to know if any one having pro membership and the one who do not have pro membership can follow person whos having pro membership?

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Is a CRT electron gun any use?

Is it worth it to take the electron gun out of a CRT when salvaging parts? I've seen people remove the electron gun when they take apart the CRT but I don't know what they'd use it for. What can you do with a CRT electron gun? What chemicals does the gun contain? (I know the screen has toxic phosphor and stuff but I'm talking about the gun itself). Also, is it safe to vent a CRT tube? I have found that you should vent the CRT tube before working on it, by smashing the end from a distance, so that it won't implode if you happen to break it when working on it. But is it safe to puncture open the tube? There are toxic phosphors inside and I worry that venting it could cause toxic chemicals to go airborne.

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List of Upcoming Contests (updated 2/24/20)

Hello everyone! Below is a partial list of the 2020 contest calendar. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change and contests will continue to be added throughout the year. The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. The months indicate when the contests will be launching. All contests will launch near the beginning of each month. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. All contests and dates are subject to change!MarchSpring Cleaning Challenge 2-MarPCB Design Challenge 2-MarWoodworking Contest 2-MarClock Contest Rubber 2-MarBand Speed Challenge 2-MarTiny Speed Challenge 16-MarSculpting Challenge 30-MarIndoor Plants Challenge 30-Mar3D Printed Contest 30-MarMotor Vehicles Contest 30-MarLED Strip Speed Challenge 30-MarAprilEpoxy Speed Challenge 13-AprLeather Challenge 27-AprSpace Challenge 27-AprArduino Contest 27-AprFirst Time Author Contest 27-AprScraps Speed Challenge 27-Apr *All contests and dates are subject to change. Please leave suggestions for prizes here. You can also leave suggestions about contests here. Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!

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Upcoming contest query

Can anybody tell me what are the upcoming instructables contests? The last time the webpage about this topic was updated on 11/7/18. Any new info after that?

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What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :DIs there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again? Any contests you're sick of? A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on? Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)Have prize suggestions? Check this topic. Want to get a preview of some of our upcoming contests?

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Questions about Capacitors for a coilgun.

Hey, I am attempting to make a coilgun but I was wondering a few things. First I was planning on using this circuit diagram to make one. I was wondering how would I go about adding more capacitors. Since the diagram calls for 1 1000u 450v capacitor, could I add another in parallel? Would this increase the speed of the projectile? Is there any edits you recommend to make on this diagram?

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Suggestion for Instructables.

I often do some upcycle/recycle job as hobbie, every time i found a junk comes a wish to do something with it, i often search from instructable for ideas, it would be really helpful if you add a new TAG function to each recycling project of "what are the materiales beijng reused or recycled", then a new function would apears like "make / build something with......".hope this helps for your development. excellent site, i love all you guys have done so far!

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I want to make my kitty-seat-toilet-thing have a rough texture... Answered

Hello!I will be getting a kitten sometime soon, and I want to train the kitty to use the toilet (because that'd be GREAT!!). I would like to put a sandpaper like texture on it so there is something to scratch ;) , but I can't find anything about putting a sandpaper like texture out there! And I would cut out a path to the bowl...Don't know why there isn't one... HELP!! :)

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Help me find the right app plz

Hi. Lockdown has us all scraping the bottom of the barrel to stay busy. While cleaning a co rentor's storage, found a busted up drone. Quadcopter with wifi cam. Want to reuse the camera. Got the wiring right, but cant find the right app to view. No model number anywhere. The name only says "NAVIGATOR QUADCOPTER" nothing else. Please help anybody

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Honda vfr800 can this motorbike be restored?

I have a Honda vfr800 2008, and I want to restore it. But seems like the prev. Mechanic gave up because he said it is not economically Viable.. Now I'm also out of hope

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Logitech Z625

I accidentally plugged these speakers into my outlet not noticing that the range of the speakers is 110v-120v. Here we use 220v. Later i tried to used a 220v to 110v converter but they didnt work. So i opened the subwoofer inside and it looks i have to change a sort of black transistor which exploded with a spark. In the circuit scheme it says D33 and in the center has two triangles facing each other. If you could tell me the exact type of diode or transistor, i could get a replacement to see if it can works. Thanks

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Accessing the pattern download for the OLSON FACE MASK

On the Instructables page for making the OLSON FACE MASK, there are two download for pattern pieces. The first one is fine - It is Piece A of the pattern and I have successfully printed it. However the second link just takes me to Google Drive. I have tried all ways to access it with no success. Anyone else had this problem?The problem link is:

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How can i make a lamppost with shelves?

I want to make a lamppost that has shelves and need help how to make it happen. This is for my 2 year old daughter who loves Sesame Street. Here is a picture of what I am looking for:

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Is it possible for me to make a n64 av cable? Answered

I have spent the last 3 days looking for my n64 av cable and cannot find it. I was wondering if I could make one custom so I dont have to buy one.

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A Hybrid of Coil and Rail gun

So I said i'd throw this up in the comments section on Youtube not too long ago, and I don't like it when something easy and free doesn't happen. This is some ideas and observations that have to do with coil guns (mostly). I'm in the process of finishing up several projects, so my resources are kinda spread out. I should have a prototyped coil gun finished in 2-3 weeks though, so if this doesn't clear things up, hopefully that video will. I should point out, I am a chemist with expertise in biochemistry, not electrical engineering. Basically my idea is to combine a railgun and a coil gun for the expressed purpose of avoiding the pitfalls that a pure coilgun or a pure rail gun have. At present, none of the designs out there would be capable of competing with an actual gun. By mixing the two, i'm hoping to get something that might eventually be capable of doing so. So.. I've included a very poor drawing (I'm not an artist). The barebones circuit is sketched in the lower right hand corner. The gun barrel, which is a piece of aluminum tubing split into two pieces to sever as a rail system, is sketched in the upper left, and again in the middle figure to show how to integrate the coil and rail system. Looking at the circuit design, you can see that this starts off as a very basic capacitor-inductor circuit. The charge is purposefully allowed to trickle through the circuit until the coil reaches saturation and the capacitor(s) are charged. When the trigger is pushed, the inductor side of the circuit has to dump into the rail system to complete the full closed loop. Because of the ferromagnetic material (the brown stuff), the magnetic force persists for a while (that is to say, it has high reluctance). The ferromagnetic material does one other thing that is important here. It forces the middle of the coil to be far off center. The coil is pulling the projectile into the middle of the magnetic field, but that is not necessarily in the center of the winding. Adding ferrite, or other high reluctance material, towards the end of the barrel biases the field towards that end.  At the same time that the coil stops getting current, the rail system become active. This allows a charge to pass through the bullet/projectile, and, even though the majority of the force is going to be caused by the inductive coil, the rail system allows an eddy current to setup in the bullet. This does several things. First the bullet doesn't have to be iron, nickel, or cobalt. With a stray eddy current in the projectile, any conductive material will work. The advantage here is that once the current stops, the non-magnetic material stops being  to the magnetic field, preventing backwards acceleration of the projectile as it exits the barrel.  Second, Rail systems and coil systems are not often used because they are perpendicular to one another, but, this can be used to put spin on the projectile, in a similar manner to rifling in a barrel.  After the projectile is fired, the circuit is open, preventing excessive electrical discharge.  My circuit design is really badly drawn... =T if it needs more explanation please post up questions. 

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how does a 10 year old make money fast?

How do you make 10 bucks in 10 minutes

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General Electric Record Cabinet

I just today purchased this GE record/stereo console/cabinet. It needs a new speed lever and possibly new speakers. I want to make improvements to this. The needle needs to be replaced, the right speaker works good so I'm thinking just put new speakers while I'm at it. The fabric is awful looking and someone got paint splatter on both the wood and the fabric. I planned on distressing this in a white and black color but do not want to make too many changes if it is a collectable. I need lots of advice and suggestions for the repairs and could use your knowledge on the value of this item before I paint it. So far in my search I have only pulled up a YouTube video of this during use. The model is G922G and I will attempt to post pictures if possible. Thank you to all for your time.

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Car wouldn’t start

I have Ford Focus 1.6 diesel. I left it for a week in airpark and when I came back trouble happened! Once I started the engine the battery light turned on then after driving for half hour ice light came on, soon after the airbag light and steering wheel light turned on too! After this the stereo turned of lost power and the light were getting shortened. The steering wheel got stiff and could only steer very little, I was in big trouble so I went on to low speed lane and had to drive for another 10 km in dark and in danger because whippers stopped working while was raining a little! I managed to bring the car home due to a luck of time and no cars because it was 2-3 am. Later on the car started but switched of in 2 min and doesn’t start after that! Can someone help what is going on with it please thanks.

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Fixing a mosquito bite quickly!

You suffer for days after one of these tiny vampires got you?The itching drives you mad?And unlike some people your bites always get worse from day two onwards?If so, then you might have the same problem as I have...No matter how much hate and disgust you show, these mozzies just love you.And as this wouldn't be bad enough your body totally overreacts every time.A bite for me meant numbing cremes or sprays, anti-histamines and if doubt putting a heavy duty bandaid over it so if I forget the scratching won't do too much harm.Despite all this 5 to 6 days until the itch, swelling and irritation stop...A few weeks ago while fishing I had a nice chat with a man way into his 80's already.He laughed when I started to spray all uncovered parts of my body with tropical strenght insect repellent.Told him my reasons and then he said I should try something he used during his army times for bites of unknown critters.In the jungle they often relied on local guides and they provided a solution that seems to be totally forgotten these day - even I did not know it LOLTheory behind it...If you know these "insect bite clicker" then you already know how it is put into comercial use - without ringing much relief.Whenever something bad enters the body there is a reaction to fight it off or dispose of it.Problem with insect bites, be it mozzies or sand flies, is that all this bad stuff is concentrated in a very tiny area.And being mostly skin tissue makes it hard to deal with it.By applying pressure and massage like motion to the bite the contaminent are spread through the tissue.If you leave a small dint with little to no color left after 2 or so minutes you doing it good.Try to use something hard here, like a spoon, bottle cap, end of a screwdriver - whatever is slightly rounded and solid.You will notice that the itch gets quite bad once the bloodflow starts again and within minutes the bite area will swell up and form a more or less evenly formed hump.The hump will be pale in color while around it the skin is slightly red from the added bloodflow.Don't scratch! Just wait until a nice hump has formed where you can clearly make out the rim.Now use the same pressure method as before and spread out the hump while constaly pushing it in and "wobbling" around to massage the area a bit.Do this as before for about 2 minutes and if you still see a destinct difference between bite aea and surrounding tissue continue for a bit longer.Should not take more than 5 minutes to have the area nice and even again.Wait again and check for new singns of swelling up - there should not be any.If there is simply repeat one last time.The remaining itch will go away within about an hour instead of days and there won't be any severe after effects from day 2 onwards either anymore.It can help to use heat as well.For example by heating up the spoon in some hot water before using it.But keep the heat at a level you can tolerate!!! Do not heat the spoon to the point where you feel pain from the heat.Try it out and report back! :)

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Help... PCF8574T (Expanding "Nano's" Digital Outputs)

- When I saw my RGB Chromatograph clock my teacher built from a kit  I was so impressed with it I  jumped the gun & ordered the parts so I could make one with an arduino version, I never thought much about it, thats so simple I could do in a few hours no problem except I overlooked one simple thing.... This clock uses six 10mm RGB Leds, two for the hour, two for the minutes & two for the seconds, each led has 3 inputs & 1 ground, thats a total of 18 outputs,  thats not including a few other inputs used for status indicators, along with a few inputs for buttons, the problem is that a Nano doesnt have enough digital outputs & I completely overlooked that fact. Anyways I started looking for I/O expanders when I realized that I have a few 1602 displays & PCF8574T backpacks, I have heard some people claim that it can be used to provide an additional 16 digital outputs, if true then it that would resolve my issue very easy Has anyone done this? or example sketch how I could deploy the PCF8574 this way, for example a blink sketch that defines a pin on the PCF8574 as an outputs & turns on a LED connected to the pin Thank you much...

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Why a "shadow" effect on an LCD monitor? Answered

I have two Acer 24" LCD monitors for my laptop, one at home and one at the office.  The office monitor sometimes shows a dark 'shadow' effect to the right of both text and graphics.  The home monitor is fine so it can't be the computer.  Any ideas as to what's causing it, and whether it can be fixed?

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Hi Guys

Hi all, so I'm new to all this, how times change. back 20 years i was a grade A* student in electronics GCSE, now im lost. not using any of my GCSE in 20 years I'm trying to make a few bits in this time of need. looking for help on this, i have a heating element ( water boiler) that is 230v this needs to be monitored so that if the water runs out it will turn off, more to it. water is feed to the unit via a solenoid valve (230v or 12v) this also needs to be turned off if the heater stops, so this is incase the heater not boiling the water then the unit will over flow. If possible i need the solenoid valve to be controlled by a timer, so something like every 20min open then close after say 1-10 seconds, this would ideally be on a adjustable switch so we can set 1sec - 10sec time. hope you all have bright ideas and look forward to hearing them. Kind Regards

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Using a 74141/7441 or KM115

I'm having much difficulty understanding 74141/KD115 chips. Do I supply the Vcc and GND pins with the 140 volts I'm using to drive the nixies? I'm guessing that each output of the 74141 would go to each of the nixies anodes, but do not know this for sure. A quick tutorial or explanation would be much appreciated. Thanks, -B.

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yugioh chat

All this is really is a topic to post comments and talk to each other this is not an instruct-able

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GMO sun flower seeds, how can I tell? Answered

Hi fellow instrucablers, I planted some sunflowers a while ago and recently I collected the seeds from the flowers and replanted them.  The original seeds were from a packet which I threw away.  I've planted the new seeds and it's been a week and the haven't sprouted, I'm not sure if I was really unlucky or if the seeds have been genetically modified in order for them not to grow new plants.   I still have some seeds left over so I was wondering if there was anyway to tell if they have been modified somehow. Thanks a ton Sirnoodlehe

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Help bulding a garage port for automover

This summer I will rebuild the front of my house.and i got the idea that my Husqvarna 220 will also have its own garage. With a real garage door.But do not know how to solve it properly, I can set the mower to run on specific time and days, so that the door opens 1min before will start and close 3 min later. All god for now. i will using a smart plug to control the power the port. now to the problemif the mover need to recharge the port will be closet, how and what can i bulid so it can detect the mover geting close to the port and opens? and close when its recharinga + is i can control the port using Home assistent to just open and close. Regard

Question by berntsson88  

Make a bluetooth camera out of web cam

I have a small webcam can I somehow use it to make Bluetooth Camera i.e transmits whatever it sees live over Bluetooth....

Question by pritishs4  

how do build an atomizer nozzle?

We were wondering how to build a heatresistant atomizer, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything?

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My 555 IC overheats

I am trying to construct astable multivibrator using 555 IC that will drive my relay. I am trying to make it trigger every 15 min. but when ever it triggers, the 555 IC get overheated, I have burnt almost 10 of them. any idea what could be the reason? If I don't connect anything to pin-3, it works very well.

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Looking for instructable for building a cartoon box

Hi, I have a lot of pieces of something (laptop hard-drive), so I want to orgnize them in a box, with separators and so on.I have a box of cereal with the appropriate size, but this box is thin.So I thoutgh to add a cartoon panels, but I don't know what to do with the panel's corners, how to connect the corners each other?

Question by baruchiro  

How to Implement Facebook Social Login

Good afternoon,I have been trying to use "login with facebook" on my website for 15 days. I have been using the code published by Facebook, at the link web / v2.2. My problem with this code is that I want the customer after login with his facebook (through the window that pop out) to be redirected to a specific page on my website, but what happens is that after the customer does login with your facebook, the client is redirected to the same page that asks him to login.I have already followed the steps that are explained in the link that I mentioned earlier. Could someone help me? Thanks

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Where can I get free rubber bands?

They have to be out there somewhere... They're lurking in the shadows... They're watching me... I know there has to be some way to get free rubber bands and I would love some help finding them. Thank you! =-]

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Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

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Gaming in school

Does anyone know of games websites/ links that are not blocked by a schools filtration system? I get so damn bored in ICT lessons

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What is this tool for?

Can anyone tell me what this tool is for?   I came across it all rusted and thought it was some type of pliers or cutter. After I cleaned it up I could tell it was probably neither. What I thought was a plier jaw is actually one piece and does not close and what i thought maybe the cutting blade, actually had lines and numbers, like a ruler. The one small screw that the spring is attached to, will allow you to adjust how far the jaw/cutter will close and the other screw, when loosened a bit allows you to slide the little metal 'arm' in or out, like a measuring template. It has some fancy designs on the handles as you can see and the only marking says "Made in Western Germany".

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How do you fix a sewing machine that won't stop running?

I have a great old sewing machine and it would work fine if i could control the needle with the presser foot. It is a Zig Zag model E-388 Precision Made in Japan.

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Designing a Device to Moderate Vape Use - Help!

Hi! Switching from smoking cigarettes, I have encountered an unfortunate downside of vaping that I keep constantly hitting my vape. I thought of applying my electronics skills to solve it and hopefully eventually quit vaping. Idea is to limit the number of times I can vape through the device. I have some understanding on how to design a brand new vape f.e. that would let's say limit the use like "14pufs/6 times a day = 6 "cigarettes" and you could program the microcontroller to shut down the batter after you pressed the button 14 times let's say.However, is there a way to modify existing vapes so that if I plug a small device in the USB port of the vape, it would shut down the vape after 14 puffs (~1 cigarette) for some time? Would this be a "vape-specific" device since each has its own microcontroller with its own program or could I make something that plugs into any vape and you can control consumption? On this second point, I really don't know where to start. Anyone has any ideas to work around this problem or is this completely not feasible?

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Is a Wooden Enclosure for Electronics a Good Idea? Answered

I am in the process of converting my ATX power supply into a bench power supply. My PSU's standard case is made from 1mm steel with various ventilation holes, there is also a 120*120mm fan.  However, the circuit board is strangely positioned within the case and there isn't enough space for what I want to add.   I would like to take all of the electronics and rehouse them in a home-made wooden case. My question is; Is this a sensible thing to do? I plan to use 5mm pine stripwood to remake the box, but slightly bigger and better arranged. I would still fit the fan and drill plenty of ventilation holes.  Do I need to take any extra precautions if using wood, or is it just a really bad idea. Thanks in advance. 

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What is this tool? Answered

Can anyone tell me what this tool is?

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