230vac extract fan speed control - help

Hi I'm just in the process of refurbishing the bathroom of a flat I bought. It's all been plastered out already and I realised I've no extract! So, I created a plenum at hi level and mounted a fan under floor and have ducted it out. I want to run the small AC extract fan 24/7 at low speed (kinda tick over speed) and then switch it to hi speed when either the humidity goes up (cos the shower is running) or the light goes on (assumes someone's using the WC!). I can't get to the lighting wiring so I'll need to sense that remotely. I can fit a humidity sensor in the duct work. I've tried everywhere to find something suitable with zero joy. Is anyone here able to point me in the right direction?

Topic by ListysDad 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Led Clock, Need Help. Using Arduino

I want to make a clock where there is a led blue or clear marking each hour around a circle, the led is on for that hour and then moves to the next led in the circle for the next hour.  pretty simple.  it will look kind of like an analog clock except without the hands.  for the minutes, i want the same leds as the hours to light up but since there will only be twelve, it will only be accurate within 5 minutes.  the minutes need to light up less bright that the hours so that i can differentiate between the two.  I have an arduino uno, breadboard, resistors and leds.  Please Help!!!

Topic by earthswater 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Fan knitter stomped on by BBC

A Doctor Who fan, known as Mazzmatazz, has been legally stomped on by the BBC for creating her own patterns for the Adipose and Ood creatures.She never charged for the pattern, nor did she pretend it was official, but somebody sold a completed version on ebay, so the Beeb went OTT on her.According to TechnoLlama their action has no genuine basis in law, but she caved in out of fear of corporate lawyers.The BBC's action is a real shame, because it could signal problems for the thousands of fan artists (writers, musicians, artists) around the world who express themselves (for free) through the shared ground of Doctor Who (or any other BBC drama).The knitter's websiteTechnoLlama blog postBBC slant

Topic by Kiteman 11 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Removed from contest after acceptance?

Hello: I've had one of my instructables accepted in the Holiday Gifts and Shopbot Challenges. Today, in my account it only shows it as entered in holiday gifts, and no where to be found in shopbot.  Can you be rejected after acceptance?

Topic by BrokenAntlerWorkshop 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Contest entry received but not shown

I entered an Instructable into the teacher contest and received an email confirming my entry, however the Instructable is not listed in my Recognition section of my profile or with the other contest entries. Thanks for looking into this.

Topic by LanceMakes 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

There are double entries when viewing the first and second page of the Toy Contest

When viewing the entries in the Toy Contest there are a lot of entries that show up twice in a row. The second page also has one or two like this. 

Topic by sherrycayheyhey 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Solder types (electronics), some good info on the topic

This thread on stackexchange http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/3/what-are-the-different-types-of-solder-used-for gives overview of different solder and flux types, what to choose as beginner hobbyist and some points on health risks. The answerers do not agree on everything, but despite that there is lots of quality information gathered together. Maybe good to refer to, when some part of the topic comes up in questions section some time again. Enjoy.

Topic by Libahunt 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

My Brute

I found a fun internet game through another forum, and I thought I'd share for internet reputations!It's called My Brute, where you make a character out of randomly selected body parts and accessories, and then battle. It's not a hard game, just something to do in your spare time when you've got nothing better to do. IF you win a battle, you level up. If you lose, you lose, then try again. There are a few other factors and variables, but you'll find out.My Brute:Mepain's Brute

Topic by Mepain 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Rate my drawing!

I would like some feedback on my work, please tell me what you think :) thank you!

Topic by FoxyPenguin94 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Want to melt old used galvanized nails and pour or shape into a large star mold.

My grandson recently tore down a very old building for the wood to build his first home.  I undertook the job of pulling hundreds of nails from the old lumber.  I want to melt the nails down and pour them into a mold of a Texas star.  Is it possible to melt the nails?  and if so; How? 

Topic by dpresearch 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

More Wallet Making Fun During Instructables "Furniture Moves"

Over a recent "Furniture Move" that occurred at Instructables, I was left in a dilemna. No printer ink to print myself a "wallet making" project, I felt the desire to make an Upgraded Wallet Project in Full Color and Style. Anyone wishing to make their own may download a PDF copy HERE. (Maybe they'll host the file at Instructables). The wallet is in denim, with the Instructables logo, and the inside money area is a red fabric. (see sample image). Tell me what you think and ENJOY! canucksgirl UPDATE:  Thanks to some encouraging words, and a reference to Kiteman's Law.... I have published the Instructable to Hacking the Paper Wallet.

Topic by canucksgirl 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to see larger pics of Thumbnails

I've been trying to see the larger pictures of thumbnails in instructables but it doesn't work :( I would like to know what I should do to view them...... thanks :) ~Thundersword :)

Topic by Thundersword 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Changes after submission...

I have made small changes to projects entered into the teacher contest... Just added some pics and changed some language. essentially the same though. do i need to re-submit? When the submissions are judged to they refer to the current version saved online or to the one submitted originally? thanks! -stu

Topic by stumitch 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Knex Platform Lift

Hey everybody!!! Here is a forum topic from my new ball machine lift called: The Platform lift. I have bin working on it for 2 weeks and I am happy with the result.  But one thing I did't solve was the exit track because I tried a lot of things but it just didn't work. I hope you like it. Because there aren't a lot of views and comments I just made some clearer destruction pictures and I uploaded a parts list.  Here is the parts list: Rods: -Green: 143 -White: 37 -Blue: 112 -Yellow: 51 -Red: 3 -Gray: 5 total rods: 351 Connectors: -Dark grey: 29 -Light grey: 3 -Red: 20 -Orange: 6 -Green: 2 -Yellow: 41 -White: 24 -Purple: 82 -Blue: 48 Toltal connectors: 255 Others: -Blue spacer: 71 -Silver spacer: 28 -Tan clip: 12 -Y-clip: 7 -Black hinge: 1 -Blue hinge: 1 -Blue gear: 5 -Red gear: 4 - Knex motor: 1 Total others: 130 Total: 736 Here is a video of it

Topic by CassisDude98 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Effects on metal

So I really like this clock.  I think I'll buy it soon. But as a beginner's art project, I'm trying to replicate some of the metal effects here.  I'm curious for techniques on how to accomplish some things, like: The back plate is copper, which the artist says is "oxidized".  I expect oxidation to turn copper green, blue, or black, not this silver/grey color.  Any ideas how this was done?  Is it just that it's a light oxidation? I really like the metal texturing here.  I've been able to replicate something similar on copper plate by hand-sanding in one direction with a fine-grained sandpaper.  But notice the vertical texturing on the backplate - how would that have been done?? I like the polished metal look of the minute hand contrasting with the reflective look of the hour hand.  How would you do that - similar way as the backplate?  Same with the gear? I've actually made what I think are much prettier nails by taking old (originally quite rusted) square iron nails, removing the rust and grinding the crap out of them with a bench grinder until I get a cool reflective finish.  Doing the grinding in patches gives it almost a hammered metal look while keeping the reflectiveness.  I think the effect is cool and really works with the "old-but-new" look of the square nails.  I'll post before+after pictures if anyone's interested.

Topic by ischorr 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Musicians of the mandolin and guitar read this

Does anyone if the instruments included in this package ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rogue-Acoustic-Guitar-and-Mandolin-Pack?sku=511194 ) are any good? according to the reviewers they sound pretty good. But it seems too good to be true. For reference, i have some guitar experience, and no mandolin experience, and have been wanting to learn both.

Topic by wingman246 11 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

FS: Ruffled scarves <3

Hello! I design and crochet my own ruffly scarves. They are for sale here: www.justscarves.webs.com Thanks so much! :) I hope you like them..

Topic by emiiclare 7 years ago

Can I use my portable dvd player as a TV

I was wondering if there's a way to use my new portable dvd player as a tv with audio video hook ups so I could plug in and xbox or ps2 or w/e. I'll get the modle in a while but its xmas and I want some custard pie MMHMHMHMHMMMMMM!!!111!1!!1!

Topic by TheCheese9921 12 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago


Just had several error 503's as in picture whilst answering a question.

Topic by rickharris 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago


Anyone using this - t seems like a good way to share ideas.

Topic by rickharris 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Parallax P8X32A QuickStart programming help

I need some help on how to program my Parallax P8X32A QuickStart microcontroller to control a servo. Thanks.

Topic by acarlson5 7 years ago

Pirate Station Robot Helmet

Hello everyone! Name's DJ_DAN. Just need some URGENT HELP! I just saw some videos of a Drum & Bass Festival called Pirate Station Network. It's robot head design really got me, and I like to make a fully wearable DJ  helmet with animated LEDs for the eyes, and a black grid-ish metal mesh for the mouth. Something like this: http://www.featurepics.com/FI/Thumb300/20100216/Black-Metal-Grid-1460869.jpg And really basic animations for the eyes, like fading in & out, flashing, standing still, etc. The base could be made from fiberglass or mabye carbon fiber. The eye "lens" maybe could be made from plexiglas or something like that. And the "headphones" could be the part of the helmet, with built-in headphones. I just slighty edited the design of the original PSN robot helmet, which looks like something like this: http://www.4shared.com/photo/3miIkBII/robothelmetdesign.html PLEASE! I just want to know who could do one for me or at least how could I start to make the helmet! PLEASE HELP! (And sorry for my English...)

Topic by dj-dan 7 years ago

make a ebook

Hii! I`m trying to make a ebook and wonder how to make it. is there any programs/software i need to have?

Topic by dagelias 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Will pay for premade LED/LCD audio spectrum analyzer

To see what I'm talking about, search Youtube for "audio spectrum analyzer" and there will be tons of videos, with either LED or LCD devices. Unfortunately I do not have time/knowledge to build one myself, so I went hunting. The only place I could find started at $130, which I thought was a bit above what I would pay for that, considering you could probably buy an old used graphical equalizer for a tenth, and take it apart. So could anyone pre-asemble one such device for me? The price to build it obviously depends on the size of the thing. If you tell me your price I will navigate towards a fitting price for a fitting size.

Topic by Komodovaran 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Person to explain how my circuit works

This is my circuit, I need person to explain me how it works, simply. I'll pay http://i.imgur.com/98ksx.png

Topic by dario1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Make Your Store Bought Spaghetti Taste Better Than From Scratch!!! (I fixed the link)

I put this up a couple of days ago. I have found a new love for spaghetti. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Store-Bought-Spaghetti-Taste-Better-Than/

Topic by dreadyjazz 7 years ago

intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

Topic by ryry637 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

My complete ball tower showcase

Just figured I'd post the images of all my ball machines (at least the ones I HAVE images of, mind you :D)Click on the pictures to see details of them.Fun Facts:-Although Enigma was much larger than Dynamo, it took half as long to build.-On Dynamo, the part with the Flexi-Tube and Ferris Wheel was initially a Maze (or, as I call it, a Ribcage). Due to balls having trouble making it through, I decided to replace it.-On Enigma, I had initially planned it to be two 8-foot-tall towers. Unfortunately, with all the elements I wanted to put in, I had to alter my design to make them all fit.-Both of the two machines have at least two loops on them and a spiral bowl.-The red staircase in Enigma goes across the machine instead of from one tower to another one adjacent to it.-Both machines have seven path separators.EDIT: New ball machine added.Feel free to comment, and if you want to showcase any ball towers you've built, be my guest.Here are vids:

Topic by The KNex Weasel 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Remotely controlled throwies

I'd love to make some throwies that can be remotely controlled. At a minimum I want to turn them on and off, colour and brightness change would be fantastic.  What's are the options for doing this - what's the cheapest, lightest, smallest way to control them remotely? Some kind of RFID and switch? Is this going to drastically raise the price from about $1 a piece, or could it be done cheaply? How many could feasibly be controlled at once?

Topic by ollieg 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Crazy fun, or a slow cruel death - I can't decide...

This is just crazy - two Ocean Engineering students created a "hamster-powered submarine" from "materials derived from common household objects" that connected a hamster wheel in a sealed, air-supplied vessel to a propeller, allowing hamsters to take themselves on aquatic jaunts.  (via BoingBoing Twitter feed) Seriously, it's a submarine powered by a hamster in its wheel.  I can't decide if the hamster is having loads of fun, or is being driven mad with terror. It doesn't seem very fast, though... They documented the build on their own website, but if you would like to see an instructable on it, go to the video and leave a comment to say so...  

Topic by Kiteman 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago



Topic by GrandeSwag 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Can't post new questions

I can't post a new question to the site. Yesterday, it was erasing the title of the question at the preview stage and kicking back to the start, erasing your body text, today, the "preview this question" is greyed out and unselectable Cache refreshed etc etc.

Topic by steveastrouk 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun

This is my latest creation a breech loading bolt action spudgun. video at.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnnbcmTH0pc

Topic by spudrouge420 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago


Someone show me how to make a bowie knife!!

Topic by shadow wave rider 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Please could anyone Confirm what i intend to do is Correct ???

Hello again ! Ok well, after another week of major research, i have a theoretical concept for my battery packs that i intend to create but would very-much-so appreciate it if anyone could confirm that what im about to do is correct in the sense that it will serve my purposes! Scenario: I Have a pinhole wireless Camera & Receiver, the camera will be attached to an RC 1/10th Scale Buggy and the receiver will be near me, in a bag, on the floor... Instructions that came with the gear states: The Camera should receive 8 volts DC and will consume up to 200mA per hour... The Receiver should receive 12 volts DC and will consume up to 500mA per Hour... (Yet the receiver runs off a 9v battery!) As i am still waiting for some battery holders & a few other components to arrive i have put together the following for prototyping, please could anyone confirm that this would  work as i intend it to ? : Li-ion Pack (For Wireless Camera): 14.4v { Four x 3.6v Cells } Connected in series Charging Start @ 13.2v Charging Finish @ 16.8v To Emit 8 Volts, 1A Max: i will Use an ''LM2940T'' Semiconductor i will want to Either BUILD (preferably) a charger OR Buy this CHARGER... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normal Battery Pack for Wireless Receiver: 24v { 16 x 1.2v Cells } -Individually charged- + FOUR x 4-AA Battery Holders (In Series) To Emit 12 Volts, 0.5mA Max: i will Use an '' L78M12CV'' Semiconductor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The usage i currently get from a humble 9v battery connected to the camera and receiver (two 9v batteries in total) is WORSE than abysmal and i only get upto 15mins of decent record-time from the wireless gear so i will be making the two battery-packs above to get a much-longer run-time.... Questions: 1. Will my power-packs work as i intend to use them ? 2. When i go to build the Li-ion battery-pack i really want to include some circuitry for Deep-Discharge Prevention & Over-Charge Protection, could anyone please point me in the right direction for a schematic please ??? A MAJOR thank-You to all that have helped me in the past & A-MAJOR Thank-You in advance for everyone's help again!

Topic by offtherails2010 7 years ago

how too make usb with LED Indicator

Hello people I found long a go something that was a led that flashing on the data transfer from a usb so i can't find it now so can you help me out? i try something todo but its not working i buy a usb hub and made npn with led on it if you Base Volts up than you led goes on. now i add the base on the data line on a usb of that usb hub but there is no effect... can somebody help me?

Topic by W4tc 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

matt farrell's awsome computer/messenger bag

I am looking to see if anyone  has ever seen, made or thought about the laptop/bag that matt farrell carries with him through the movie Live Free Die Hard. It is a very cool little piece of hardware. I don't know the first thing about how to get it just right so i want to know if anyone has any thoughts about this thing here are some pics i took  in the bottom. 

Topic by stonecpold913 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Total Views Count - 05/01/2012

Sorry, I've not posted one of these in a while. Enough people left me comments and messages this week that I finally remembered to run the Perl script again! In fact, it's been just over two months! Sorry! ----- This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member 03/11/11 05/01/12 Gain scoochmaroo 6,600,376 7,401,798 801,422 canida 5,439,545 5,823,260 383,715 fungus amungus 4,793,197 5,080,242 287,045 randofo 4,048,204 4,368,061 319,857 Honus 3,079,131 3,190,389 111,258 jessyratfink 2,591,335 2,858,084 266,749 Kiteman 2,215,288 2,320,883 105,595 Plasmana 2,192,846 2,281,428 88,582 Tool Using Animal 1,875,335 1,931,677 56,342 ChrysN 1,279,903 1,558,242 278,339 drinkmorecoffee 1,267,732 1,359,648 91,916 Creativeman 1,251,922 1,359,487 107,565 T3h_Muffinator 1,267,989 1,318,602 50,613 killerjackalope 1,264,677 1,312,446 47,769 zieak 1,237,117 1,298,112 60,995 chr 1,120,857 1,275,638 154,781 mikeasaurus 943,756 1,212,036 268,280 gmjhowe 1,167,653 1,197,282 29,629 lemonie 1,089,107 1,149,195 60,088 Weissensteinburg 1,081,279 1,143,796 62,517 frenzy 1,003,559 1,122,970 119,411 seamster 1,088,995 1,072,081 - Frivolous Engineering   1,061,074 - shesparticular 791,420 842,966 51,546 Brennn10 802,254 831,031 28,777 mikey77 775,713 826,548 50,835 jeff-o 738,629 768,281 29,652 CameronSS 731,038 743,245 12,207 scraptopower 645,811 710,935 65,124 PKM 673,603 703,576 29,973 aeray 648,089 701,048 52,959 laxap 632,033 680,935 48,902 ModMischief 611,105 671,805 60,700 depotdevoid 586,848 636,821 49,973 belsey 550,311 587,464 37,153 starshipminivan 537,606 584,265 46,659 Mrballeng 466,073 583,402 117,329 Jayefuu 521,631 548,079 26,448 Gadget Gangster 346,948 425,989 79,041 AngryRedhead 377,868 418,552 40,684 BrittLiv 330,025 370,615 40,590 rimar2000 330,368 360,389 30,021 Spl1nt3rC3ll 327,857 335,468 7,611 Vyger 302,428 309,273 6,845 mary candy 262,027 304,638 42,611 KentsOkay 294,335 304,354 10,019 scooter76 294,186 302,435 8,249 rickharris 277,132 293,075 15,943 Ninzerbean 260,270 278,490 18,220 vishalapar 209,727 265,645 55,918 Greasetattoo 239,264 265,583 26,319 Xellers 228,118 246,422 18,304 Lithium Rain 228,759 246,170 17,411 Technochicken 224,747 241,025 16,278 dark sponge 214,002 221,469 7,467 bongodrummer 201,099 209,954 8,855 Hiyadudez 195,005 207,443 12,438 bertus52x11 195,446 207,306 11,860 uniqueutopia 191,079 205,975 14,896 comodore 188,957 197,465 8,508 sunshiine 136,255 196,396 60,141 janw 180,312 192,457 12,145 Kaelessin 181,985 189,137 7,152 yokozuna 178,845 185,264 6,419 iminthebathroom 164,935 183,937 19,002 Lynne Bruning 174,823 183,491 8,668 JamesRPatrick 160,610 182,770 22,160 Dr.Paj 170,862 177,375 6,513 annahowardshaw 128,853 173,428 44,575 thermoelectric 155,281 167,398 12,117 RavingMadStudios 157,832 167,207 9,375 bajablue 147,799 167,113 19,314 Nelson_Yepez 154,663 166,197 11,534 jen7714 135,483 156,646 21,163 ynze 137,070 145,621 8,551 The Jamalam 138,845 141,963 3,118 I_am_Canadian 133,964 138,691 4,727 DJ Radio 120,771 127,898 7,127 Goodhart 119,726 124,855 5,129 Jimmy Proton 96,136 116,545 20,409 wizgirl 105,280 114,276 8,996 marc.cryan   111,485 - The Papier Boy   109,429 - Mr.Sanchez 98,976 108,539 9,563 lw119   107,852 - Killer%7ESafeCracker 92,624 99,764 7,140 MichelMoermans 90,570 98,582 8,012 HHarry 57,005 93,477 36,472 dombeef 81,076 88,259 7,183 Biggsy 77,399 85,705 8,306 susanrm 38,051 82,096 44,045 mman1506 76,088 81,188 5,100 Shadowman39 71,165 74,990 3,825 Re-design 68,563 72,413 3,850 agis68 68,569 72,286 3,717 fjordcarver   69,235 - ajleece 66,542 68,624 2,082 KoffeeKommando 53,033 66,463 13,430 The Ideanator 61,794 66,114 4,320 arthurb 59,750 62,383 2,633 cammers 50,806 61,776 10,970 kelseymh 57,161 60,874 3,713 TNEN 58,175 60,710 2,535 beanieostrich 49,399 60,321 10,922 Sunkicked 56,234 58,409 2,175 LargeMouthBass 49,003 58,404 9,401 EmmettO 53,757 57,171 3,414 TitanTechRobotics 52,359 56,269 3,910 coolpizzadude 53,712 55,902 2,190 cdawisconsin 38,054 53,837 15,783 mkanoap   53,165 - jwystup 44,991 51,796 6,805 TSC 47,006 51,653 4,647 Berkin 47,652 50,825 3,173 knuckel 47,194 49,407 2,213 TabbyDeAnne 37,077 49,347 12,270 Win Guy 41,712 48,302 6,590 diyoutdoorsman 40,710 47,869 7,159 nickodemus 43,297 46,470 3,173 iceng 37,657 44,559 6,902 Z.Backas 40,199 43,490 3,291 ahrshin 39,480 42,835 3,355 lilyfrancis 40,592 42,790 2,198 blinkyblinky   42,052 - lizzyastro 37,093 41,443 4,350 kcls 35,918 41,292 5,374 MotaBoi 38,556 40,283 1,727 cbm104 34,559 37,558 2,999 krysteanuh 32,674 37,542 4,868 patriots8888 35,048 37,512 2,464 steveastrouk 33,852 36,643 2,791 possum888 33,921 36,291 2,370 Data643 32,951 35,147 2,196 Rob O 32,490 34,768 2,278 tqwerty 29,435 34,318 4,883 Mimikry 28,617 34,296 5,679 shadowninja31 31,879 33,292 1,413 Winged Fist 20,533 32,667 12,134 peguiono 30,724 32,243 1,519 Tornado96 29,465 32,088 2,623 splazem 25,880 30,715 4,835 Derin 28,380 30,219 1,839 plane phanatic 28,216 29,657 1,441 zack247 25,295 29,477 4,182 drknotter 24,810 28,797 3,987 CrayfishYAY 26,754 28,687 1,933 qazwsx755 24,907 28,467 3,560 m6233555m 27,097 27,759 662 lil larry 24,701 27,606 2,905 Knex_Gun_Builder 26,216 27,022 806 monsterlego 12,086 25,638 13,552 Dr. Pepper 22,807 25,031 2,224 zurichko 22,466 24,523 2,057 fdmjh 21,585 24,215 2,630 Tom Buckey 22,449 23,139 690 aeronut01 21,419 23,014 1,595 floris2burn 21,561 22,941 1,380 Legofanatic 21,018 22,703 1,685 nutsandbolts_64 19,505 21,400 1,895 ilpug 15,191 21,042 5,851 Twinmum 17,334 21,023 3,689 zascecs 19,994 20,737 743 Sorunome 16,071 20,225 4,154 Nostalgic Guy 18,049 19,883 1,834 mJusticz 17,812 19,341 1,529 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,848 18,001 1,153 acidbass 16,072 17,393 1,321 colorex 13,028 17,234 4,206 knexinventer 13,547 16,271 2,724 A-Nony-Mus 12,069 15,005 2,936 username252 11,384 14,331 2,947 masterochicken 13,776 14,207 431 NachoMahma 12,104 12,370 266 Kryptonite 10,896 11,913 1,017 king1000   11,853 - Football viking boy 9,545 11,622 2,077 FrozenStar 10,392 11,310 918 NatNoBrains 9,195 11,165 1,970 LoneWolf 9,588 10,959 1,371 moocowdog 9,120 10,535 1,415 cherishcherub 9,619 10,429 810 RNB 6,830 10,021 3,191 slithien 8,887 9,575 688 Super_Nerd 5,718 8,227 2,509 RollerScrapper 7,127 8,045 918 Kaptain Kool 5,358 6,765 1,407 wareneutron 6,082 6,705 623 tbcross 5,778 6,324 546 Randomguy65 4,903 5,764 861 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 5,363 5,737 374 jamesdude 5,415 5,653 238 happyjo 4,711 5,398 687 furrysalamander   5,281 - 35Timmy 3,841 5,245 1,404 ElvenChild 2,796 5,177 2,381 BladeFyre Studios 4,513 5,135 622 solarblade90 4,421 4,943 522 9400dk 4,703 4,828 125 nfk11 3,517 4,378 861 mg0930mg 4,082 4,323 241 Jag56 3,820 4,264 444 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,921 3,371 450 neuropol 2,864 3,270 406 TheAwesomestDude 2,359 3,265 906 cj81499 2,881 2,953 72 shadon 2,498 2,892 394 gmxx   2,499 - LivStoleYourPie 1,819 2,250 431 cyanyears 1,728 2,126 398 White Shadow   1,974 - Mutantflame 1,880 1,961 81 vicvelcro 837 1,295 458 FastLearner 1,079 1,177 98 iproberry1   1,107 - PotatoCoffee   841 - Karma Charger18 550 834 284 kyleslab 541 708 167 daredevil499   580 - Alexvolos1 338 420 82 CeruleanPhoenix   408 - Fr-Pa-Co 375 400 25 heratio 209 223 14 %28YOUR N 197 220 23 lightingever   5 -

Topic by Jayefuu 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Hechler and Cock gun

Hey,I was wondering if anybody made a really good H&K gun  

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Favorite Wood

For woodcarvers and whittler's, what's your favorite type of wood to use? Personally, I like using Mahogany for it's nice reddish coloring, but I also use Basswood quite often.

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Problem trying to use Paypal to purchase Pro membership

I clicked on the PayPal link to purchase a Pro membership and received the following message: "PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem."

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web site build

Hi all guys and ladies ...  so glad i found this site looks like fun. I found you all here due to a search i did looking on tips of building and hosting my own web site, and what i read here in great detail with no fuzz i just thought was the bees knees. I do have one problem but, if i use my ip address to host my own server on an old machine and use a new pc for working here at home, the ip address will be the same, will this not lead to people trying to gain excess to my every day to day pc? jamstir.

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Small beach transport device ideas

Hello everybody I have quite a tall order for you my family is going to the beach in  a couple months and it is my custom to bring a fun and unique contraption along specifically a transportation based contraption I would normally bring a modified bicycle or something of that nature but since my entire family ( a family of four) has to fit into a ford explorer with all our stuff to last the week  the contraption must either be a board of some type or occupy a space of no more that 1.5 cubic feet so please let me know what you come up with and if I think of anything I will post it too  Thank you fidgety2

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Nerf Hacks

You guys should stat putting in nerf "Hacks" like my Rapid Fire Hack-check it out- Anyway hacks like burst fire or a shotgun hack would be cool. THX FOR READING!

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I would like for someone to make a better more lethal dart than this https://www.instructables.com/id/super-easy-nerf-dart-mod/

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help making candy eyeglasses

Has anyone ever  made candy eyeglasses? I could do with so help and advice to how to do this. I have no clue of where to begin

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welding cast iron to mild steel

Welding cast iron to mild steel is for the most part done with ornamental iron such as gates and fences. the ornaments are typicaly cast iron such as spearpoints and fit over the top of what ever square tubing size ect you are working with. If you weld say with a mig welder in the normal mannor you rweld will cold roll and ball on you leaving a poor appearance that you will have to spend time grinding to make look good. Fortunatly it is not a matter of strenght or how much penetration ect. It is just ornamentation but must look good. Now take your mig welder with say 035 wire and use pure argon..(less spatter). Turn your welders heat up somewhat past what your normanl setting would be for what ever thickness you are using. Use breif spot welding like techniques overlapping as needed. You will find that this makes a good wash bead with no undercut or cold roll. The argon gas helps to keep down all the extra spatter welding cast iron to mild steel seems to cause. Larger peices such as caps for say 4by4 gate posts or fence posts, i preheat as uniformely as possibly to just under cherry red then weld as described. It welds badly because cast iron is actualy dirty, literaly with particles of dirt in the cheap castings, wich the ornaments are. Not haviong the need to be anealed or nodular for instance. If the welds are not going to show then you dont have to do this. It will still weld, just do not expect the clean perfect welds you are used to.  And NO I do not have PICS AND I dont own a digital camera nor do i know how to use one let alone put them on a computer.

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Attitude Indicator...For a car....

How would one make a cheap attitude indicator for a jeep...i go offroading and i just thought it would be cool to make my cockpit look more like a cockpit, im putting up some toggle switches and a couple other cool accents but i thought the coolest would be something that shows me how far my jeep is tipping when i flex it.  So if anyone has any crazy ideas on how to pull one off let me know, ive had some ideas of like pinning a floating compass to an axis so it only tips back and forth...but the real electronic ones for aviation are thousands of dollars and very impractical.  Help me out here people....  email me at artbynathanmenke@gmail.com if you have any ideas

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Make Your Store Bought Spaghetti Taste Better Than From Scratch!!!

This is an amazing recipe that has everyone asking for seconds. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Store-Bought-Spaghetti-Taste-Better-Than/

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An hour and a half gone.

I just lost an hour and a half of work, because I trusted this website a little too much.  I was starting up some directions for a project I want to do, and my computer lost the wireless connection. I clicked "save," and the page did two things. First, it completely crashed, saying it could not update. Two, this idiotic "Updating" frame came up, that BLOCKED me from being able to copy and paste the material that took all that time to put together. I know you guys can't control everything, and that it's not your fault my wireless router is stupid, but you really, REALLY need to get rid of that "Updating" splash that blocks us from being able to access what we just wrote.  I know now I'll get comments on here saying, "You should save more often, moron." Yes. I should have. I should have written it first in Word as well. In fact, there's a lot of things I should have done. I guess I'm spoiled by autosave utilities.

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