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Welcome to the new home for all things Teacher related on Instructables. We hope you'll explore the new features and come back often to find and share projects, inspiration, and classroom resources. As you explore the new Teachers Hub, you'll see it's easy to find projects by subject or grade level and sort them to find all the best and freshest projects.Be sure to spend some time in the new Teacher Forum. It's a great place to connect with fellow teachers and make new friends! You could start by introducing yourself here or finding a topic that interests you and join the conversation there. :)We'll be working to continuously update and support your needs in this new area of the Instructables community, so thank you in advance for your valued feedback and suggestions.

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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Our community shares what they make in a step-by-step format that we call an Instructable.How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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Mistake on Mala necklace

Hi! I just finished a Mala necklace and realized I put the spacer beads in the wrong place. How do I go about fixing it without having to re-make the entire Mala necklace. Any help would be so appreciated. D

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Can I convert a 3.6V battery into 4V?

Hello everyone,I am planning on using an A9G GPS tracker, whose working voltages are 3.5-4.2V. I have a mobile phone battery that would be perfect to power the A9G, but it's voltaje is 3.6V, so if it goes down a little bit, the A9G won't work.So my question is: Can I convert the battery voltage to constant 4V or so? Because I feel like if I connect them as they are, once the battery goes below 75% or so, the A9G won't work.Thanks

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How hard is to build "Soft closing car door"

Hi,After many hours searching on internet, I didn't found any topic about "How to make soft closing car door", is it hard to set this ? I found many car accessories like "SlamStop" but why not learn how it works and how to build it. Any ideas how to start is such a good start for me, another important things is how secure is this when something block closing door.So ... There is any ideas how to start build this on my car.Thank you and have a nice day.Videos :

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Were can we get the items for robot building/1

Tuna mahallesi no/83 daire/3 3 numara izmir/karşıyaka

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The Clinic // Get help with your Instructables!

Hello and welcome to the newest version of The Clinic! If you have an instructable that's not getting the attention you think it deserves, post it in the comments below for honest feedback and suggestions to improve it from fellow authors and Instructables staff. We want to help you create the best instructables you can! Curious about the basics of creating an instructable? Check out my FREE How to Write an Instructable Class! You can also read through our Featuring Checklist. Posting a great instructable has many benefits, including:More viewsMore comments and followersHaving your instructable Featured on the site Having your instructable featured on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)Better chance to win contests Driving traffic to your websiteP.S. While I know the goal for any instructable is to get Featured, it's not the end goal here! We're sure to hand out features, but please keep in mind not every instructable is feature-worthy. Even the most popular authors have unfeatured instructables! Don't let it get you down - you're still amazing! :D

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Electric Arc Furnace?

I'm trying to make a furnace that can melt metal.  I've done a lot of thinking on it, and I decided that I'm going to make an Electric arc furnace for a multitude of reasons. I plan to use an arc welder as the power supply, with two carbon rods as the electrodes, creating an arc just above the crucible to melt the metal. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this before?  I plan to have the furnace body made out of firebrick and refractory cement. Would this pose any problems? Also, how much strain does this put on a welder? Will it need to be shut off after a while due to overheating, or can it sustain it's own? Finally, How much power does a typical arc welder use? (in terms of watts) 

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I got an EPROM without a window?

I got the AT27C040 that is a 4-Mbit "EPROM" without a window. After reading the datasheet, I was wondering: Why an Erasable PROM would not be housed in a package with a window? Is there any way I can erase it other than drilling a hole in it? (I've heard that you can 'refresh' the EPROM to get the same result as UV) Should I Just return the thing if there is a way to do so?

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Re-using Smart TV board from dead TV to make another TV smarter...

Hi, I have just bought LG 47GA6400 TV but I damaged LCD screen (CRD31092201) when I was assembling it.  I couldn't find low cost LCD to replace and I started wondering how I can reuse any remaining parts of this TV. Actually there are many people like me wondering what to do with dead Smart TV. Few years ago you would receive a standard advice – throw it away. But today Smart TV parts are powerful and with your help might be re-used again... Here is an example: My LG TV has mainboard with dual core CPU,  Google TV inside and cool remote controller with QWERTY keyboard and tons of applications.... I wish I could reuse it with other, not so smart LCD TV I have.  The only problem, how to connect Smart TV mainboard to a HDMI.  It doesn't have HDMI out, it has only input ports and one LCD interface cable.... Is it a crazy idea to convert LCD interface back to HDMI or VGA ? Can you create an instructables to show how to do that ?

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Contest Judges Needed

Hi everyone! We need to update our judge list with some new names!To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let us know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below: CookingWorkshopCircuitsCraftLivingOutsideTeachersThe judging process is fairly simple and involves looking at contest finalists and rating them on a scale from 0-9. Judging is open Friday afternoon through Monday night. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!If it’s not a good time for you to judge when we contact you, no worries. We always try to assign more judges than we need in case something comes up.You can find out more about the judging process here.Don't worry! Judges are selected after finalists are selected, so volunteering to judge will not affect your chances of being a finalist in any contest you enter.Thanks for helping us keep the site awesome!

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Has anyone uploaded or found any Manga or Anime Instructables?

I have been searching instructables but i cant find any that relate to manga or anime other then "how to draw" instructables. I am looking for costume and weapon ideas as well as general conversations/forums involving anime/manga such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon and Dragon Ball. I know there are a couple on Naruto, but I have not yet seen the anime or read the manga so i dont really care about that. Please post a link or just an idea for costumes, props or weapon instructables. Thanks and I hope that if you havnt read manga or watched anime before, you should get into it.

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I am new here guys

L am Annelove l would like to introduce myself to you'all, l am still learning here.

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How to wire electricity to multiple hanging paper lanterns

I aquired multiple hanging paper lanterns that came with battery led lights that can be removed and I am wanting to wire them to one plugin. Can someone help me in possibly achieving that or would it be to much on one electric cord? Or another way to make them wired instead of battery powered.

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Portable jump starter dead after two time used this is the second one

Hello all new to the form. Every time I looked to fix or build something out of something else this website kept popping up all the time so I joined. Okay here's my issue I bought a jump start pack from AutoZone never did any research or anything just went and bought the cheapest one okay well I got a couple of use out of it before someone in my family busted it and I didn't want to replace the battery inside it so decided to buy another one now the second one I have no idea what happened it wouldn't hold the charge I was pissed well still am. Well I got to thinking is there any way to replace the battery and just wire it up to a wall

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Cardboard Furniture

This is probably over the top and won't work, but I need a wardrobe and cant afford a good one, and don't want to buy a cheap cheesy one that will fall apart in 6 months. I know cardboard can be sturdy, but is this pushing the limit? I mean, I really need to hang clothes in it. If not, at least have shelves so I can store folded clothes.  Any cardboard heros out there?

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Electric touch...

Good day!I have a special problem and I am not even sure this is the right place where to ask for help... I have carpet in my office and by walking around I get charged like a battery (electrostatic)...Often I touch someone and I get a shock! (Also the other person, at least I am not the only one...) This is pretty strong some times and annoying most of the times so I thought maybe I can make (or maybe it exists already) a bracelet or a ring or anything with a LED or with any kind of resistance that I could wear and it could "decharge" me. I think I can figure out how to make something fancy but I am not that, lets say, skilled in electronic and I don't know what would actually do the job. Am I the only one with such problem? Does anyone have any idea?

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My magnasonic projector's battery doesn't last long enough

I need this projector to operate on an ac instead of dc. There are no instructables on this specific topic

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Rate my drawing


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Installing Variable Air Capacitor with a Boulan

Installing Variable Air Capacitor with a Boulan, Please help, where do all the wires go ?

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What is the safest method to split 12v DC input into 4 outputs (2x12v 2x5v)?

Hope you can help out with this! I’m looking to build an automated system and am trying to figure out how to split and specifically what components I can use to spilt a 12vdc line into 4 lines. Specifically these 4 lines will power 2 12v peristaltic pumps on relay switch’s. A 5v raspberry pi and a 5v usb hub. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Click on instructable in email, go to instructable cannot download

This is a new one.  I get an email with a Topic of Interest and click on it.   I get to instructables, Normally I would be logged in  from my home PC.  Not happening. ​On any PC and any operating system try this:  Go to an email that has the URL for any project.  Result:  You will not get logged in to your account I log into instructables in a new tab on my browser. I copy-paste the name of the instructable in the Search window. The Topic of Interest comes up along with dozens of similar instructables. I choose the instructable I want and get a new window. My login does not carry to the new tab like it used to. This means I cannot download even though I have premium membership This means I cannot click on anything that is associated with my login. To save us both time and save you from asking me questions that you do not need to ask me. Please ​Try this:  ​Go to your instructable login page Search for an instructable.  For example, "Making PCBs at Home." You will get a page full of all kinds of projects related to PCBs. Choose "Making PCBs at Home".  Click on it. You will get a new window without being logged in. You will not be able to download it, nor will you be able to access a login window, nor will you  be able to do anything that is associated with your login This is a web coding problem and has nothing to do with operating system or PC. What happened?   Please fix it.

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Sanding wood smooth without losing rustic saw marks

I've searched for an answer but can't find one. Hoping someone can help me out with this. I recently picked up some old wood boards, about 3" thick, 4' long, and a foot wide. They're fairly old and have that warm weathered look of old raw wood. On one side you can see the nice circular saw marks from when they were milled. They're also very splintery, and I got plenty of splinters when I moved them. My goal: preserve their rustic beauty while making them into usable wood for furniture. I want the surface smooth enough that splinters aren't an issue. How can I sand the boards so they are smoother a micro level, but don't lose the beautiful saw marks? Ideally I'd keep that weathered color, but I suspect I'll lose at least some of that due to sanding and will have to fake it with stain. Thanks a ton for any help! Josh

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What is the most flammable aerosol spray( that is cheap) for use with a potato gun? Answered

I just need some sort of fuel to use to launch my potato gun?

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Paper lanterns

Can anyone tell me how , if possible, I could wire multiple lights together to make a string of hanging paper lanterns instead of using battery powered led lights?

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What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :DIs there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again? Any contests you're sick of? A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on? Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)Have prize suggestions? Check this topic. Want to get a preview of some of our upcoming contests?

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RSS Feed dead

The RSS feed is empty - no items. This has been going on for several days

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Pulse charging to constant flow

So i had to replace the chargercable on our babycall and used a female usb port. The adapter uses 6 volts to charge the device but if i wanted to use a 5v portable charger, how can i make the current flow instead of pulsating? Capacitor? And what value?

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Done = received_data, num_received_data ); this compile value not ignored as it ought to be

In rx board function done = received_data, num_received_data ); this compile value not ignored as it ought to bewhile (!done) { // Fetch the payload, and see if this was the last one. done = received_data, num_received_data ); ESC_value=received_data[0]*10; //Multiplication by 10 because the ESC operates for vlues around 1500 // and the nRF24L01 can transmit maximum of 255 per packet esc.writeMicroseconds(ESC_value); // Serial.println(ESC_value); servo.write((received_data[1])); // Serial.println(received_data[1]); }// how to solve this problem thank you verymuch.

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How to delete a video from the inernet URGENT

My ex boyfriend but an inappropriate video of me in the internet on a bad site, it wont let me remove it. i need help urgently.. does anyone know how to hack into such sites?

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Favorite T.V Shows

What are/is your favorite T.V shows/show?Mine are:Criminal Minds (really demented killers)The Unit (Awsome/intence)24 (awsome/intence)My Name Is Earl (really funny)Reaper (Funniest ever!)MonkCSI (Sometimes, See other topic/rant )CSI NYBones(sometimes)HeroesEverybody Hates ChrisSimpsonsFamily Guy Robot Chicken

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Can you help me with my mini E.M.P. generator design? Answered

Hello everyone! I am new here so tell me if I have broken any rules :) I am currently planning on bulding a handheld E.M.P. generator (it's dangerous, I know, sorry) that is capable of killing a small devices (e.g. a small camera) at close range (<10cm). I got to the capacitor bank and wondered if 180J is enough for my needs? I also have some other questions (in no particular order): - What is the bare minimum to kill such devices? - Does it normally take 90 secs to charge a 90uF bank to 2kV (using a DC boost converter)? I have never designed a high voltage charging circuit before so I don't really know if I'm doing things right. - Is my capacitor configuration good enough or does it need tweaking (e.g. more voltage)? - How do I protect my circuitry from getting blasted by the coil? - Is a single pulse sufficient? - What kind of switch should I use for high voltage? - Should I use lithium-ion batteries for supplying power? - Should I make the frame of the device out of metal? - Should I be using a DC boost converter for charging capacitors? If not, suggestion? - Should my coil have a little or a lot of inductance? Again, I am fully aware this has "Darwin Award" written all over, sorry about that, but I think this is safer than guessing around. Thank you for reading this! Looking forward to your responds!

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how can i make a cheap photocopy machine? sometime before i seen somebody using kerosenefor this purpose.?

Specially i want to know if body of machine could be made separately with managing some other parts of machine from market. it is ok not to have any unnecessary movable parts in machine.

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Help with 33cc Gas Scooter? Answered

I have a 33cc gas scooter (sounds nerdy, I know), on the side I can make out what looks like Moto Rebel but not sure. It was used twice, sat in garage for one year without gas in the tank, then sold to me for $20 (Amazing price for something that's $350 new). Like new! It is 2-stroke but am unsure of the model number. It starts runs on choke between a small margin but won't run on ON, which is above choke on the switch. I think it may need the idle screws adjusted but am unsure. Has new and correct gas oil mix in tank and has primer button. Help would be appreciated.

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which is the positave terminal on a dewalt 18 volt battery?

Dewalt battery terminals are not marked, I need to know which is which

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Disposable Camera Flash Circuit? Answered

I was making a coilgun through the flash circuit of a fujifilm disposable camera and multiple other capacitors I had laying around and I wanted to have the capacitors in a separate spot from the charging circuit.  However, I accidentally nudged the capacitor that was already on the circuit a bit too hard and ripped up some of the copper connections underneath.  Typically I can usually find another place to solder the ends of the component back to the circuit by looking at the circuit board and connecting the leads to something that is also connected to where the part is supposed to be. But there happened to be some sort of blue plastic film covering that specific part of the circuit board which i cannot take off and is preventing me from seeing where else I can place the leads of the capacitor.  If someone is familiar with this could you please tell me where I can solder them on?  The flash circuit is from a QUICKSNAP-FLASH400 model fujifilm disposable camera. Thanks! 

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Does anyone know the collet shaft size for RYOBI rotary tool P460

HI everyone, I'm looking to find the shaft size for the RYOBI P460 Rotary Tool.Ultimately hoping to find a three jaw style chuck to replace the collet type chuck.(Not the same as Dremel, unfortunately. I have three of those chucks.)I have a pitch gauge, but its junk and I can't seem to find the right pitch.Just wondering if anyone knows it off the top of their head.Next step would be a trip to a good hardware store with all the options and see what fits.

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Using delay program

I want to add a delay program to a motor . I am using 2 push button for different delay. I want motor to run forward direction for 3 secs and reverse direction for 3 seconds when 1 push button is pressed once and again if push button 2 is pressed once i want the same motor to run 5 seconds forward direction and 5 seconds reverse direction . Is this possible using arduino ?I m using 12v 10 amps dc motor

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The search function is absolutely terrible - or havent someone wokrd with Arduino 33 BLE sense?

I need an Arduino 33 BLE sense (in built microphone that can stream sound to an API.Perhaps via SIM5320E or SIM7600Anyone?Payment available.

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what is the speed of dark?

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Check this out. I screwed up my nerf gun while putting in two mods. I fixed it and now my gun shoots further than before.

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Is there a way to dye lexan/plexiglass into a translucent green color? Answered

I need to find a way to make lexan/plexiglass clear green. Should I use window tints? Does that come in the color I want? More importantly, does it come in a spray paint? Should I heat up my pieces and submerge them into hot water with the color in the water and let it soak? Should I just paint it? I want to be able to clearly see through it, but I also want a very deep (not dark, deep) green tint to the plexiglass. Can anyone help me?

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Who/how Build a EMP to destroye a human Chip implantat?

I Need somebody who can build a EMP or rfid Killer to deactivate a human Chip implantat. I live in Germany. It don t have to be dangerouse for my live if it deactivate my Chip. And it don t have to damage other Things. Only my Personal Radius. I would Pay much for it if someone would safety do this for me. 

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Does anybody know of a Canadian source of buying KNO3? Answered

I have looked everywhere in my city and cannot find anywhere that sells stump remover or any other potassium nitrate product. If somebody says "look at lowes" they should be ashamed =PI have looked at Lowes, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and every other garden supply center around.

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Make use of iCamera 1000 units?

I have 3 "iCamera 1000" camera units laying around. I do not have the rest of the security system they are designed to function with, but there has to be some way to make use of them and have some fun. I have lots of cat 6 cable and RJ45 connectors to custom make a cable if anyone has the expertise to figure out how to make use of these. Before posting here, I searched and searched here and on Google but only found information regarding the "normal" application of these cameras..... I was hoping for something more outside the box which is why I am here. I included a front/back picture. Thanks for any ideas!!

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Dog hydrotherapy pool?

Has anyone attempted to make their own hydrotherapy pool for a dog? The vet has one--it's a big boxy thing, portable (in theory), and has water jets to simulate a lap pool/endless pool. I want to try to make one myself...any suggestions?

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Analysing your test results for Aspergers Syndrome

A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score Please try not to post pictures here, leave that for Can somebody volunteer their non-Aspie picture, for the purposes of this discussion. Mine is here temporarily.

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GMO sun flower seeds, how can I tell? Answered

Hi fellow instrucablers, I planted some sunflowers a while ago and recently I collected the seeds from the flowers and replanted them.  The original seeds were from a packet which I threw away.  I've planted the new seeds and it's been a week and the haven't sprouted, I'm not sure if I was really unlucky or if the seeds have been genetically modified in order for them not to grow new plants.   I still have some seeds left over so I was wondering if there was anyway to tell if they have been modified somehow. Thanks a ton Sirnoodlehe

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Is genetic engineering advanced enough for me to reenact the movie ALIEN? Answered

Well, I love the ALIEN franchise (but AVP was horrible), and I want an alien as a pet.

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Squishy Silicone (shore hardness 30-10) with 4 ingredients

I owe my findings to the maker of "Oomoo" and community of hobbyists; thank you everybody! I needed squishy silicone, and the random knowledge I found here helped me with the puzzle pieces. The pink rectangle that you see in the pictures has the consistency of a gummy bear (shore hardness ~10). Grab: GE Silicone 1 caulk (or equivalent) Caulk Gun Odorless Mineral Spirits Baby Oil (Mineral oil) Acrylic Paint Sandwich zip baggies (medium large will help you) Cutting tool Mold negative (I use play doh because I only need basic shapes) Try to avoid glass... Don't use glass. A way to measure Tablespoons ADVISORY- your silicone (should) smell of vinegar and your mineral spirits will be potent of fumes.. and flammable. Use ventilation and protect your eyes. Your only saving grace is the baby oil scent. Okay. Grab the (new) silicone caulk and cut the whole pointy tip off of the tube, making a flush cylinder. Load that bad boy in the gun. Open a plastic baggie, and fill it with: 2 tbsp Mineral Spirits 1 tbsp Baby Oil (Mineral oil) Then shoot one full shot of silicone directly into the oily puddle of liquid. Close the baggie, leaving a little air. Find a way to mix it. I lay the bag on a smooth table and repeatedly iron the baggie with my pinky. You have 20+ minutes pot time, so be thorough. You should now have a clear 'spit' like liquid that runs, similar the two liquids you just mixed. Open the bag. Add: 1 drop acrylic/oil paint Close it, and repeat the mixing until your color is even throughout the liquid. Turn your baggie sideways and cut a small triangle from one of the bottom corners. Carefully tilt the bag like an icing baster and pour the silicone into your mold negative. This method is clean and offers control. You can squeeze ALL of your mix into the pour, as well as combat air bubbles. Don't touch it for 3 hours. Better yet, leave it for three days. It takes this long for the shrinkage to happen. You can avoid shrinkage if you use xylene instead of mineral spirits, but it is not available to me. The color will become opaque in this time as well. You now have very squishy silicone. I have tried many other pours and I can't manage to get the cured squishy consistency without mixing a liquid to start. A goop is preferable to me because I can use it a caulk, still, allowing me to 'draw' silicone positives. To achieve a shore hardness of ~30 Repeat the steps above, but now use: 1 tbsp Mineral Spirits 1 tbsp Baby Oil (mineral spirits) This will have an initially 'goopier' mix, and you will have similar pot/cure time, but no shrinkage. It will be oily until you repeatedly dry it. The picture of four silicone squares illustrates my last advice. Each mix has only one drop of the same pink acrylic paint. You may want to experiment with how much color you want. Far Left: the gummy bear mix 2:1 softest Inner Left: the hardness 30 mix 1:1 Inner Right: FAILURE did not cure (1/2 tbsp baby oil, 1tbsp mineral spirits) Far Right: FAILURE did not cure (2 tbsp baby oil, 1 tbsp mineral spirits) toughest The two squares on the right could have been made with just silicone, mineral spirits and NO baby oil. Maybe, add ~3 drops of glycerin and I could have had the same hardness AND a thurough cure, but I want the squishy. Hopefully this helps.

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