battle at Kruger. lions: buffalo: and crocidiles.

watch this video if you havnt seen it on iCought.its awsome.

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Mobius strip shrinky-dink

A strip of shrinky-dink plastic, twisted over, held together with a tab, and baked for a few minutes produces a solid Mobius strip shrinky-dink.

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2x Questions - Techy

First question - Does RadioShack sell female USB ports? Ones like those that you would use for a mouse, so I could plug in a USB powered device (mp3 player) to charge through, say, a car or wall? It doesn't matter what other type of end it has on it, I'm just going to cut it off anyway. 2nd - Does RadioShack (that's the only electronics around here) sell power adapters, you know, that plug into the wall and output DC power, that output around 5v of power and around 500mA? I'll probably go 'round to garage sales and stuff to find junky electronics, but would like to know if there was an alternative if I happened to not find one. Again, 'tis to be used as a charger for my mp3 player. Thank y'all for your help!

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Ideas and a Question

I have a couple of suggestions for new instructables features. Here they are.1. Add a button for rating the difficulty of an instructable, and one for how long it takes. Put them beside the rating buttons.2. Let me add groups to my favourites.3. Create somewhere where people can sell their creations, kinda like etsy -- Loads of people are selling stuff on etsy, and could be doing it right on instructables.***NEW IDEA*** 4. Find some way to get rid of the ads. They keep confusing me.And finally, a question:Is there anywhere where I can buy an instructables multi-tool or shirt? Or do I have to win one? If there's no shop, there should be one.

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How discover time travel... i think

Long story short, my friend found some instructions of how to create a time machine or something. The drawing looked kind of dirty so instead of keeping the drawing, she just took a photo of it. She showed me the photo, which turned out to be real blurry and crappy.I posted the blurry photo up on this site, and someone commented that the original image is on a site called It's some weird $h!t. I emailed them but never received any word back as to who is behind this. But anyway I figured to post the instructions here because it does seem feasible. The plan is basically this:1. Choose a date, time and city. These 3 things are called Asiko. Let's use 01/01/09, Time Square NY, New York just for clarification purposes.2. Popularize Asiko till step 53. Meet at Time Square on 01/01/09, and we should see a time traveler from the future4. In the unknown future, a time machine will need to be invented. Still popularize Asiko, 5. When they figure out how to have "safe time travel", a traveler will be sent back to the popularized location and time of Asiko, which is Time Square, 01/01/09.

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Angel wings

Hey, I am interested in making a costume of an Angel. But I can't find a instructable anywhere that shows you how to make good feathered wings. If you people could brainstorm and figure out how to do it, I would be very appreciative.

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International Fiber Collaborative

International Fiber CollaborativeSeeking Participants,The goal for the International Fiber Collaborative is to give a opportunity to people who enjoy working with crafts, whether professional artists,hobbyists or students to come together all over the world to express our concerns towards our countries extreme dependency on oil for energy. Those who participate will crochet/knit/stitch/patch/ or collage a 36"x36" fiber panel that will express each artists view on this topic. By taking the step to create a panel with any design, and sending it in, in the larger picture, is expressing your concern towards this topic. Once all 800 panels that are needed are received, they will be sewn together to completely cover an abandoned gas station and gas pumps in central New York. You can check out the website at internationalfibercollaborative.comor contact Jennifer Marsh at blueangle1412@yahoo.comThank You,Jennifer Marsh

Topic by blueangle1412 

Project Idea

A roomba is roughly the size of a plate. I would like to make a roomba plate washer - one that sits on your dish, soaps, spins, scrubs, and rinses, a-la desktop dishwasher. Are there any kits left?

Topic by stasterisk 

who cares?

Im not trying to be rude but who cares if you get first comment, especially if you only say first comment, and say nothing involving the instructable or form? im just trying to under stand the reasoning for saying first comment or second or third, and so on?

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The Starting...

My Group Will Now Be Making Knex Guns Now Because I Just Bought More KNEX and im getting more members...we need more members.Now That I Have More KNEX I Can Buid The PSniper,One of my earlyer creations...

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gorkem's crossbow

Ok im just putting it out there i have made gorkems crossbow

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Instructable Offline Editor [Download and Pictures]

Okay, I didn't realise I hadn't provided a link for this. It's by no means complete, it is by no means the best way to code this. I simply did it quickly. Download (bin + source): The first picture shown here is the very first version, with the third being the most recent. Have fun!

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FTP Instructable (not a come see my instructable topic!)

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a instructable on how to setup ftp for free. Please leave suggestions in the comments if there are enough I will probably make the instructable.

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Underground Webcam

I have a problem with the city Department of Public Works. There is a collapsed culvert in my backyard, which causes my yard and basement to flood. I am trying to come up with some footage to prove to the city that the culvert is (FOR SURE) collapsed in the middle somewhere. I am thinking of constructing some sort of wireless web cam / led light setup that i can push up the length of the culvert to record what is actually going on to prove to the city that they DO have a problem and where exactly it can be found. I am thinking of a rugged sort of wire (similar to a coat hanger) and a 2 liter bottle (or similar) to house the cam and some small led flashlights. The device will need to be pretty small... have light and be able to stay somewhat upright so it won't flip upside down once in the "tunnel". I am looking for some ideas on how to execute this. If you have any recommendations, please send a shout my way. I would love to get some great proof to head straight down to the DPW and see what they have to say then.I have even called the local news team to help me with exposing the problem. To see the story that was on the news, go here... photo shows the receiver and the wireless cam i am thinking of using.Or maybe i would be better off using a wired cam, due to the signal loss of being underground, either way, i have some really small cameras i can use, it is just a matter of the housing and the lighting... and a way to push it and make sure i can get it back later.

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Internet Files

I read this topic, was wondering if there was any way to open a video file, avi, swf, flv, mpeg, and copy it like you would a music file?Thanks in advance.

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Old chair restyling

I have 4 antique chairs that are too rickety for seating. I don't want to throw them away or repair them as chairs. Has anyone done anything to rework a chair as a new object? Table, box, shelf, photo frame, etc? Anything but the old planter idea. Two of the chairs are oak pressback and have LOTS of decorative spindles.

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Contest Deadline

Is there any way to ask iRobot for more time to work on the robot? I got the robot on July 26th. I ordered extra parts from iRobot; a light sensor and the breakout board, and both items are on backorder for several weeks. The contest ends August 31st. The timelines set by iRobot are not realistic, especially if they can't supply supporting parts for the robot. What can be done to mitigate the short timelines?

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What is your favorite knex gun on this site?

The title pretty much sums it all up. What is the best knex gun on this site so far? It can include crossbows or anything else.

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Help me with my hydroponics problem. Please!

The directions were great. Except, now that I got my air pump going and everything else, there is a smell coming from it. It smells like garbage. Also, when the bubbles come up to the surface there's a bunch of bubbles left at the looks like a bubble bath. The first time this happen with the smell I just got another air stone. So, now I have two in the container. I emptied the old water and solution, cleaned the container and add more water with fertilizer. This worked great, but then two weeks later it was time for me to put fresh water again and now it's doing the same thing with the garbage smell. Please give me some ideas on how to get rid of this.

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Can you help me find pulleys?

Hi, could you please give me links to sites that sell pulleys for robots? I'm trying to build this contraption that is very much like a cnc machine and need pulleys but i can't find'em . Already checked many sites like robotItaly, lynxmotion etc but there's not much of an offer, and i'm tired of googling for this and not finding anything. Where do you buy pulleys? thanks a lot

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Need tracking device...

I have a horrible problem with keeping cirtain objects of mine within my grasp. As such, I was wondering if there was anything I could put together or attain that may help me keep track of these things. I have no knowledge of these things, so forgive me if what ii'm asking for sounds far-fetched. I'm looking for something like a small thing little beacon that could be attached to something like a shoe or book that sends out a some form of radio waves on a constant frequency, that can be picked up by the receiver that essentially lets you know how close you are by the sound it makes, whether it be through beeps or noise level. I believe things like that are out there, but i'm wondering i';f I can do anything on a really really small level, like the size of a watch battery with a piece of adhiesive on the back. Any kind of help, even just to let me no that its not possible or whatever, would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Need Ideas!!!

I'm trying to make the true Semi-Auto gun. Not one that after you fire, you pull the ram back. But one that when you pull the trigger, It fires everytime.

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Solder Paste

I have a couple of questions pertaining to solder paste... Can you buy it in really small amounts, like 10g? Can you apply it by hand, or do you need a stencil? I wanted to do a project involving an ARM chip, but the only way I could solder it to the board is using the paste, but considering I'd spend $40 on paste and $20 on a stencil, its not worth it.

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Rotary input for a cellphone

I have an idea to do a total conversion on a cellphone, including things like a steam-driven charger, etc. The issue I am running into here is if I could, I'd want to make it rotary. I saw Randofo's PIC method for making it a USB input here but I have no clue in terms of how a cellphone works, or any of the chips involved. Sadly, my knowledge is mechanical, not circuitry. Any sort of ideas are welcome... please help me progress on what I hope to be my magnum opus of steampunkerie.

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steering wheel for computer racing games

My son wants a wheel for his race game and naturally I inquired as to the cost (Gasp!!) ; he then told me that it was way to tech for a person to build on their own. Is he right?

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Just to make sure! 30A to charge battery?

Hey! I have an old home alarm system which is broken beyond repair. I just wanted to make sure if it is OK to charge the 12v battery at 2.1 or2.4 Ah with an ATX PSU at 30A? Will the battry just take 2A from it? If not I have the transformer that came with the Alarm, would that be safe to charge with? It's 12v BTW. Thanks. Never can be too careful. Also, I'm using it on a scanner light tube, this will be fine, yes? I have the starter, it is not a problem. It's weird though, when it is lit, you can pull out the ground on the light tube, not the starter and ut still stays lit. Weird. Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I was wondering if I was allowed to make an intractable on adding a motion sensor to the Xbox 360. It is technically a mod.. And MSFT hates that.. Is it allowable? -n

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basic pic programing

Hi can some one give me recemendations on a book or site tht will give me insights as how to program pic microchips for robotics nothing adavance just something simple and for beginers

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Anybody that has any questions just ask, you will been ranked according to how long youve been a death eater , how many members you have recruted,and how many topics or insructables you have entered,i am currenty head DE, so join the death eaters and rule over all muggles! HAHAHAH(SINISTER LAUGH)AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. thank you for joining

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A central non-electric grid electricity storage system for solar and wind energy with future expandibility

I have been thinking and reading about building a system so that I could surf using a laptop, charge lights, charge mp3 players, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries so that if possible they would not need electricity from the grid, rather that would be optional when there would not be enough power that was found otherwise. I had first thought to work this out in a group as a kind of project, as there are others but I don't really know that many people with those skills. The idea is that you start very basic, with say one solarcell and the electronics. The electronics should allow plug to when you wnat to have the money you can add another, in serie or parallels so they give more power. This can then be plugged in to a system that stores that electricity in batteries. The system should also be so that it allows to connect for example one or more small selfbuild wind turbines, like the ones found here, so that in the best case you get electricity from both, or one of both but with the possible option to get electricity from the grid so that if necessary you can charge something from there. That would mean it would include an electricity meter, and maybe the possibillity to add that self powering powerplant as well.So basically you have two projects. Or maybe three. The casing to add small solarcells in, and then be able to add several casing together. The electronics to put them in serie and then a central electronic system, which allows to connect solar casings, self build windmills, batteries, the self powering power plant, possibly the possibility to add it do the grid, and last but not least the possibbility to charge things. That could be a seperate part of electonics. As one of the things I had been thinking about is to allow to connect fuel cells to it. I prefer us in what already exist, so I would suggest using the following instructabels projects or learning from them:a Savonius Wind Turbine,Ted Baer's Bicycle Wheel Windmill, savonius windmill alternator,introPringles Wind Turbine,DIY 1000 watt wind turbine,A remote controlled power RGB LED mood light,Power LED's - simplest light with constant-current circuit,Circuits for using High Power LED's,personal powerPlant, ... others may follow laterLike for example the Charge Any USB Device by Riding Your Bike but then connected to the portable usb batteries, so they could be also connected to the central charge unit. The connectors could be usb connectors. I saw some time back a connector which had a 4 port usb block attached to it, but other connector types would be usable as well. In adition, it should be able to switch on automitcally when the sun goes down, but allow a control a button or remote control to trun them manually off, so that no needless electricity is wasted. I know this is a lott at once, but its more my kind of thing to work on more complete/complex systems. The lights that would be used with this would be led lights, powered a la sunjar, using the same technique. So that them turning off and on, is mostly controlled by the sun going up and down. My idea was that with such a system, I could add piece by piece, and still have light, and electricity indepency from the grid, and I would know the cost, so that once I would have bought the pieces it would generate electricty whitout to much further cost.Solarcells would typically provide 8V or 12 V, this could be smaller ones, the casing would be is supose made of plexiglas, with pieces that standup to keep them appart, and holes for the cables, and a backside, that stays dry as well. This is what is on the drawing: the solarcells feed into the sersol which puts them in not parallel and then transport the current to the cen1 which directs it to the batteries to store it. The same for the windmills. But they go to the windmills, which puts there current in not parallel. The powerreg, regulates the power of the personal power plant, it can discharge, but also just regulate. There is connector to the grid, so if there is no electricity or not enough electricity it can be taken from the grid. There is the possibillity of a remote, which would work in connection with the cen1. The batteries might need extra electronics to see which one is full and to divert the current to another battery, and to get current back to the powersockets which could be regular oens, but also preferably usb ones. The other two connections could be for for example fuel cells, or something else. The control solar cells is simply to turn the connected sunjars which may still each have there own solarcell, on or off by the rising or going down of the sunn. The remote, is to turn them off manually.The casing should be sturdy but not to expensive, it may have to include somethings to keep it right, but the idea is to be able to put them after glass as well. The idea is that the electronics design would be free, or very cheap, so that people can build this themselves, the casing shouldn't be to expensive but that can differ on taste, most parts or thing likes windmills would be the DIY type or possibly ones you can buy as well, and most parts would have to be, off the shelf. I'll try to add a basic drawing, and some sketches, to give you a better idea. I'm not that good at that, i'd admit.

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Inductor Usage

I have an 10mH inductor pressed against the active line of an extension cord connected to a load (a washing machine) that produces 9 amps. How do I measure the voltage produced by the inductor? Does it need to have a current already in order to react to the magnetic field? Does the negative lead produce a negative AC and the positive frequency such that if I attached a voltometer I would get a 0 reading? That's what I am getting even on my voltometer, even on the finest setting. I should be reading 0.09V, I believe.

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100m race clock

I was just wondering I anyone has ever seen a rig that you could use at home, during exercise, to do precise measurement of the time it takes to run 100m (eg.)? It's a little awkward to do with a stop watch in your hand and there is lots of room for error. You would need a beep to tell you that time has started, and some way to stop the time once you have reached the desired distance. thanks Alan

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Sugar, you are HOT!

Ok, so the name is a little misleading, but you came, didn't you? My brother came back from Morocco, and among his gifts, were a big bag of crunchy peanuts, covered in sugar and cocoa. Unfortunately, they're nearly gone now! And I want to try to recreate them. What do you think is the trick? My dad thinks they heat up the sugar and cocoa, so the sugar will melt and get sticky. and then roll the nuts around in the mixture. What do you think?

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New car sub, does this work?

My cousin was nice enough to give me this nice little 200 watt 12 inch sub. It just needs some minor repair, theres a little puncture hole in the dust cap, simple fix. I tried hooking it up directly to my stereo and using the eq to filter out all the freq and still wasn't too happy. I took the amp out of my mirage sub and wired it all up to this one, the amp is only 75 watt rated, well I could be wrong, all I know was that the sub was 75 watt. But it works great, tell me if this is a good idea guys, lookin for opinions. Also too, is it normal that the heat sinks on the amp should be "energized"??? I picked it up by the heat sinks while it was plugged in before I had the sub and dropped it rather quickly, althought it seems to have loosened the joints up in my hand. Also too, does anyone know what brand of sub it is? All it says on the front and magnet is VR with a 12 in between (12 inch). I wanna find some specs for it as I'm not sure if the box it's in is tuned for it and I'm thinking about porting it or would that make it overdrive if it was ment to be in a sealed box?

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So, I just saw this: know there are inkjet refills for why couldn't we make our own ink? Maybe starting with pen refills?

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Enter a contest!

There are currently three (yes, three) contests running on Instructables. Right now each one only has a few instructables entered so get going and try to win a prize.The contest ending soonest is the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger "Go Green!" contest. The first prize is a hybrid bike and a mention in Popular Science magazine. There are 15 other prizes as well. That one closes on August 19 and that's just over two weeks away!The other two contests as well. The® and Instructables Science Fair contest and the iRobot Create Challenge. Both of these end on August 31. Top prizes for these contests are a $1,500 gift certificate and $5,000 cash.Time goes by pretty fast. I can't believe it's already August, but it happened and these dates will come up sooner than you think.

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sumo bot for beginers

Hi d any one know a good robotics site with eiher good robotics knowledge and or a sumo bot tutorial anything like tht will be helpful

Topic by yerok16   |  last reply

Plaster Picture Frames

I nderstand 'GOOD' picture frqames are made of wood with a plaster coveribg, finished with gesso (sp). My thought is to build some using drywall compound as the plaster bt draggibg a metal guide over the wooden base? Am I totally off track OR has anyone had any experience with this. Carpe Ductum

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If im in one group can i join another?

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Zinc+hydrochoric acid=?

I put a zinc coated nail into hydrochoric acid and the nail started to bubble.The bubbles came to the surface and when they popped a small cloud of some gas appeared and I was wondering what this gas was.I think to was hydrogen.

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One time video camera goes aloft

Joe Manico at Kodak built an aerial video vehicle with a $20 one-time-use video camera -- and some clever backyard engineering with soda pop bottles, a golf bag cart, and duct tape.Have a look:

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Should I post ?

Im not sure if I should post this, it kinda looks like a bazooka. I fires a big purple rollercoaster about 25 ft. And has a new trigger idea. It is powered by rubberbands and mainly a big orange motor found in the rippin rocket set(you can also find that rollercoaster in that set too). The trigger idea is fairly simple. A block thing blocks the roller coaster from running into the motor, so you pull the trigger the block goes down and the roller coaster gets fired. Some of these pics are really blurry, so I apoligize for that, and any mispelled words in this forum. Thank you for reading.

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Should we have a Hall of Fame?

Should we have a hall of fame?Contribute opinions to this thread, please:

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belt fed

Does any one know anything about belt fed guns. I have looked at one site called how stuff works but that gives me sort of an idea but i need something a lil more. does anyone have blueprints or plans for a belt fed gun. If you do that would make a great instructable. I know some of the basics of the belt fed guns, but not much more than that. I am wanting to make a 9mm belt fed LMG. Basicly from one of P.A. Lutys designs, only change them up a lil bit to use the belt feed.

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Idea for an instructable!

So as a general class rule in the computer labs we cant have popcans. One of my teachers let my class have them...untill earlier today when somone spilt their can on one of the computers, resulting in no one being able to have pop cans in class =(So I got to thinking, there must be a way to make a lid for a pop can. Maby like those sippie cups that we no doubt all used as children, or just some way to make a removable cap that you can open or close (like they do on alot of water bottles). I'm sure there is probably some way to make one but i'm unsure how. I thought this would be a great opportunity for somone to write an instructable, so I figured i'd post the idea. Anyone have any ideas on where to start?

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Awwwwww F****

Hey guys...I think I just blew the sh!t out of my sub. It started to make rattleing noises and I shut it off and touched the cone and it's warm-hotish. Scuse the language, I'm a little disgruntled right now, is it destined for the scrap pile, or is it just the internal amplifier that got really got and just ain't making it work right?

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If you have a soldering iron, or in my case a soldering station, tell me how you use it and what you make with it! I really need some new projects i'm all out of ideas. just another quick question, has anyone ever heard of a store called active? it is the best store in the world for electronics,tools, components etc.

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a DIY optical port

I have been intrested in optical computer for a while but found them rather expensive to build so I tried to look for cheaper ways to build some key features like the gates. The basic idea is to use solar cells that power a led. For and OR-Port you use solarcells where it is enough that one of the side gets light to make the led burn. To make and AND-port, you can put a resitor in between so that it really needs the power form both channel sot make a led burn. For a NOT-port you put an invertor in, so that when it burns it gives no signal, and wheren it does not receive light it burns this because of a battery it caries. A NOT-port is almost like a led-throwie.I do hav emore but wanted to know if this would be a good place or not, or if someones intrested in hearing on how to build a full optical computer, still basic, but almost completly optical, or if it would be better to post this on the microprocessor group at the opencourseware of the MIT ?

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adding a proximity detector to the mouse bot

Hello im new here and new to tech but i was wondering if any one could tell me how to add the simple ir proximity detector thts on this site to the mouse bot any help would be apreciated

Topic by yerok16   |  last reply

Targus Wifi Scout range????

I have a targus wifi scout and I would like to extend the range of it. I have tried a few different things, and nothing seems to really work. Does anyone know a good reliable way to extend the range of this device without throwing it away and buying a better one. I got this one for free and dont mind messing it up if I have to though. LOL Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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