Discovery Shuttle Launch - Photos

Discovery Had Successful Liftoff about 15 minutes ago... I live in Orlando, FL so I am about 50-60 miles from the spaceport. She lit up the horizon, and I took a few pictures from a point and shoot camera (so of course its kinda funky). Yes, we could hear it rumbling ;) I need to see if I can lighten it -- but I have a picture of the SRB separation -- you can see three objects. After than, the shuttle looks like a really REALLY bright white star.

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How much damage can a wall socket do to a person?

I took apart my cell phone charger and put the two prongs in the outlet so that i wouldnt lose them and as it turns out, metal conducts electricity, and i shocked myself. (it was kinda fun) i know that isnt serious, but how many times would it take for there to be lasting damage to my brain or something?

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N00b electronic hobbyist

I am wanting to get into tampering with circuits and stuff. I see all the cool LED projects and circuit bending seems fun. I'd really just like to learn the basics before I do big stuff (well, I guess it's kind of necessary.) My soldering skills are pretty good from working on guitar cables. If anyone can hook me up with some good online guides for beginners projects and such, I would really appreciate it. -thanks.

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can a a cell phone be made into a walkie talkie?

I was thinking can a cell phone be modified into a walkie talkie ive got 4 or 5 old cell phones i know the power wattage is low but is there a way to retinker it into a walkie talkie? or a wireless intercom?

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Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald

Instructables got a nice write up in the Sydney morning Herald as part of the December 4-10, 2006 "the guide" section. I got a copy hand delivered by a friend who happened to be flying across at the just the right time.

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Surface Mount LEDs

I need almost 200 SMLEDs for a project. However, I only want 6 colors of 36 each. If anyone wants to buy the extra 300, or something like that, please make an offer. I will get 6 from this list, but I need them all to look different enough: White Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Green Blue Green Blue UV Or, if anyone knows a place where I can buy them in small quantities, please let me know :-)

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GPS route optimizer

My type-A personality never lets me stop trying to optimize everything in my life. Recently, I’ve started taking data on my commute to work: time of departure and time of arrival versus a number of different routes. This is endlessly amusing to houseguests, and a point of constant annoyance to Christy (who typically records the data while I drive; I record it myself when I bike to work). The result of all this data would be a 2-D color map that could give me an estimate of the shortest route depending on the time I was leaving. However, on further thought, I realized such a chart would only tell me about routes I already knew and would be very sensitive to my route ordering. For example, if there are three ways to get to work, how do I order them? By length? By number of turns? By my perceived annoyance of that particular route? I then got to thinking of taking time measurements between each possible node in a route. Those segments could then be built into routes I’ve never explored before. You can just imagine the look Christy gave me when I suggested this. Clearly, this is best done by a computer. So the question: has anyone seen anything like this, or a GPS unit hackable enough to permit this without carrying a laptop as well (I’d like to do this on bike, too)? Wouldn’t the final version of this be sweet?! You tell it where you’re going, and based on past experience, the time of day, and real-time traffic data it suggests the optimal route. (I’ve seen GPS + real-time traffic, but my guess is that traffic data isn’t nearly as useful as past experience data.) To everyone that can relax while commuting and not worry about 16 versus 17 minutes: I envy you.

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My favorites from the week of 2006-12-04

Ski BikeI'm a real sucker for winter weather contraptions, and this looks like a ton of fun.Pocket TripodI carry around one of those mini tripods on my camera bag, but this looks more useful because of the ability to wrap its legs around objects. I'm sure to make one.Typewriter Computer KeyboardAs someone who takes his keyboard and pointing devices perhaps a little too seriously, this makes me smile.Use firefox drag and drop extension to upload imagesThis will save you so much time and mouse clicks both on and off Instructables.Free Yacht Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.Who can get enough of the Free Yacht saga anyway? If you're in the Bay Area, come out for sail with us!

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New Project

I think im gonna start making third party knex accessories for all sorts of stuff and i think my next projects is case for my xbox 360 and i might start work on my own knex gun design

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Backlit Mosaic (HELP!)

I've come up with a pretty cool idea for an artsy-type project, but I need a few sheets of acrylic. I need about 20" x 40" (~1m x .5m) of clear acrylic about 1/4" thick, and about half as much transparent black and opaque black (thickness doesn't matter). The idea is to make a backlit, tri-tone, grayscale mosaic, with 10cm square blocks. The transparent sheet will be the base, and needs to be 1/4" thick so I can put white LEDs around the edge (unless someone has a better idea). It will need some kind of frame to keep the light focused on the inside. Anyways, the main point of this post was to see where I can find acrylic sheets. Since it will be an inherently "pixelated" type image, I guess I could use smaller sheets of acrylic bonded together. Does anyone know where I can buy this? I would prefer to buy it locally so I don't have to pay shipping, but Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry it as far as I can tell. So there it is... my next project. I would love anyone's ideas, especially about using thinner sheets with LEDs, and ideas for a frame would be nice... Also, what's the best way to cut and bond the acrylic squares? Thanks Edit: added picture

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Building a monitor stand

G'day I am an average woodworker but rweally enjoy it. I have recently built a rudimentary monitor stand that works. I can send specs if anyone is interested. I am looking at building a monitor stand. I am playing around with specs and was thinking about 25cm wode, 20 cm deep, and 12 cm height. That is a bit more than the books that my monitor is currently standing on. Has anyone built one recently and if so, what specs did you use. Thanks in anticipation

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Laser Etching Acrylic for 3D Chess - Can I borrow some time on the machine?

Hey Squid Labs, I have a question/favor to ask. I'm looking to make a Raumschach board. It is a 3D chess variant with 5 decks using 5X5 boards. Well actually, I'm not sure which chess variant I'm going to go with just yet (its down to either Raumschach or Millennium chess). In any case, I bought the necessary raw materials today - threaded rods, cup washers, nuts, end nuts, threaded rod and acrylic. All from my favorite surplus store, Skycraft. I was wondering if I could possibly send you the raw material and CAD files and have the chess board etched. I would, of course, pay for return shipping. If not, that's fine - I'll probably just use tape and sand paper. But if I can have it done from a CAD file, I can make it a little more custom (I could even include instructables or squid labs logo if you want :P). Thanks ~Paul PS: For anyone wondering why I am not considering Tri-Dimensional Chess (as seen on Star Trek).... Technically, there's no official rules or setup of the game as created by the television show. Not to mention, moving attack boards and getting pieces into the "Neutral Zone" takes a long time (according to semi official rules on

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can you add an instructable to a group with out the auothers permision

I recently created a new group, Fun with Fire, and want to add instructables to it but i am to polite to add without permission. any thoughts?

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Instructable censored for being dangerous

I would just like to comment about the fact that my Instructable on how to light yourself on fire (or how not to light yourself on fire) was censored. I understand that it is something that is very stupid and dangerous, but there are many things on Inructables that are dangerous and stupid (blowing fire, home made tasers, etc.) A lot of these things are also illegal. I just wanted to know exactly why mine was the one that pushed everyone over the edge, especially since it's so obviously a stupid thing to do. When I did it I was on fire for maybe 10 seconds, and the only reason I burnt some of my hair was because I was even more stupid and put the alcohol the whole way up my arm. What I really wanted was some comments on how maybe doing something like this could be made more safe, because there really isn't anything on the internet showing you how to light a part of yourself on fire. If you are into low budget film making it might be something people look into (I did) and if you can't find something you might do something even as stupid as I did. Anyways just wanted to defend myself a little bit. Alex

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Thanksgiving: Absolutely Necessary?

Every year we throw a huge Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of our friends. Everyone has a different idea of what must be included; there are usually serious regional variations in food choices, and even variations on a single dish. We generally get around this problem by having everything.What do you need to see on a dinner table for it to be a "proper" Thanksgiving? Are you planning to have anything new or weird this year?

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Nokia Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F

Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F I required circuit drawing

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Isnt there any way to just create a virus without wiping your hardrive?

Hey guys, I would really like to send a virus but then I dont want to have to wipe my harddrive. Any tips?

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chargeing bateries

Does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?

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A picture is worth 1,000 words... or is it?

This is sooo random, I thought I had to share it.I wanted to see if a picture is really worth1,000 words worth of data.the average word is 5 letters and a space (or puntuation), so six bytes.1,000 words would be 6000 bytes, or 5.859375 KB (1KB = 1,024 bytes!!!)A 500x375 px JEPG image is about 55 KB, so it is worth 9486 words (and a 3 letter word + a space).A thumbnail, however, is only 1.91 KB, so only 326 words...It would seem, however, that 326 words would convey more than the thumbnail, whereas the 9486 words would convey more than the mid-range image.Just some random geekiness :-D

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flash drive music player

I have no idea how to make this, but i thought it would be cool if, instead of erasing music from your mp3 player to put more on you could just take a storage bit off and put a new one on. In essance there would be two parts to the player. A storage device (in this case a flash drive) and a audio player. Any ideas?

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Halloween Project Contest Winners

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of the October Halloween Project Contest!First PrizeThese three projects will win Make controller kits. How to scratchbuild a Boba Fett costume- using cardboard! by HonusLaser Vortex by meverPirate Cannon by Part Time Chef.comSecond PrizeThese five projects will win Wild Planet Toys Digital Spy Cameras. Bio hazard Beer Barrel by zieakJack-O-Laser of Doom by vatosupremeNazgul Mask for $15-20 by DrakzOscar the grouch costume by skiracer9xT-rex Roof Topper by hirerobThird PrizeThese 10 projects will win one year magazine subscriptions to the authors' choice of Make (digital or print version), Craft (digital or print version), or ReadyMade.Biohazard Halloween Candy by praguequestCoke Can Birdman by adrianFun with UV by TetranitrateGodzilla/T-Rex Costume by creatropeHan Solo 'En quesoed' en carbonite by GregDDCHaunted Flicker Light Adapter by infinitiyOperation - The Halloween Costume: TAKE 3 by NavySWO91Remote Power Control For Battery Powered Devices by pronteonStar Wars Cake (Mustafar) by CementTruckSuper quick last minute Squid costume by Tool Using AnimalHonorable MentionThere are enough patches so that each of the remaining projects entered will receive an Instructables patch! Again, it was really tough judging so many awesome projects. My Halloween was great and it looks like you had a wonderful Halloween too.Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the challenge, especially the winners of the September Project contest and Magnet Challenge who helped judge: arwen, canida, g0pher, ian, KoolKat, numberandom, pronteon (who wasn't allowed to vote for his own), rachel, trebuchet03, and vatosupreme (who wasn't allowed to vote for his own).Original Halloween contest Instructions here.

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Update to Bookbinding project

I've added all the rest of the photos, and clarified some things.

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Whoever made the RadioBlog download thing.

Hiya all,Wow nice putting it up on the web my friend whoever you are. I already knew this method, I found it out myself. Did you do as I did?I firstly went + downloaded the RB intended for web servers and noticed the /sounds dir.Then i went on a blazzing run and found the URL but I thought I was stuck when in the apache server there were only .rbs files. Lol, its such a funny method, but please dont tell ppl keep it quiet lolz.So how did you come about it, as I did?Peace, Ian Clark.view my site if u like, it's on photoshop -->

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Over head Projector

Hello, All I need a bit of help, I have an Over Head Projector [O.H.P] that I really want to make into a projector for my home P/C I have a couple of L.C.D from laptops. Even 2 [O.H.P] L.C.D from View Sonic, But no cables !!!. for the View Sonic units. Any Ides. Phil. Austin,Tx Stay - Safe

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Help needed into building a special type of proximity sensor...

Currently i am working on my final project for my study as an industrial designer. at the moment i am developing a product which will need to be triggered and activated by the motion of human hands. the product looks like a simple 6 inch cube which permanently rests on one side. the top side is reserved for other interaction. so what i am dealing with are the 4 remaining sides which surround the cube. the idea is that the closer a moving object [in this case a human hand or body] comes to one of the sides, the brighter the LEDs become. the range of this should be about 0 to 10 inches. the LEDs are not a problem, i just need a sensor that gives me a analog signal i can work with. and preferably this sensor will be behind a layer of around 0.2 inches of plastic material. does anyone know how this can be done? i just can't seem to find the right thing for my project. i heard an ultrasonic sensor might do the trick...but will that work stuffed away behind plastic? this would be great help for me, because i do not have a lot of knowledge on electronics to figure this out on my own. so anyone out there who can help me: i am on my knees right now hoping for a solution...any ideas will do!

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My favorites from the week of 2006-11-27

Check out my favorite Instructables from last week!Resistor manIt’s amazing how much character you can get across with just a few components. Reminds me of resistor sex (which is not work or school appropriate!).modular pie-cosahedronJaw-droppingly awesome! I ate enough pie to literally be sick over Thanksgiving weekend, but this made me want more. DOUBLE MOUSEAnything that can double my productivity is always top of my list, but something that records your everyday actions and turns it into art takes it to the next level. One could do a similar thing with GPS coordinates. green chile fried turkeyI love the combination science experiment/gourmet dinner aspect of this Instructable. Also, it is an excellent use of the collaboration system -- notice how some of the photonotes are from the collaborators!Mic stereo with little amp in a pencil boxIf you’re not familiar with soundscapes, you should really check this out. By recording in stereo with the mics in a similar position as our ears, you can create fairly immersive soundtracks. I love the sense of movement when cars pass or someone shuffles by. It works best with headphones.

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How to delete keywords from an instructable?

I've discovered by trial and error that keywords are supposed to be comma-separated. I've ended up with some sentences for keywords. How can I delete them?

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Small animals levitated by sound

If anyone is looking for an advanced cool project, here it is: Acoustic Levitation. Scientists at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xian have used sound waves to levitate small creatures while they are still alive, without causing them any apparent harm.

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Idea for 3D stereo camera attachment

I just discovered "Stereophotography" images on flickr and I came up with an idea for how you could make an attachment (that might work on any camera) to take 3D photographcs.Using 4 small mirrors I think you could seperate and then combine two images. Here's an ASCII art of my idea: (top view) [CAMERA] [] <- lens / /\ \So you can see (hopefully) that the two inner mirrors meet at the middle of the camera' lense and combine the images coming in from the two side mirrors. So in the end you get a photo comprised of two side-by-side images about 4 or 5 inches apart....and hopefully would give a 3D effect. (when eye's crossed, of course)What do you think? Have you seen anything like this before?

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Does sombody review your instructable before it gets published?

I have just finished and published an instructable but i cannot find it anywere!!!

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Create Pages from JavaScript?

I was wondering if it is possible to create a text document from some JS embedded in a page. I know this may not be the perfect place to ask, but I might get some response : -) Thanks :-)

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How to? timed latch release

I want to make a box with seperate compartments with doors that will open to release a dog toy, treat etc. at timed intervals. I don't know how to use a timer to unlatch a door. Ideas? thanks - SpleenMa

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Sex, Drugs, and USB - My MAKE Interview

My interview on MAKE's blog about my USB hub monster.Totally forgot to post this one when it first went up.

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Stolen Projects

What is one to do if they start a collaboration and someone else steals it out from under them and publishes it as their own Instructable? The Colaboration system is too flawed and I will never consider working on projects publicly again. They should be hidden from view of all but members of the collaboration itself. I had a project titled USB UPS and opened it for collaboration. A user (neelandan) saw it, copied the idea, threw together amateurish circuits and published the parts to it as his own. I had planned on publishing a very professional step-by-step for a usable project. Now the idea is moot since it's already been published.

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December contest?

The Thanksgiving contest just ended and I was wondering if there would be a December one happening. Just to give time to think up some stuff, y'know?

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Time/date based portable digital voice recording system? See Collaborations

I’m new to instructables & need input for digital voice recording system for memory impaired people (no short term memory) Need to record real time based voice all day/ everyday in stealth mode. Need time & stamped into recording/ otherwise it is too time-consuming & software intense & $$ to be practical/ which means it will not work. Never working in the past because of hassles with analog tape systems & not time/date linked. Music industry had the newest digital voice recorders w removable memory but not time based & microphones choice is wide range especially w/o experience. Need to search & recall audio files using an appointment type schedule or Day-Timer as a reference. Controls need to be simple on/off, preferably on by default (remember, users r memory impaired & will forget to turn things on). Without time base into original recording, it's hard to delete not needed recording time files. I'm now thinking small camcorders can record higher quality, be time based/ & provide more control, options, etc over regular recording. Brain injuries & dementia cause most memory loss problems. This system is considered adaptive equipment for disabilities. I'm hope instructables has the users with technical background who can help with this project because I'm @ a standstill pulling it together. Anyone with electrical audio engineering background? How many M's r out there? Digital audio combines new stuff from several industries. Mics from music & hearing aids, stealth portable wiring already in mp3 jackets & vests. Anyone interested? I don’t know how collaborations work & this may be the first according to the website? rafdo designs

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Bad mice gone good

I originally posted this as a collaboration. Turns out it's better as a forum item, which may eventually evolve into a collaboration. I'll try to put up at least one image this weekend. Meanwhile, settle in for a bit of a read, and let me know what you think.. . . . . . . Ingredients:- About 2 dozen half dead or completely dead Apple USB mice, mostly black, some white, bundled and hung to age.- 8-10 Apple keyboards, some flavored with cola or hot chocolate, mostly black, some white.(Randofo may contribute more, we'll see what comes of this caper. See his keyboard hack.Optional additives:- Dead hard drives, also part of the job. I've been wanting to figure out how to hack the controllers and drive arms to make a sculpture that waves the arms vertically, in controllable ways. I don't know yet if this is a separate project or not.- Glue, solder, etc.- Other junk, hopefully minimal, unless it adds a whole new level to the project.StatusI gathered them by their USB connectors and hung them as sculpture, (photo coming soon) awaiting further inspiration.The ProjectFirst idea:Wire, (or rewire, in this case) the LEDs inside the mice, and make a decorative chandelier.Minimalist that I am, my first impulse is to leave the mice as original and intact as possible, while transforming an everyday object into something delightful and interesting.Current questions:- How to wire them all together, without making it a life's work?- Static or dynamic? Dimmable? Random "flickering/fading" like the new smarter Christmas lights, only more interesting?- Interactive? Respond to sound, temperature or other environmental changes? I like the idea of cause and effect resulting in some new information the observer can come away with, something that actually makes sense, rather than, "That's kind of interesting, but what for?"- Networkable?? So other Bad mice gone Good can influence behaviors?- Some sort of reference or action to the original intended function, i.e., input device, man-machine interface, 21st century worker harness, pixel pushing device, etc.- Hack a keyboard to control the mice? Force them to spell?? I like the idea of subverting/reversing the input/output direction.- use the reflective sensor in the mouse to provide input/output.- Influence Jonathan Ive and his brilliant staff at Apple to put some effective strain relief on all new mice!RulesAnd I use that term fairly loosely. Yet I find that good parameters, even if arbitrary (an affordable luxury with art and fooling around projects) help define the project, keep it manageable, and hence more likely to be completed. Sometimes it's just more fun too. I'll refrain from an essay on that for now. (hm, maybe an essay section would be good Instructables feature request?)- simple- can be made in 24 or fewer work hours.- cheap, with minimal non-salvaged parts.- repeatable, so others can create their own, in the fine, albeit young, Instructables tradition.- finished product is fun and delightful to most people, old or young, geek or non-geek.FeedbackPlease let me know what you think of this idea so far.New ideas, spinoffs, etc. are welcome. Please link or keyword all of them so we can see the connection between projects.Enough for now, I need to overhaul my resume so I can find a more interesting and creative job. SF Bay Area queries are encouraged!

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MAKE blog Interview with rbhays

Here is my interview view MAKE

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Binary clock, anyone?

Hi, anyone knows how to do something like:

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I figured we could start a post for the website FAQ atleast untell they make there own i'll start with one (please add as you see fit) Q)is there a way i can edit my responces to an instructable? A)Not really but you can delete a post a short time after it's posted. So just copy your text delet the post as repost it with the edits

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I need help making a Polar Bear skin rug

I was wondering if anyone of you fine people could help me in the making of a Polar bear skin rug for my girlfriend for Christmas? Thanks

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How does a joy stick work?

I recently bought a bunch of electronic parts off a site named 'electronic goldmine (goldmine-elect,com). One item is a micro joy stick. No docs of course. It has a joy stick and 8 legs to hook up to something. How would I go about testing this device? I tried using a continuity test but nothing happened. Any ideas?

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modify cd player to zoetrope

I am looking to modify a portable cd player into a zoetrope. this is fairly easy to do, but i have zero electronics knowledge and thought it would be good to ask if it is even is an old zoetrope just looking for a one second loop of animation to occur.cds spin at about 500 rpm - which when you do the math is about 8x too fast. so how can i modify the cd player to slow down?i know that i could get a strobe light and try variations on the strobe, but since the rate of cd player spin alters from center to far edge (goes more slowly) the strobe light would quickly get out of sync.any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Artsy Folder

Hello all! Am a student and desperately needs organization. Figured a designer file would be the best way to start. Bought denim material and a couple of A4 folders. Was thinking of how to wrap the file with the cloth. Ideas? Thanks.

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new group

Go to

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Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

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packaging hack

My question is: how can I open a sealed toy package without damaging the package and in such a way that I may reassemble it after I’ve used the contents. Background: I am in the process of making a Super 8 film. One of my props are 3 Star Trek Borg action figures. I paid a pretty penny for them and only need to use them for a few scenes. When I am finished I want to put them back in the package and resell on eBay. Of course, I will give full disclosure to next buyer. The packaging is not true blister pack. It has a printed cardboard back with a molded plastic cover. I appears to be heat pressure sealed, probably with some sort of adhesive. I can provide digital pics when needed.

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Underwater MP3 player housing

I need a way to take my MP3 player underwater. will be going deep in the 250 foot range. I will need to be able to turn it on and off underwater as the battery will not last through out the entire dive. any one have any ideas about how to start something like this?

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good sell wireless skype phone

Skype 2.4GHz Wireless USB Phone : WP-01 USB phone use the latest DSP special chip, and combine 2.4GHz wireless module, it is widely applied in Internet network environment, which accord with SKYPE protocol. For example, enterprise LAN, city area network, telecom operate department, international internet entry user etc. The greatest feature of this phone is receiving and talking via handhold wireless telephone, makes the telephone more human.

Topic by chinakorinna2008