Electronic catapult?

Okay. I'm going to make an electromagnet to hold the spring in place while it's compressed, and then as the power turns off, the spring will release and shoot the catapult. However, I'm not an engineer-- I'm making this for tech class. How should I design the catapult so that this will work as a triggering mechanism? In what way should I set up the spring and electromagnet relative to each other? Thanks in advance.

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April 2015 Build Night with InstaMorph

#BUILDNIGHT 30 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: February 27. Accepted spaces will be notified by March 2. Read our FAQ to learn more about the Build Night program rules and how to make the most out of this event for your space. APRIL BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with InstaMorph, a lightweight thermoplastic, for our April 2015 build night. Sign up to participate in the build night and we will ship you a package that includes the following: (13) 6oz InstaMorph moldable plastic pouches HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a time in April to host a project build night using the InstaMorph 6oz moldable plastic. You can host multiple build nights during April to work on your projects. Post 3 Instructables: post 3 Instructables using the 6oz moldable plastic. Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights. Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from past build nights: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. REWARDS: If your submitted Instructable for this event gets featured by one of our editors we will send you an Instructables Prize Pack which includes: Instructables t-shirt, stickers, and patches. This forum post has guidelines for posting feature worthy projects. Be sure to let people at your event know so they can win a prize pack! Limit 3 per makerspace. RESOURCES: InstaMorph Instructions Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android REACH OUT TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA #BUILDNIGHT #INSTRUCTABLES #INSTAMORPH Twitter: @Instructables, @InstaMorph Instagram: @Instructables https://www.facebook.com/InstaMorph https://www.facebook.com/instructables SIGN UP: Fill out this google form

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I2C in arduino

Hi, I am trying to connect two arduino UNO together. Lets call one U1 and the other U2. U1 is master and U2 is slave. Now I want to attach a wave shield to U2 which is slave and operate it from U1. Is that possible? If it is possible, then can I use any pin to transmit and receive signal?? Cause in some forums they say that I2C is done by using digital pin 4 and 5. However, these pins are taken by wave shield. So please help me out in this.

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New drop-down menu doesn't work on touch screens

The new drop-down menu, pretty though it is, does not work fully on touch screens (Android tablet and phone). The main menu works fine, but the sub-menu that pops out from shortcuts (circled in image) does not stay visible long enough to actually use - it disappears in a fraction of a second. Not a debilitating bug, but mildly annoying.

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Charging mobile from a steam generator

Hello Guys For my first attempt at building something I'd like to try a simple steam generator using a can, tea light etc set up. Would it be feasible to attach some kind of wheel / piston to a dynamo and to generate a small current enough to charge a mobile phone? Finding the correct search terms, when you're not sure which parts you need is a problem. so if there are some specific part names i could search for, that would be good. P

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interface changed.. cant edit anymore

I see that yesterday the 'you' interface has changed and coincidental i cannot edit any existing instructable anymore.  Just get a blank screen that remains  loadingsomething wrong???

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ideas for future contests

There could be a contest on how to judge the contest. I expect winners to be something that took thinking, presented well and also very unique. Things that have been sold for years in stores, done handmade...and things that are all over the Internet...made before...do not seem to be first prize winners in my thoughts.... perhaps if you had a contest..you could get all the things people expect from your contests.. .put these items in excel and give points to every thing the project excels at.. ..that is how we pick our scholarship winners for high school alumni each year...

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can't foreward your pages to friends...it looks jumbled.

I can't get the instructables I want to forward to friends to not look like a jumbled mess. the type and pics are all out of wack and there's encoding script and lots of vacant space. it's a long scroll down to get the meat of the instructable and that makes it hard to follow. thanks, anyone or everyone, tubaska

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How can I get a loud alarm?

Ok so I need an alarm for my project, a very loud alarm. . . And I can't seem to get these dumb buzzer to output a decent sound. I have a lipo checker that uses these type of buzzers  and they are ear shattering. I tried putting the regular buzzers and the were no where near as loud. Also if I want to use the tone function on the arduino, how do i make the buzzer louder?

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Game Design Team Needed

Hi, I am looking to create a multiplayer game with high detail, i will be looking for a team of five with experience in designing, modelling, texturing ,unity,coding and animation. If you have these skill then please post your skill, and I will get in contact with you. The details of the game will be revealed once you have been accepted to work on the project.

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Nuke launch button

Ok so I have an (unoriginal) idea to create a doomsday launch pad. With all the bells and whistles, a sequence of switches that activates a usb or power outlet. Really the use is just for fun (and it would be) but as a noob to electronics, soldering, and pretty much everything i would love some help. This product already exists (just without as many switches and goodies) but what's the fun in just buying it?! I'm new to instructable so forgive my ignorance if this isn't how ideas are proposed or if this project already exists (I couldn't find it). Thank you in advance for any help :D

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Photoshop and GIMP

Hey guys, I came to this website to start writing tutorials for Photoshop and GIMP. But I have no idea how to start. Can someone please help?

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power up an MCU using another MCU

Dear all, Here is a concept i would like to prove. I am hoping to power up a microcontroller (MCU) using another MCU. The reason is I would like to make multiple replicates of a base circuitry and connect them to each other, two by two. The catch (what i think would be the catch) is to power up the second one using the first one. I am not sure how this would be possible!? would i be able to change the use of two i/o ports to have both the power and data RX/TX ing? Any help is very much appreciated. Regards, KarimS

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K'nex show and tell

I was hoping to use this forum topic to post discussion and pictures of all K'nex projects I am working on. Feel free to post you own ideas and pictures so we can work on our projects together further advancing the K'nex community. My hope is that this will be a productive active forum to encourage and push the community to get better and continue to grow. If you want to discuss more about K'nex jump onto KI chat introduce yourself be patient and if your lucky you may get to discuss your build with your friends and others in the community use the link below! http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23kichat&server;=irc.darkmyst.org

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Illogical Pro Membership Pricing

Maybe I am misreading,but; the current Pro membership pricing states the prices as:  $3.95/Month billed annually; $8.95/Month billed quarterly; or $69.95/2 Years one time payment.  This would work out to $47.40/year; $107.40/year; or $34.98/year respectively. Does this make any sense?  Perhaps you ment to price the second option as $8.95/QUARTER rather than per month?  This would work out to $35.80/year which would be a whole lot more logical. Thanks for checking (I would like to upgrade but would like to know the correct prices before I do so)

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Pass PVC through a plastic lid without leaking

I'm trying to pass a PVC pipe through a plastic lid into a plastic box without leaking water from the pipe or the box. The water in the pipe will be pressurized, while the water in the box will be splashed. A small leak isn't a big deal. Unfortunately, this is also a bit of a stress point, though not terribly. See the picture and the diagram below (which is actually not quite right; the pipe on the top won't be that long; it will turn 90 degrees just above the plastic lid. Any suggestions on how to keep it from leaking? Perhaps make the T under the lid flush with the lid and the same for the elbow joint above it, and then make the hole as small as possible? That wouldn't keep all water out though, but it may work for splashes. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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What is this red sleeve called in the attached picture of an impeller blade?

Obviously the center red sleeve is for adjustment over minor difference in the shaft diameter.  Can you please tell me the technical term used for the red piece? Thanks.

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Quick Question on Wireless Transmitters

Hi folks,  So I am in the process of getting an electrical device made (a people counter) and I would like to know what you think the best way of transferring the count data from the device (that will be in the doorway) back to our online dashboard is? Do I just need to integrate a wireless transmitter into the device which can then be added/paired to the network by the venue owner/manager? Or perhaps I also need to provide a wireless receiver that plugs into the wall?  Once the data has gone from the device to the venue wireless, how does it then get back to our servers and into the venue online dashboard?  Thanks! Jon 

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From trash, let's make things https://www.instructables.com/id/Green-campaign/

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how do I get an electronic device made?

Hi folks, I am new to this forum so please ignore and naivity / stupidty on my part and I hope this is the right place to ask this type of question. I need help and am appealing to anyone who knows anything about getting an Electronic Device Made. Basically, I require a Bi-Directional People Counter to put in the doorways of venues to count footfall in and out of a given location. It needs to be wireless (Battery operated), easily attached to a doorway/entrance (adhesively) so light weight and able to transmit the data back to our servers (probably via the venue wireless). I have an idea about what type of sensor I need (PIR) and the basic components within the device like battery, circuit board, wireless transmitter etc and I know I will require some sort of algorithm to aggregate/calculate the data and send it back to our servers. My problem is that I am not an engineer and can obviously only get so far and I don't know what to do next. From my research it would seem I need to get an Industrial Designer and a Manufacturing Engineer but both of these seem to be further down the process than what I need first. What I need is; 1. someone (an expert) who can understand the business problem I have and create the electronic device to solve it. Ie. design the circuit, tell me what type of battery I need, what type of sensors we should be using, code the algorithm to make it work and what the subsequent output of their design will be etc and for them to then produce these designs, PCB, Bill of Materials etc. 2. someone I can then take that data to and tell them to make it look pretty (presumably the Industrial Designer) by designing the case/aesthetics etc 3. to then have all the required information (functional designers / circuitry, mould/casing etc) to take to a manufacturer to put the final product together, ready for sale. Does anyone know what type of company or person I should be talking to for each phase? What are people called that do phase 1 that I outlined? Basically, I think I know what I need in terms of technology and its capabilities but I now need a professional/expert to take over to make it a reality. Any help or advice on this would be hugely appreciated as I'm getting a bit muddled and would love some clarity on the process so I can move forward in which ever direction is now appropriate? Thanks all!

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help with fixing stereo amp

Iv had a few problems trying to fix an amp iv got ...there is no obvious problems/problem with it iv tested the thing the best i can ....transistors on out put capacitors diodes and all are ok... the heat sink gets hot to the touch when there is a signal passed through but not any sound comes out . its a sansui amp ax510 iv got a few pics attached ...there is two or three relays in side one on power in and as a speaker protection and iv got a felling that this may be engaged due to a fault .. im not to sure on testing relays iv never had to do it b4 .... iv used a multimeter across it and is showing that a signal not to sure if its a good or bad thing though

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March 2015 Build Night with Brown Dog Gadgets

#BUILDNIGHT 20 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: Friday, February 6. Accepted spaces will be notified by Monday, February 9th. Read our FAQ to learn more about the Build Night program rules and how to make the most out of this event for your space. MARCH BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with Brown Dog Gadgets, maker of DIY kits and products, for our March 2015 build night. Sign up to participate in the build night and we will ship you a package that includes the following: (4) 5W Folding USB Solar Cells HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a time in March to host a project build night using the Brown Dog Gadgets solar panel . You can host multiple build nights during March to work on your projects. Post 2 Instructables: post 2 Instructables using the solar panels. Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights. Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from past build nights: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. REWARDS: If your submitted Instructable for this event gets featured by one of our editors we will send you an Instructables Prize Pack which includes: Instructables t-shirt, stickers, and patches. This forum post has guidelines for posting feature worthy projects. Be sure to let people at your event know so they can win a prize pack! Limit 3 per makerspace. RESOURCES: iOS and Android REACH OUT TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA #BUILDNIGHT #INSTRUCTABLES #BROWNDOGGADGETS Twitter: @Instructables, @BrownDogGadgets Instagram: @Instructables https://www.facebook.com/BrownDogGadgets https://www.facebook.com/instructables SIGN UP: Fill out this google form

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Need honest opinions on Single Malt Scotches under $100 (Preferably from Scottish folks)

If you recall the dialog from the movie, "My cousin Vinnie," the guy says, "No self respecting southern would eat ready made grits."  There is something to be said about his statement.  It is emphatic and pretty much gives away the sentiment from a southern (USA) point of view. Now relate this to the Single Malts.  Can a statement be made, "No self respecting Scot would drink Glenmorangie," or whatever.  You see, my friends and I are having this perpetual debate over various Scotches, available here in the U.S. and under $100.  One of us made the comment that Macallan is over rated.  Yet, others think that Macallan sets the bar as high as it can be in that price range. No pun intended. My local liquor store carries a fairly good selection.   I notice the following as being bought on a regular basis using a total non-scientific observation: Glenfiddich Glenmorangie Glenlivet Highland Park Macallan Cragganmore Balvenie Cragganmore Springbank Lagavulin Ardbeg Laphroaig So my Scottish friends, please help me out here with your expert opinion on this topic and tell me how you truly feel about these brands.  Make BOLD statements. Thank you.

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Spellcheck feature missing in create instructable title form field

1. What Operating system the device you are using OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.3 2. Browser information including version number, if you're using the mobile app include app version number. CHROME FOR DESKTOP Version 42.0.2311.90 (64-bit) 3. Include what project or url you were looking at when the error occurred My latest submission had typos in the titles. When I went to correct the error I noticed that I had spelled it correctly in the description form fields. This made me wonder how this happened. This is when I realized that the title fields were not spellchecking. This resulted in a typo. https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycle-Combination-Lock-into-Knecklace/ 4. Screen shots of what happened if available. See attached 5. steps to reproduce Step 1 : Simply open an existing Instructable or create a new Instructable Step 2 : Add a new step Step 3 : Add a title incorrectly spelled in my case I typed "Knecklace" Step 4 : Now type the same word in the description field "Knecklace" Step 5 : Note how there is a typo warning in the description but not in the title

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delay when posting new instructable

I was just wondering since this has happened quite a few times recently (and didn't occur in the past): when posting a new instructable, it can now take up to a day or so, until it shows up in the "recent instructables" list and gets any views. why is that? is that some kind of new spam-prevention engine or something similar? oddly, it doesn't happen with all the instructables and also the delay isn't always the same....

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Don't you hate it when.....

...you make something and forget to document it because you're so engrossed. I made a night light for my daughter. It is inside a coffee jar usually but for getting a good picture of the tree I took it out. It has a tilt switch for on and off. Upside down is off. It's also got.... A lithium battery Wireless charging Magnet wire construction I'm posting this because I don't know if I'll make another.

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I need help learning to hack a kitchen scale using ardruino's redboard

Hey! My friend is on a very tight deadline and does needs help getting a project done! We are having trouble hacking a kitchen scale using our redboard ardruino device. We are trying to be able to read the scale through the ardruino device! Please point me in the right direction or can someone display to me how to connect a 4 wire load cell to my redboard and breadboard! I am unsure where to place the resistors and where to connect each additional wire needed.. I am completely new at this and would love to set up the redboard for my friend! Please help as soon as you can! Thanks for your time! I dont know where to place my e+, s-, s+, e-. Please help me come to a conclusion on how to get this scale connected correctly to the breadboard and from the breadboard to the red board!!

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Why are certain contests not available to all countries?

The coded creations contests are restricted to my country(India)... can i know why? is it because of delivery problem or something else?

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Light socket help

I am trying to mount a medium base socket to a bottle opener. I can get a candelabra base to it because of the mounting bar. I can't find a medium base socket with the same bracket.any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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Big project, little parts..Need serious electrical tech help.

Well, long story short in my dumpster diving salvaging e-waste ... 2 Lorex CCTVs. One cord cut, the other intact. I disassembled the cut cord. Lr38603A PCB. Wires Identified GND 12v+ Audio Video  Analog, so USB is out of question. Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. The mommy is toasted (cause mobo sounds so geefy.) so disassembled and salvaged usable parts.I think I tossed the condenser into my "melt parts off circuit board" bin... so I need a condenser and PCB controller which leads me to something I found in my parts bin... CRT monitor, stripped and kept the  VGA PCB, unfortunately it does not have an S-Video and I think it's irrelevant here but I'm quite new to this hack n mod stuff... So, here's what I'm trying to do: Use the LCD from the laptop as a display for the analog camera, I also have several lens and such from damaged optics (hunting scopes, monocular etc) so with the lens I'll put them in a tube and craft a digital microscope. I know you can buy a cheapie USB one, but I want the pride of making something, to be able to understand the tech, and also re-use discarded electronics. I have a pretty good idea of what to do, but I've never worked on anything that involves a serious power source from an outlet and do not want to fry myself, and would like some guidelines/what to research. Google is not being helpful and nearly all the camera hacks I've came across are for USB based cameras. I have access to a solder station, voltometer and a slew of other parts from various electronics, mostly VCR's I'd like to keep the spending to a minimum, but not at the expense of safety. Can anyone help? Thanks :D

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Future Instructables and New Job

Hello guys, its Zombiekiller-93 here and today I'm giving you a heads up on future Instructables because I started a new job several weeks ago and I just haven't got the time to be making new instructions or reviews but i can still build stuff. The only possible best chance of making the actually instructions/reviews is during the spring and summer holidays since that is I prefer to make them. Sorry to those that really love seeing my creations but my paid job has to come first but I will try my very best to get new stuff onto instructables. I still be leaving comments and favourites so I 'am still around. 

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What is a racist these days?

Lately I have a problem accepting certain things when it comes to the label "racist". As some might know I decided to live in Australia and here we have what you might call a "multicultural population". Laws and tolerances have changed and these days swearing in public, using abusive language or say anthing that can be seen as racism brings you in big trouble. I never had any problems making friends with people from all over the globe, no matter what ethnic or religous background they have, but lately I get the feeling that this is not true for everyone. With everyone I don't mean the big bad racist living down the street or the gang of thugs that only attacks certain people - by everyone I mean those migrating to start a new life in a different country. If I walk into a shop has no pricing or product labels in english and I notice the shop keeper is unable to use english as well, would it be wrong to call this racist? If I can't use the local swimming pool at certain times as it closed to the general public so only one ethnic group can use it - isn't that racial discrimination too? Ignoring simple things like the dress code for women can get you into big trouble in many countries and if you insist on you individual rights and call those ranting against your violation being racist, well chances are you won't make it through the day. The other day I was called a racist and "complimented" out of a shop after I complained noone in there is able to speak english and that I am unable to read simple things like the price of an item. All I said to a shopkeeper (that until then pretended he did not understand anything I say): "Why the hell do I have to learn chinese in an english speaking country just to go shopping? We all speak english in this country, accept it or if you don't like it leave." I think I have enough friends from different cultural backgrounds that would happily confirm that I am not racist in any way. But I do think the term is abused and misused in recent years as we are expected to cater for all the needs anyone might have - regardless if we would see the same as guests in their home country. Racism often comes from cultural differences and misguided views on certain things as simple as what type of food you can or can't eat. So my questions up for debate : Do you think failing to integrate yourself into the customs of a country like learning and using it's official language could cause problems? Do you think the support for people migrating from other countries is driven too far in certain areas, like providing citizenchip tests in foreign languages or with an interpreter instead of insisting on learning the official language before applying? Do you feel left out if your work mates use a differnt language while you are around? Is it correct to call someone a racist if he refuses to employ people that are not from his country of birth? Are you a racist if you think people with your citizenship should respect your country and be able to speak and understand your language? Do you think the support for foreign cultures in your home land has gone too far or would more support be better? (like allowing schools for selected language backgrounds without the requirement to use or teach the official language and school topics) I know this topic might be a bit of puch for some but my intention is to find a better understanding on why cultural integration and related racism has come the extreme state we currently see in many "modern" countries that offer good social security. After all we all have to live together somehow, increasing tensions is never a good thing and I think if everyone would have a better understanding better acceptance of local customs all could be easier. I hope it is ok to start a topic like this for discussion, if you feel it is not right please use the flag function and report it.

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Winner of the TR8-2015 giveaway is!... TheDunkis! Congratulations and thank you for all who where eager to participate.                         Who wants my TR8-2015 and some fin ammo? I am looking for and individual who would test, review, and post a video of the K'nex gun. If you can convince me why you want it I will consider shipping it out for free! Comment below and I will announce a winner. Thank you everyone for the support over the years. This is my way of having some fun and giving back to the community who has been a great part of my hobby life! So comment below and you could be the owner of my TR8-2015 built by me including some fin ammo!

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Changes after upgrading iOS8.3 you need to be awared.

The following changes you need to know the software upgrade. Get on the first day of Apple's new Macbook, Apple was released iOS8.3 official version to the public. Perhaps this is for those who can't afford to buy a new Macbook and Apple Watch were a consolation prize, iOS8.3 iOS8 as a major change in the iOS8.3 version, there will be some people loaded to force change, perhaps you have in the QQ space, micro-blog, circle of friends, INS, and saw a friend of mine in the a number of iOS8.3 screenshot or surprising it bug, after the upgrade iOS8.3 you should pay attention to what place, where it is changed, then to have a look the PP apple talk. This is a media rarely mentioned, a change is more like the small. Open the compass, you will see it in addition to prompt to rolling spheres, here there is a [Cancel] options, click the cancel you can directly see the use of compass. Apple also gave it a latitude, longitude increasing instructions, and that was where the provinces. Very convenient. The south is also useful to red range identified. You are welcome to discuss.

Topic by meizu001 

Duct tape Repells Pantry moths?

Pantry moth traps have dried out.  rather expensive, i sought an alternative. placing ducttape in a cabinet where ive seen moths, perhaps they would randomly land on it i havent seen moths in that cabinet since. not on the tape or near it. tune in later to see if this is a fluke.

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Depth of the thread cut by a tap?

If I was to drill a deeper hole, I buy a longer drill bit of the intended diameter.  I am sure the same thing apply to the taps as well.  However, in their specifications, I do not see anything about how deep a cut they would make.  So, my question is, what should I be looking if I need to make a deeper thread than than the tap I already have?  I mean is there a number which would say that this tap goes only one inch deep and so on? Thanks.

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Looking for a good DIY

Hi. Does any of you, dear DIY geniuses know a way to make a good and usable wind screen for a RODE Videomic Go like this one from Rycote ? The only tutorials I found were a bit crappy and I was wondering if there was any way for improvements so the final product might be closer to the Rycote one for usability & durability. Thanks to answer

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My new instructable discussion - 3D printed Magnetic connector

Hello all! Made this topic to start a discussion about my latest project: 3D printed Magnetic Connector. Here is the link to my project: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-magnetic-connector/ What would you change? What would you add? I am waiting for your suggestions!

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Will a 49MHz transmission work underwater?

I'm building a small device that needs to go to a depth of only a few feet in swimming pool water (I'd say three feet at the most) working on an arduino. I wanted to make it radio controlled and was planning on using a standard 49Mhz RC car circuit connected to the arduino. I don't want to keep the antenna above the water line and was wondering if a 49 MHz would work underwater.  I know higher frequencies like those in Bluetooth don't work underwater.Preview Topic

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Healthy Foods - Good for your Body and look like your Body

This unique twist on food and nutrition will give you a visual queue to help you remember what body part is benefiting as you snack! Foods That Look Like Body Parts They're Good For found in Women's Day. Can you think of any other foods that would fit this category?

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Build a 3D printer at home for dummies

Hi. Is there any tutorial, here or elsewhere, that shows how to build a good 3D printer at home even if you don't have any knowledge of electronic ("for the dummies" style) ? I've been looking for something like that recently, but couldn't find much (especially for a "dummy" version, sadly. Thanks to answer

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A Read Later button

Hey! I just want to suggest that the instructables team adds a "read later" (or something similar like "want to do") button that bookmarks an instructable you're interested so you can check it out later because sometimes you want to build a project and don't have the materials on hand,so with a read later button you can come back to the instructable later without a lot of searching for the exact one you were planning on doing. Not sure if this is in the right place so please redirect if it isn't. Thanks!

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How would I connect a GSM SIM900A v3.1 with Arduino UNO?

How would I connect a GSM SIM900A module with Ardunio Uno This is an image of it: http://i.stack.imgur.com/q0V4C.jpg

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(wanted) your zippo lighters

If you have any zippo lighters you dont want let me no

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Handmade Belt Buckle

This is a video of a meal belt buckle I made using tools in my garage.  I also made a leather belt to go with it out veg-tanned cowhide.   I hope you enjoy it.  You can see it on my YouTube channel.  My domain is pointed to my channel.  Go to www.retroweld.com.  Thanks, Douglas.

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Is GoFundMe a good trusty crowdfunding site?

I just want to know if GoFundMe is safe? Is there any frauds that I should be aware of? I know your project will not be seen unless you share the link but I don't mind. I wanted to use Kickstarter but it's only in the US and you need to give a reward. Indiegogo can be used for charity causes but they Take $25 off the final amount for users out of the US. GoFundMe takes 0.30 Cents per donations so it might not be too good? Please let me know what you think. :)

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Website Spelling mistake


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Can an Instructable be about something that you have for sale?

Can I develop an Instructable about something that I have designed and have for sale?  Be it a piece of electronics, a 3D Model, or a combination of the two?  Will having a link to this for sale item run afoul of policy?

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what happened to the old editor

In not a fan of the new editor, so Ive been using the old one till today.... wheres the old editor gone? please can i have it back?

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