Looking for a large 3d printer 16"-24"

Looking for a large 3d printer 16" to 24" for ABS and NYLON , Anyone know of a company that makes one.

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fallout pip-boy 3000

I am wondering if someone can make a good,but affordable,fallout pip-boy case for my old iPod touch 3rd gen.i know it is ancient piece of technology but i have my new one and i don't wanna seal it in a case.i would hope it looks like a perfect pip-boy 3000 from fallout 3 or fallout new Vegas because im gonna probably give it to my friend for his birthday.i will be sealing it inside but can you some how make all the functions(power button,charger port,etc.)NOTE IT HAS NO CAMERA SO YOU DON'T NEED TO ADD A CAMERA HOLE.with the home button i realize you can have the scroll thing be a button to use on top of the button.the reason im not doing it myself is because i have no idea how.

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What the right material for me?

Hey Community! What type of material is best for making robots, small boxes, and platforms? What inexpensive tools can I buy for cutting them? 1/4 or 1/8 inch acrylic would be perfect, but I don't have a laser cutter. Can you cut small pieces of acrylic with a handsaw? Same thing with wood, I have no idea how to make cut small pieces properly. Metal? Is that even an option? Wood seems to be my only option but I don't know where to get it or how to cut it. If I buy 1/8 inch ply I cutting plywood is annoying, since it's made up of layers. Is 1/8 plywood what I want to use? Is there some other type of thin wood I should use? Basswood is OK but most of the time it's too thin and very expensive. I have a good dremel but trying to cut along a strait line with those dumb grinding wheels is very difficult. Where can I buy really small nuts, bolts, and washers to use with wood/acrylic?

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My Dog

This is My doggie. His name is Spicky. What do you think of him. Hes a mix.....we don't know of what though..

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Unfinished Ball Machine

Hi guys umm well the title pretty much says it. For sometime now, many of you have known that I have been working on a new ball machine. However, one thing you should know about the ball machine is that I am quitting on it. :-( WHY? 1) Not enough space :-( - see pics 2) Not enough time - I know that you have to make time if you want to K'nex, but over the past month, I have not really had the chance to build at all due to studies and other stuff :-P. Its quite unpredictable when I was going to get it finished by These are the main reasons why I am quitting as well as I am not sure if I have enough pieces :-( BUT... After tearing down this ball machine, I will begin a new one hopefully. This one will not be high but it will be more wider, compact and dense around the bottom. I am happy to inform you that this will feature a white floor as well as 2 networks as far as I have planned :-). Anywho, thanks for reading this post and feel free to comment Also, for any of you wondering, the last picture is a new ball machine lift which I hope to post in a week or two. Till next time Hunter999

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Happy Wheels Full Version

Does anyone know where I can download the full version of the game happy wheels?

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I recently have re-awoken a serious interest of mine: swordsmithing. I am in contact with a swordsmith and his apprentice,but they are both a bit far from me. If you have any expirience in bladesmithing, swordsmithing, blacksmithing, or are an apprentice, I would like to hear about your expirience and how you got started. Or if you are at least educated in this feild, I would like to hear about it, or get recomendations on what books to read. I have a basic outline about how the blades are made, but that's about it. Or, just converse among yourselves, there is a serious lack of REAL swords on instructables. I mean, I look up the word 'sword' and I get tips on how to make replicas and models. That's just fine, but I intend to be making a living offa these things. Among other things... Also, I am talking about the Japanese method of swordmaking. Not necessarily katanas, but the method seems to have great quality to it. *a side note* A quality blade is at least $200-up, and I'd be working with tamahagane. I would not buy one for any less.

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Drilling straight big hole?

I'm trying to drill 90 degree 14mm hole . My hammer drill without hammering is too fast.  Cutting is not clean and wood splits. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. I have  drill guide for it I also have drill stand. What I don't have is drill guid for my cordless drill. As european I cant buy wolfcraft older model or any thing like this http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/ProductImages/drilling/075012.jpg I only have hand tools.

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Live Innovation Making (Energy DIY Electronic)

Simply it is meaning show how can do the a new Innovation by self with available material  and with cheap cost The message for Innovation not only Marketing and sells but also meaning how we can Enter the high Tec. and New technology in our live and How can dissemination the open knowledge What the benefits if we keep this innovations & high Tec. As patents  or prototypes if we can share it  with all people I think that is a Inventor Message And Here I will explain my Innovations (How Can Do It by Self With Available and Cheap Material) For more information you can visit: https://www.instructables.com/id/Live-Innovation-Making-DIY-Electronic/ Khaled Elnems

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Homepage/search issues

The homepage no longer shows a background image behind the search bar. The search bar on the homepage doesn't show what I'm typing unless i highlight what i did type. And finally when i try searching for something the results page is full of nothingness where the thumbnails should be. This is a very annoying problem, i would like to search for the projects i want to as opposed to whatever is on the homepage. The site used to work perfectly on my computer but one day this issue came about and has not resolved itself. I tried everything to get this to work including disabling all my spam/ad blocker plugins and disabling my firewall with no results. i really want this fixed but i have run out of ideas for getting this resolved, please help!

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Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions. HERE is an example Why not use this page like Questions did before ??? Why NOT ???   This is a Real Bug Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)  

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Building a fence

I am going to construct a fence between my garage and my house. 20 ft or so long, To keep my too small dogs contained. Here in lies the rub, I have already built one fence. it's still up and working fine, however in the construction I discovered how dense the crete is, ramset doesn't work, drilling? I would never get deep enough. So I have decided to use cement piers and 4x4 posts and sit the fence right on the concrete, with enough weight I am praying the fence will not move much, I only need to contain two 5# dogs its mostly ornamental. If anyone has attempted anything along these lines, please contact me with your triumphs and failures, or any advice you may have thanks!

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If I go to the below Instructable, I get logged out, and cannot download


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  Black and white industrial camera for OCR / BCR vision systems etc. Spec sheet here: http://www.ccdworld.com/Manuals%20and%20Brochures/xc-7573e.pdf     On auction on Ebay. Bidding starts at $6.00 (free shipping). Used.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/ONE-SONY-XC-75-CAMERA-50MM-TAMRON-LENS-TUBE-SPACERS-MOUNTING-BRACKET-SCREWS-/141191601414?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item20dfacdd06            

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Sword arts

We've all practiced in parks with sticks, against our freinds, or imaginary dragons, and we think outrselves to be quite good, but most all of us have never taken things further. SOME of the people reading this will have taked classes in swordsmanship, with any luck, and that's what this group is all about. That's why i'm asking anyone out there with experence to come forward and write an instructable for us, perhaps just the basics. As for myself, i'll be focussing on the metallurgical side of things, publishing instructables on the things i make and posting the relevant ones here. My entry to the laser cutter contest is a sword, with a fairly simple method that shouldn't be too hard to follow. I'll post it and start the others one i've cleared my exams up.

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fibre optics

Hello, Hope to find here some information about Optical Fibres. I am building an under water housing for DSLR. I want to use it just under the water surface. Controlling (through an air bridge) and exposure (through optical light guide) are on land. The question is about optical fibres. I need a 160 cm long Fibre Optic Lightguide. A 1/4 inch diameter guide costs near 200 GBP. When I would make one myself of 1/2 inch diameter, I could safe 75 % + the entrance surface is more than 3 times larger, which is important, since I will have to guide the light of a flash gun! BUT, I doubt wether such a diy bundle of 1,5 mm diameter plastic fibres from ebay will give me roughly the same or preferably more light output as/than a professional guide? How do these plastic ebay fibres compare to professional or glass fibres in terms of light transfer efficiency? Any suggestions? If not, then a reference to another forum where they might be able to answer my questions, would be much appreciated.

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Peanut Roaster

Hi I really need some help here..i want to build a peanut roaster using gas burners and it mus be able to roast at least between 20-25 kg of peanuts. I sort of have a diagram in my head but don't know where to start. any help would be appreciated. thank you

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I Was Just Wondering...

Just Wondering What Will Happen If Your Country Is Not Allowed To Enter Will Your Instructable Not Get Entered And You Get A Email, Or Will You Have To Read The List Of Country's?

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Video Instructable Thumbnails

I recently started making video Instructables via YouTube. I've found it to be an excellent method of getting my how-to projects two different places at one time. However, I have noticed one issue. This site requires you to use a separate thumbnail. I don't take a picture every time I make a video, (sometimes I really can't) so I end up having to copy some online picture instead. Why can't we use our YouTube thumbnails for videos? I'd really appreciate it if this could become a possibility.

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Made It! Patch contest

Hey, another Patch contest from Kiteman! Have you made one of my Instructables? Post a picture of it and earn this specially-created patch! (Old pics count - you don't need to make it again just to earn the patch)

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Call of duty friend codes.

Here are my friend codes for both modern warfare 1 and black ops on the wii. modern warfare 1: 512752389309 black ops: 148672766085 also, talk about whatever you like about the games on this page!

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Cool Neon Build Night at the Taipei Hackerspace

Hi everyone, Just checking in from Taipei Hackerspace. We have just finished out Build Night last weekend. It was 5-6 of us hacking away on electro-luminescent wire projects. Started in the afternoon, fortunately got dark by the time we had anything to try. The results are: [Hack] light into the night, and maybe even party Simple neon display, or pimped up to be light beats for music Galloping horse display Animated display, go horsie go! There are more photos on our Facebook page. It was fun, with some lessons learned: * I should have checked out the hardware we get before the event, had to scramble to find some example code for the Cool Neon Shield, how to use it * the Shield behaves a bit weird, when the driver is used in the "on" setting (as opposed to "blink"), the light "latches" - once the arduino turns it on, it won't turn off until the power is removed. Worked around this by using things in blink mode, but not idea * will have to use a wall-plug driver for the shield later, as the batteries are not powerful enough to make it look good when more than one EL wire is on (it's brighter on the pictures/video than with eyes). * people love things that light up :) Cheers! Greg

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Charging Circuit

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a circuit so that I could charge a battery, but that I can also power an amplifier when the battery is not charging. Currently I have a switch that switches between a charging circuit and powering the amplifier, but I was looking for a way to do this without having a switch that I have to control

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anybody willing to make an instructable for this? (wireless power schematic)

So, I absolutely love the "Wireless LED Throwie" project here: http://mindtomachine.blogspot.com/search/label/wireless%20power videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0-_ZX2oMyI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieGOd2F_8MQ But there's some conflicting info (10uf capacitor in the parts list but 1uf on the pcb template, and pcb doesn't match schematic or what's shown in the video), and some info is just never given (transmitter coil diameter and number of turns). I want something like this where the transmitting coil is much larger than the receiving coils and can hold multiple, rather than the sizes being matched.  I'm hoping somebody a bit more advanced than I am would be willing to tackle this first and take notes.

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Solar panels LED powering/street lamp

Hi im given two components to include in a project i need to build but the problem is not sure which project to built and how the solar panel and lcd will fit....was thinking to link the solar panel with the logic probe/frequency counter i built last semester but i'm struggling, please HELP!!!

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Need to make very loooong lasting battery operated Mini LED light for backlit painting

For some of you brainiacs Im sure this will seem like an incredibly easy project but for me, Not my area do expertise in the least. I need to make a simple machine for part of an art project. I need to have two small LED lights placed one each on the tip of two  clock hands . I need the lit clock hands to be battery operated ( looong as possible) and flattish ( maybe an inch in depth at most for entire piece) so it can hide behind a painting. Would like it to  operate lit up and moving in clockwise circle nonstop day and night for at least a year . Any ideas?  What # volt? How to make simple clock ( besides just buying a kit? It only needs a very long hour hand with bulbs on each end ( say 12 oclock and 6 oclock) Where to get small ( 1/8 to 1/4" diameter)  long lasting LED bulbs? As I said before, I am an absolute amateur here!  Thank you. Maggie 

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alguien sabe como hacer gorditas de nata de las que venden en mexico

He buscado la receta para hacer gorditas de nata, así les llaman en México.

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CraftTeen.com: Crafts for Teens

I just discovered a curated aggregator that's full of fun crafts for teens and likely tweens.  Check it out:  CraftTeen.com And they accept submissions to be featured if you're a teen making something for other teens or if you've got a project that would be great for their audience.

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Cheap phone cards with no expiration?

Whats the best (and by best I mean cheapest) calling card I can get that doesn't have an expiration. I only need 30 or so minutes. I want to be able to call international (middle east) from my cell phone (T-mobile prepaid) without being charged ridiculous amounts. I want something that i can leave in my wallet for a year and not have to worry about it being expired when I need it. The picture is totally unrelated, its a windmill

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Using external battery VIA existing Laptop battery pack

Hi, I'm one of these people that haven't thoroughly searched these forums for solutions before posting. So - sorry for that in advance! However I have thoroughly searched in the past, but hadn't found what I was looking for, so that's something :-P . If anyone would have the good grace to direct me in the right direction i'd appreciate it :) . I've seen a bunch of 'replace the batteries in your Laptop battery pack' guides, yet i'd like to avoid doing this, and simply use an existing multi-voltage (9, 12, 19v) battery pack I already have - because it's like 16,000mah, and I already take it with me for many other gadgetries already.  I was thinking I could take apart battery pack, take out dead cells if possible (or leave in if need be), and wire in an input socket to laptop battery pack so I can plug the external batt directly into the internal battery pack. My WISHFUL thinking is that the charge current going into the battery pack - when normally plugged in and charging would be close enough to what it could get from the external battery pack so I could plug straight into the battery (but could add a voltage regulator from external batt if need be), and the laptop would run as if on battery alone (10.8v 5200mah, 56wh), just for much longer. So i'd be tricking laptop into thinking it's running from the battery, with the current coming from the external battery pack, as opposed to running at 19v 6.32am, as many external power supplies do. Laptop: Asus n53sv, Power brick: 19v, 6.32a Any ideas? Cheers, Morgan

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3D printing a planetary step up drive

I need some help.  I am trying to design a self contained non electrical hydroponic system & part of it will have a water wheel that is supposed to lift more water up to a collection bucket up top to start all over again.  But the issue that I am having is that I have no idea how to design gears for 3D printing & I also am no expert in planetary gear workings.  So I am looking for some help.

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Replace 3-way light swtichs

  Hi Folks,   I have a small laundry room with two 3-way light switches and no outlets. I would like to replace both switches using one of these options: Replace "master" switch with combo switch/outlet (like Pass & Seymour TM838. Replace slave switch with an Occupancy Sensor Switch. -OR- Same has above but use a regular outlet instead of combo. If I have to I would be happy with disabling one of the switches and just have the Occupancy switch. I have posted photos of the wires coming out of the switches here: http://stellabotte.smugmug.com/Other-1/Electric/37036170_Zc4KSw/#!i=3075021321&k;=gGJ9vgJ The replacement switches are: Pass & Seymour TM838-WCC   Combination Sw/Outlet    Pass & Seymour RW3U600       Multi-Way Occupancy Switch   One side bar question, can any 3-way switch work with any other 3-way switch on the same circuit ? Thanks -Fred

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Looking for any and all ideas/advice for building my own eco home on the cheap

Hi, I am looking for any and all info related to building my own low cost eco house. Off grid if possible. I moved to France last year and purchased a 1 Ha piece of land. I had a good job and the world was our oyster. Then, on Friday the 13th, 2013 I lost my job. I also lost everything we owned in the world when it burned to the ground along with the storage facility it was in - and almost no insurance. This all happened within 90 minutes. I am not looking for sympathy or charity, just good advice. My wife and I are not going to give up on the dream, we just need to chase it on a much reduced budget!   Currently I am clearing the 2 acres (1 Hectare) which is overgrown with about 3000 pine trees, and, thorn bushes that are 3-4 yards tall in some places. I hope there are some fellow dreamers here willing to share their ideas, designs, experience and knowledge. Thanks so much.

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coin/penny battery

Can i make a ''coin/penny battery'' with ''Bronze and Aluminium'' alloyed coin????. well my country's currency coins have following Composition: 1: Bronze and Aluminium       1 rs 2: Brass and Aluminium         2 rs 3: Cupro-nickel                      3 rs can i use any of them to make coin/penny battery?????please tell me if any of them will work.....

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Electronics Help

Hi ppl,I am currently making a variation on this circuit:http://www.edn.com/article/CA257052.htmlhttp://www.edn.com/contents/images/257052f1.pdfI understand how it all works but do not understand the principle of the inductor capacitor used (bottom left), if anyone could give a brief explanation of this (links are good too) and also some formulae i would b e very greatful!!thanks

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LED light

Hello! First of all I want to say hi to everyone as this is my first post! I hope to learn some interesting things from all of you.  On the topic now. I want to make a USB LED night light for my sister. I wanted to make it USB powered with RGB (or whatever they are called. I'm not too familiar whit all this stuff) LEDs that you can control in computer. Is something like that possible without expensive controllers and what not? Every answer will be appreciated.  Thank you!

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Small gun :D

Hey, so I came across these pictures of this gun I made a while ago that was a modified version of my "Newest Gun". This one isn't to different except its has a sliding trigger that is a lot more strong than the previous one. I basically made this to get rid of the trigger mech on the top which I think is pretty ugly, anyways hope you enjoy!

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transfer cell phone messages to other cell phone

A friend of mine once played her voice mail messages from her phone to mine while we were talking on the cells. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help!!! Thanks

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How many actually recreate my instructables?

Every author, contributor, maker on Instructables ask's early or later this questions: Who and how many are actually rebuilding my instructables?  How useful and clear was this Ible for the rebuilder? What improvements have been made? After 5 years and 10 instructables further, I don't have an answer. There is hardly any feedback to answer my main question: How useful is my effort to publish my projects in a way that people can rebuild this (instructable)? Who are the rebuilders? I am a teacher who does not know his pupils. Or more clearly, a writer who knows how many books are sold, but who does not know if they are also read. Some people say in the comments they go to make the project and after that you hear nothing more. How is this for other authors on Instructable? It is legal to have thoughts about this side of the authorship. When it is not for my own joy and curiosity that I make and publish my project's for who else do I make this effort? Maybe the team of Instructable's can initiate a contest for the best reproductions of published instructables. Maybe one of mine is chosen ;-)

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How to make a hand held billing device using arduino/any processor used in hotels?

Please give me details of above project. I'm exhausted in searching  on internet as there is no clue of that device working/schematics etc.Thanks in advance.....

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Dirty Trick

It's a pretty dirty trick to to get a person to sign up, only to find out that nothing can be downloaded without paying for it. That stinks

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Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB

*** Back in of stock now!!! Thank you for waiting! *** The kit is also available at $29. All parts except Molex connectors and power supply are included. Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world. Kit Contents (as pictured) 1x PCB 1x 10k Ohm (0603) 3x 220 Ohm (0603) 3x 2.2k Ohm (0603) 18x 150 Ohm (0603) 2x 0.1uF (0603) 2x 10uF (1206) 3x MMBT2907A 1x PIC24FV16KA302 (SS) 19x Tricolor LED (common-cathode) 1x Tactile Switch Notes The PIC microcontroller is not pre-programmed. You need your own programmer such as PICKit 3, ICD 2, ICD3 to program the PIC microcontroller. (PICKit 2 does not work) The kit is also available with water clear LEDs instead of diffused type shown. Please specify if you want water clear LEDs (Special: $1 less for the water clear LEDs). The kit comes with one extra LED. Power connection cable (see the picture) - optional is available at $2 extra. PCB only Aurora mini 18 custom PCB price is $9.50. Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world. To purchase please go to my site - http://www.theledart.com/blog/archives/category/kits Please view my Instructable for the detailed information on Aurora mini 18. Contact me if you have any questions. <br>

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Hello all My friends and I are interested in some fun ghost-busting as a science experiment. We wanted to ask if there was a way to create a cost effective EMF meter to detect paranormal activity. Thanks for your help!

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The Makerlympics Contest has started!

Hi everyone! In honor of the 2014 Quadrennial International Winter Sporting Competition being held in Russia, we're holding a competition of our own. This is going to be a totally different kind of contest from the sort we normally run - the winners will be entirely up to the staff here at HQ and we're even going to give away medals. The Makerlympics Contest is open to any type of project - we want to see the best of the best! We're looking for fantastic photos, thorough documentation and new and original content. We'll have six Gold Medal winners - one for each category: Food, Living, Outdoors, Play, Tech, and Workshop! Twelve Silver Medal winners will be named as well - two from each category. Get documenting for your chance to win a Samsung 16.2MP MP Smart Wi-fi Digital Camera! The Makerlympics Contest closes on February 24th, 2014. P.S. - Stoked for the games? Make your own Olympic torch and share it with us here using the "I Made It!" button. We want to see torches carried all over the world! P.P.S - We just added Maker Olympic Medals to the prizes, so you can feel like a real champ!

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Best way to start robotics.

Hello, So I'd like to start with robotics, but I don't really know where to start, just start with a project, or read things first? I don't want to buy all kinds of stuff or arduino while I can't use it, because I'm new with robotics.  Hope someone can help,  Thanks in advance!

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Connecting 3.6v white led to 6v power supply

Trying to power up one white led, 3.6v off 6v power supply. Understand what resistor I need. What's throwing me off is this microchip looking thing inside the project I'm copying. The difference is, on the original project, there's a 4 hour timer on it. So, is this microchip used for that? Or does it have another purpose? I don't need a timer for my project, just on/off option. Picture attached. Let me just add I'm a newbie to electronics. Thanks!

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nickel plating question

Hi. There is instruction on this address https://www.instructables.com/id/High-Quality-and-safe-Nickel-Plating/ how to make high quality and safe nickel plating,and i have some question about that. When he showed to add salt to the vinegar in order to make the vinegar  more conductive,isnt the salt become Na and Cl ions? Will the Na positive ion stick to the negative nickel plate?(while making the nickel solution-step 3)? Will the Na positive ions stick to the item that we are plating besides the nickel( in the plating process-step 5)? will it spoil the object that we are plating with nickel? I see in the supermarket vinegar which said"synthetic vinegar" 5% acetic acid,water.(for food).Is it ok? when he said(step 4)"You can further clean your object by reverse electroplating (ie "electrocleaning") it for a few seconds.  Hook your object up to a negative voltage, a WIRE to the positive voltage, and drop them both in a vinegar salt solution for 10-30 seconds.  This will remove any left over oxidation" What wire did he mean? and the last one:how pure is the nickel should be?because i notice that most of the nickel sheet are about 99%-99.7% purity.is it ok? can i use pure nickel strip(97% pure nickel)that is used for battery welding? Thanks in advance.  

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トップApple社のiPhone 4ケース:SwitchEasyオデッセイ

IPhone4の4を取得するためのSwitchEasyオデッセイ小文字混合 今までにあなたの個人的な新しいiPhone 4 4​​の罰金のケースを見つけたときに、いくつかの他の所有者が期待する属性はもちろん最善を覚えてみてください。 あなたのケース、そのマシン上の大規模な、最高品質の保険 あなたがすべてのあなたのiTouchの新しい世代のサイズを作成しないようにしたい薄いパターンのiPod 4 スタイリッシュな あなたは要素をすることができ、プラスのケースの結果として、取り出すのない動作するように片手でアクセス あなたが約かなりの数の基本的な原則はちょうど私の携帯電話ケースの間に表示することを選択する男性と女性のアドバイスを求めた後に大量に発生する様々な成分であることができる。 このようなものは、通常、よりスマートフォンが感じているというよりも、その目的に加えて、有効性に関係し、また最も簡単な方法は、アイテムがあなたのオファーに検知し緩和されている。 これらすべては、同様に、事項である傾向がある。 いくつかの民族が信頼できることは非常に困難シェル型のタイプを選択し、汎用性の高い個人は非常に屈曲可能な迅速なゴルフグリップパターンを優先。 様々なケースがよく、おそらくそれは添付のいくつかの並べ替えの助けを借りて、いくつかの異なる運搬の選択肢を持っている多機能ケースを含め提供し、かつ/または非常に簡単/添付します臨時だけでなく、完全にユニークな点の結果として知ることができる たくさんより有用摂取量をもの携帯電話を許可するマシンを切り離す。 スタイルは、ケースの面で非常に優れた具体的な事は、それが再びはるかに焦点を誘惑することができ、さらにはPCには、好ましい、個人の好みに変身。 その範囲内で動作するタイプのケースは、SwitchEasyオデッセイアマルガムケースです。 このケースに関して、初期の問題は、細工された手法になります。iphone4sケース ルイヴィトン完全に異常な3ピースの製造と一緒に新しいものの製品は、あなたの個人的なiPhoneの4S 4のための最高のカバレッジを提供します。 3ピースの製造が手ごわいポリカーボネート外層、セクションを返すので、スコアと繊細なプラスチックから製造しても、ミドルケースに入れた文字を避けて貼り合わせ、いくつかのポリマーを持っています。 あなたのケースの製造に、穏やかな本質的なケースに入れた文字が非常に困難に外装カバーで力低減を与えることを実行します。 あなたのケースの床部を加えて、それが容易に提供しており、幻想的な、安定したトラクションを提供し、それは間違いなく結合した、非常に傷のつきにくいポリマーによって覆われてもとして主な理由は、排他的である。 それはいつのスタイルを調整することが可能ですので、ユーザーはあなたの再びテーブルのカップルの独特のトーンを取得します。 自分でケースが頻繁に/黒、赤または多分白/グレーになります。 原発ギフト包装のもの自機を経由してアプリケーション熟練支援真ん中ケースに入れた文字にある間、外のカバーを通してそのケースポップコーン中。 設備の人の作品は完全にすべての異なる要因にに影響を与える、カバーされ、加えて、手で強くあり続けることでしょう。 あなたはケースに管理しても、この楽器の特性誰にでも簡単にフリップオープンアクセスを含んで維持し続けなければならない。 あなたの個人的なitouchの新しい世代のiPod 4のための最も本当に深刻なセーフガードの回答に加えて、特定の外観、についての販売は確かにSwitchEasyオデッセイ複数のケースである。 パターンを用いて自然の素晴らしさに加え、優れた安全対策。

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I am wondering if you run a led at full voltage and amps then as you add more resistance light output goes down here is my question 1 led at 20ma or 2 led at 10ma do not 2 leds give more light than 1. Like is light output a linear taper to amount of current applied or is it more of an audio taper?

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Arduino and Servo Motor Control

I was wondering if I could control higher voltage servos (lets say off a 18v battery, more than my arduino board can handle) by building a separate circuit for my servos power and ground wires and putting my servo's Input/output (or pulse if you prefer) wire directly into the arduino board's sockets.  Would this a) damage my arduino? and/or b) effectively regulate servo positioning? (fritzing file attached).   Or would I be forced to use relays?        Thanks, Authority28

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